Trump and GOP Allies Try to Out Ukraine Whistleblower: A Closer Look

Trump and GOP Allies Try to Out Ukraine Whistleblower: A Closer Look

-The President and his allies
are now trying out the Ukraine whistle-blower
as one of Trump’s own appointees admits there was
a quid pro quo. For more on this, it’s time
for “A Closer Look.” [ Cheers and applause ] You might remember that the
whole Ukraine scandal began when an anonymous whistle-blower
in the Trump administration filed a complaint,
alleging that the President had abused his power
to engage in a criminal act. -From the whistle-blower
who says, “In the course of my official duties,
I have received information from multiple U.S.
government officials that the President
of the United States is using the power of his office
to solicit interference from a foreign country in the
2020 U.S. election.” -This interference includes,
among other things, pressuring a foreign country
to investigate one of the president’s main domestic
political rivals. -According to a memo
by the whistle-blower, a White House official
who listened in on the call to Ukraine’s
president described the call as crazy, frightening, and
completely lacking in substance related to national security. -The official was visibly shaken
by what had transpired, and in the official’s view,
the President had clearly committed
a criminal act. -It is not hard for me
to believe that someone in the Trump administration
witnessed the President
commit a criminal act. Trump probably commits crimes
the way people with Fitbits get in their steps. “Oh no, I haven’t gotten
my crimes in today. I better go knock over
a liquor store. I’m so sorry about this. I’m — I’m just doing it
to hit my goal.” I mean, if there was
a whistle-blower complaint for every crime Trump committed,
he’d have to hold another one of those dumb press conferences
where he’s surrounded by a giant stack of paper. [ Laughter ] “And as you can see
from the sign, these are just the crimes
I’ve committed today.” So, the whistle-blower is the
one who tipped everyone off to the fact that something
very corrupt had happened, but since then, we’ve seen
the notes from the call. We’ve seen text messages
from officials involved in the scheme. We’ve had Trump
and his Chief of Staff confess on TV, and we’ve had
one witness after another come forward, and provide
damning testimony. We already have
all the evidence. This is like if during
the O.J. trial they not only had the gloves,
but dozens of witnesses, a tape of O.J. confessing
and a note inside the gloves
that said, “If found at crime scene,
return to O.J. Simpson, the murderer.” [ Laughter and Applause ] And yet — and yet —
Trump and his allies remain obsessed
with the whistle-blower. They’ve tried to paint
the whistle-blower as some sort of shadowy, anti-Trump operative
who’s biased against him. And Trump has repeatedly called
for the whistle-blower’s identity to be revealed. -I think that the whistle-blower
gave a lot of false information, and you have to see who
the whistle-blower is. Once I release the transcript,
which was almost immediately, the whistle-blower’s report
was very wrong. So once I released that call,
I released a very detailed version of that call,
all of a sudden the whistle-blower’s
report was incorrect, and the whistle-blower
seems to have disappeared. -No, the whistle-blower
did not disappear. The only people who can
disappear are David Copperfield and Steven Miller
if you expose him to garlic. [ Laughter ] Be gone, demon! [ Cheers and applause ] Also, just because
you don’t know someone doesn’t mean that person
has disappeared. The whistle-blower still exists.
They’re just anonymous. Trumps’ like a dog who thinks
the tennis ball disappeared just because you rolled it
behind the couch. “What the hell? We were just
playing with that ball. [ Laughter ] And now, thin air, poof,
gone forever.” We all have the actual
evidence now. And yet, Trump and his allies are still obsessed
with the whistle-blower. On Monday, Trump tweeted
the whistle-blower gave false information, he must be
brought forward to testify. Written answers, not acceptable. So there you go. Trump wants the Ukraine
whistle-blower outed, and he says written questions
are not acceptable. Of course, when Trump had to
answer his own questions as part of Robert Mueller’s
Russia investigation, he felt a little different
about the acceptability of written answers,
even claiming that he personally wrote
the answers himself. -He hired 18 people. -Didn’t answer questions
on obstruction. -Well, wait a minute.
I did answer questions. I answered them in writing.
-Not on obstruction. -I don’t know.
I answered a lot of questions. They gave me questions.
I answered them in writing. About what? Yeah, my lawyers
aren’t working on that. I’m working on that.
I write the answers. My lawyers don’t write answers.
I write answers. -No, you don’t. No. No one believes you wrote
the answers. for one thing, if Trump had
actually written the answers, they’d be full of misspellings. Trump has misspelled
his wife’s name, his own name,
the word “country,” and the word “Republicans.” Can you imagine Robert Mueller trying to sift through
those answers? What are Ru-Publicans? Are those fans of RuPaul? [ Cheers and applause ] You see,
Republicans stand by Trump. Whereas, Ru-Publicans think it’s
time for him to sashay away. [ Cheers and applause ] This obsession — this obsession
with the whistle-blower’s identity has now gone so far off
the rails that both Trump and his allies in Congress
like Kentucky Senator Rand Paul are openly calling
on the media to find out who the whistle-blower is,
and print their name. -You know who it is. You just don’t want
to report it. CNN knows who it is,
but you don’t want to report it. And you know you’d be doing the
public a service if you did. -The whistle-blower needs
to come before Congress as a material witness. I say tonight, to the media,
do your job and print his name. And I say to my colleagues,
if shifty Schiff will not let Hunter Biden come,
and if you will not bring the whistle-blower forward,
every Republican in Congress should take a walk
and say this is a farce. -I agree with one part of that. Republicans should definitely
take a walk. Because it’s always fun
to watch Republicans walk, just like when Trump wanders
around in circles on the White House lawn like a
retiree looking for crab grass. I mean, look at him. He should be carrying a rake
and a bottle of weed killer. Also, I love that when he gets
lost and doesn’t know where to go, he just stands
completely still, hoping people forget
he’s there. He’s like an extra
on a movie set who forgot what he’s supposed to do. I’m pretty sure I saw him
once in the background of “Goodfellas.” Look at him just standing there
trying to blend in with the background
like a regular lizard who thinks he’s a chameleon. [ Laughter ] “So lucky I turned Green.” Trump and his allies are fixated
on the whistle-blower because the actual evidence is damning
and they have no response. That’s why their defense
keeps changing. For example, Trump and his GOP
allies went from insisting that he did nothing wrong
to arguing that there was no quid pro quo with Ukraine. Although,
Trump wasn’t always clear on the exact wording
of the phrase. -There’s no quid pro quo. No demand. No pressure.
No threat. -There’s no quid pro quo.
There was no quid pro quo. -There is no quid pro quo. -There is no quid pro quo. -There was no quid pro quo. -There was no quid pro quo. There was no quid pro quo. But listen to this,
there is no pro quo. [ Laughter ]
-That’s right. There was no pro quo. So, doesn’t that mean
there was a quid? No pro quo sounds like something
you’d say on a trip to Europe to explain you don’t speak
the language. “Scusi, no pro quo. No pro quo, senor.” But that’s been the Republican
argument this whole time. There was no quid pro quo. Then yesterday, we found out
that one of Trump’s own appointees said
there was a quid pro quo. And yet, instead of listening
to that evidence, Republican Senator
Lindsey Graham dismissed the entire impeachment inquiry
all together. -I’ve written
the whole process off. I think this is a bunch of BS. -Man, these guys are so
desperate to suck up to Trump, and keep their tee times
at his golf course. I mean, look at this photo
of Graham and Paul golfing with Trump. Rand Paul looks like
the doctor who delivered Arnold Schwarzenegger
and Danny DeVito in the movie “Twins.” [ Laughter ] Lindsey Graham is making excuses
now because he’s getting what he wants out of Trump, and doesn’t care what
laws Trump breaks. Today, for example Trump
and Graham got together at the White House to brag
about how many judges they’d pushed
through the Senate. -Lindsey, I’d like to have you
come up and say a few words. You’ve been terrific.
Thank you very much. [ Applause ] -Well, in theory, at 4 o’clock, we’re going to vote
on two more judges. So, I’ll move
this thing forward. [ Laughter ] -“Quick, quick,
I don’t have much time. I’m about to get impeached. I need to get my crimes in.” Trump and his allies
are desperately trying to out the whistle-blower because
they have nothing left. Now, they’re just ignoring
all the evidence. Eventually, Republicans
are going to say, “Sure, there was a quid
but there was…” -No quo pro. This has been “A Closer Look.” [ Cheers and applause ]

100 thoughts on “Trump and GOP Allies Try to Out Ukraine Whistleblower: A Closer Look

  1. who the hell cares who the whistleblower was?? the testimonies and transcripts back up what they said – it's like blaming the wind for blowing the barn door open and all the horses escaping

  2. The Republicans are right. There was no quid pro quo. That means this for that and the parties are in agreement. That is not what Trump did. He said this or else. That's extortion. That's a crime.

  3. NO COLLUSION NO QUID PRO QUO. Ya right why would THE CHOSEN ONE who is a STABLE GENIUS do that? To learn more on corruption enroll in Trump University. MAGA=MORONS ARE GULLIBLE ALWAYS.

  4. A British politician claimed that people in the UK had, 'Had enough of professionals.'
    Looks like you guys in America are of the same opinion!
    Time for Hitler Simpson to step aside and let the adults run the country.

  5. The steady retreat of Linsey Graham:
    In September, Graham said, “If you’re looking for a circumstance where the president of the United States was threatening the Ukraine with cutting off aid unless they investigated his political opponent, you’d be very disappointed. That does not exist.”

    Later that month, Trump releases the transcript of his phone call with the Ukrainian president, which clearly shows Trump doing exactly what Graham said he didn't do.

    In October, Graham said, “If you could show me that, you know, Trump actually was engaging in a quid pro quo, outside the phone call, that would be very disturbing.”

    In early November, transcripts from the Congressional closed-door depositions are released, in which 6 witnesses testified under oath that the quid pro quo happened.

    November: When asked if he planned to read the released deposition transcripts, Graham replied, "No."

    Next week, the live open hearings begin. What will Graham's excuse be then? TV's broke? Eyes and ears don't work? Busy burying head in sand?

  6. The patriotic or idiotic administration turned against a decorated veteran that emigrated to the USA at the age of three with the affinity to that country. Let that sink in. They don’t care who it is if it’s against the fuher. Graham and the gop need to decide who their loyalty is to, the orange tan or country

  7. I am very offended that Trump is compared to a Golden Retriever. As a friend of a golden who lives with me, I can say that Goldens are in fact one of the most intelligent dog breeds… and most are FAR more intelligent than Benedict Donald. That bit is insulting… to Golden Retrievers.

  8. Trump and Paul are calling on the media to print the name of the whistleblower. Wouldn't that be libel? Why would the media do that? Trump makes it seem like the media isn't doing their job.

  9. The factual light of day is burning Warlock Donald Trump out of his 1st real job! His idiotic narcissistic personality always ends in self-destruction. Trump's lifelong traits of hedonism, business wreckliness, bankruptcies & betrayals are signs of a vicious miscreant organism – masquerading as a human being.

  10. So why aren't you people interested in if a crime has been committed by the Biden's. And there is no actual evidence. Everything the whistleblower says is second hand. In every court of law that is not admissible.
    Let's not forget that If was the Democratic party that rig the primary election.

  11. It's a cult. There's no logics, Constitution, law.

    For tRumpists and Republitilians, the impeachment is a final blow to their sense of identity.

    Buy. Lie. Defy. Deny. Cry. But finally comply with realit-y! 😆😆😆

  12. If the call was so perfect, and he wants us read the transcript, why not actually release it? What he released, was an incomplete summary, and he keeps calling it, "the transcript", he is even selling shirts to the rubes, that say, read the transcript. They are too ignorant to understand they are being lied to, like they were all stupid.

  13. Stop fooling yourself. If the evidence was so damning, why not go further with impeachment? Pulling on a thread hurting Democrats before anyone else.

  14. And the funniest thing about all this?!? Creepy Joe is the ONLY democratic candidate he stood a chance of beating!!! 🤣 He is crushing Biden so Bernie or Warren can more easily crush HIM. Sad.

  15. All this is like a movie where the bad guy keeps getting away with all the crime until the end when he either gets killed or captured and imprisoned.

  16. The irony here? I just got to the part in The Mueller Report when donny was too a-scared to talk to Mueller, so he had someone write answers for him. 😂

  17. Not nice to doggies. My dog is smart enough to know I hid the ball and calls me out for it. Oh snap he is smarter then ….

  18. We have the transcripts from the WH, we have a confession from Mulvaney who blatantly said "Get over it!". That should be full stop guilty alone but we have witnesses too. What more do you need???

  19. Lindsey Graham should have his corneas collected and donated since he obviously isn’t using them to read the TRUTH

  20. As the Democrats’ “impeachment inquiry” probes deep into conversations between President Trump and members of his administration with Ukrainian officials, Republican Senator Rand Paul says it’s crucial that both sides of the aisle are held accountable. While speaking on NBC’s “Meet the Press” on Sunday, Paul called for an investigation into the Democratic senators who requested information into former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort back in 2018.

    “If anything’s consistent here, both parties have tried to involve themselves in Ukraine,” he stated. “So for example, four senators, Democrats, wrote a letter to the Ukrainian government and said if you don’t keep investigating Trump we may reconsider our bipartisan support for your aid.” and of course thats not a illegal thing .???.. for the democrats but only for trump .. socilisimis communism .. and your seeing it first hand this election TRUMP 2020

    Sara, Pat Gray, Jason Buttrill, and Rob Eno remind us that, amid the smorgasbord of impeachment insanity, President Trump is making major accomplishments, as exhibited in today’s employment report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

    How many times have we heard from Democrats that “no one is above the law” in reference to President Trump? That is true, but neither is Congress above the law. It cannot substitute its own criteria for those mandated by the Constitution. The House vote may have been necessary to establish procedures. But the partisanship strongly suggests that what Hamilton regarded as the greatest danger may be on the horizon, namely a vote to impeach a duly elected president based not on “real demonstrations of innocence or guilt” but rather on “comparative strength of parties.


    “When government takes away it’s citizens right to bear arms it becomes the citizens’ duty to take away governments right to govern.

    ” -Accredited to President George Washington

  21. Dude, you have to hackers, if your FBI… that means,no more parental advisories, or highschoolers.. or the thing your ding lately, community leaders or volunteers in the media… Yes thas cool, but some people have a over paid speading ticket, here they want to volunteer information or be part of your club, but they know one day your going leverage them, so they send it mpeople who takes notes,leave with materials type stuff.
    or maybe you need to do it on a friday, or weekend when people can actually go. like if you see it on youtube or media you made it, but caseing the building is your preference thats all going to developed.
    – heres what you have to expect, you are going to have crowd of 90%, with one person or more who knows hows to steal or lace up crowd. and if they go there and feel like they were or time was wayted, there going to shut you down, or cut you out of of the country all together, the place that happend.TGB the way i meanit

    Do you know why we want to pick on the FBI, becuase there so many god damn agencies and goverments, that in united states, nobody really knows how or who to contact, " so people call the the fbi, put hits on the fbi, challenge the fbi, HONESTLY, the best thing the FBI could do, is on its front page, make its like the yellow-white pages, who to contact with your accurate conatcs, along with commercial stuff to spread, contacts… intelectual property, ok try puting a g string or chaps on a whales tale or vagina in the past.

  22. Rand Paul is such a sell-out. How is is libertarian to demand the outing of a person who has no legal responsibility to identify themselves?

  23. You know, now it the time to scope in these people. They want someone to die, so be it. Do it. The corrupt need to be taken down. You have the tools, you have the means. There is no excuse now.

    Edit: please start with Barr. That would make me happy, as a first. Then Mitch. Each have corrupted their end.

  24. Of course they want to know who the Whistleblower is. That way they can start attacking their character and avoiding the facts of the case.

  25. Man Democrats are just plain stupid but just so you morons see how corrupt the bidens are here is a little education for you

  26. The GOP a week ago: "Everything the whistle blower said is hearsay an not actual evidence."
    The GOP now: "We're going to call the whistle blower to testify in the Senate as a material witness!"

  27. Buy my book on amazon 😍

  28. No one is releasing the Whistle blowers name (Including Trump and Rand Paul) because they know they would get sued or tossed in jail for exposing a legally anonymous whistle blower!!

  29. I guess murder is one more thing on trump bucket list? And trump and graham won't read the transcript? Can't any of these republican read??

  30. When it's time for Trump to leave he's probably going to fart in every room and shut the door before he goes you know like a child

  31. Lindsey Graham is a weird freak,the man is clearly so deluded and arrogant, Kentucky and South Carolina have to stop sending these traitors to DC

  32. Do you think you are counted among the elite? I'm really curious how that works among The Rothschilds, Vanderbilts, Carnegies…, etc. Maybe you will be, like a court jester for the elite, if they ever get their New World Order.

  33. So, the whistleblower has to appear in court, while Tramp does what?
    He tries to stay out of court by written questionnaires, but demands the opposite from the other person?
    Ahh, typical Tramp, he's been playing a game of Opposite.

  34. To be fair, Trump can argue that there was no quid pro quo going on:

    Impeachment Committee: "Mr. Trump, you do know 'quid pro quo' means 'this for that', don't you?"
    Trump: "Of course I do! I have all the words! The bigliest words!"
    Committee: "So how can you look at your 'arms for dirt' exchange with Ukraine and claim there was no quid pro quo?"
    Trump: "What? You didn't think I was actually going to fulfill my end of the deal, did you? I never pay for anything! At best, this was a 'quo'. There was no quid pro involved!"

  35. did Donald Trump Jr name the whistleblower… if so he can be arrested and sued…. then we will have access to the Trump Organization data!!!

  36. Quid pro quo means BRIBERY. Say it in english. Millions don't know what quid pro quo means, but do know what BRIBERY means.

  37. You never know what delusions go in inside Trump's head.
    Maybe he thinks he is sitting in a restaurant and this annoying army of waiters keep asking if he wants some kind of squid pasta he never heard of.

  38. BRIBERY is in print in the Constitution – not quid pro quo. Say it in english. Millions don't know what quid pro quo means –its BRIBERY, and they do know what bribery means.

  39. Eric Ciaramella was made a whistleblower to protect him from justice. He was behind the Russian Collusion conspiracy theory.


  41. He sounds like a mafia boss trying to put a hit out on a witness who said he saw him shoot someone on 5th avenue, but the witness heard it from a cop who was there.

  42. Is Rand running for President in 2024?

    Intriguing to watch the Republicans falling all over themselves to save this administration and achieve their objectives.

    How much more needs to be done, GOP, before you finally throw this man to the wolves?

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