Troy Stecher in the Gym with Brendan Gallagher

Troy Stecher in the Gym with Brendan Gallagher

(plates clanking) – [Troy] We’re at the Great Pacific Forum. It’s right underneath
the Alex Fraser Bridge. It’s something I enjoy doing. I enjoy coming here every morning and being around all these group of guys. We’re all friends. We all went to high school together so it’s a good environment. Today was strength and power day and we attacked the upper body. – Kay. 10 chest pass. Here we go. – [Troy] Ian Gallagher. He’s been my trainer
since I was a young kid. – Five left, five right. Off the shoulder. He was in our program for three years in a supplemental nature. He was playing minor hockey here locally. And did all his supplemental training through grades 8, 9, and 10. (slamming and clanking) – [Troy] Ian is a pretty blue collar, hard nosed, no nonsense type of guy. At an early age, he kinda instilled that into
all the kids at the academy. -{Ian} With most players, it’s an internal thing. We just provide that sort of programming for the driven athletes. So Troy certainly has that drive. One, two, three, four. There you go. Good finish. – [Troy] So we do boxing. – One. One, two. One, two, three, four. Hold the hands up. Snap it out. There you go. – [Troy] Do a bit of ropes. – Speed em up, speed em up. There you go. There you go. – [Troy] Some bench press. – [Ian] I mean, Troy is a defender in the National Hockey League so every year to add a little
bit of mass to his body. To add a little bit of power to his body. And then obviously to work
on ultimate top end speed are the objectives of many players and Troy’s no different. – [Troy] He’s someone that’s
been pretty influential in my hockey career. – [Ian] Hit it. Come on. – [Troy] He’s someone that
I have a lot of respect for. – [Ian] I don’t think that
anything that Troy does should surprise people once you start to learn his personality. He’s a very driven person. He’s got a lot of belief in himself. – [Man] Go! – [Ian] Here you go, pump. – [Troy] Yeah, it’s kinda the
speed round of 30 seconds. – [Ian] There you go. Quicker feet. Pump, pump, pump, pump. Speed the feet up, speed the hands up. – [Troy] I go full out. Burns. It’s more than just your
hands and your feet. Your whole body. You know, your core and
your traps are engaged. You kinda get tunnel vision. And you just gotta kinda battle through that aspect of wanting to say quit. – [Ian] Come on. Battle, battle, battle. Right through. Come on. Hit it. Hit it. – [Man] 30 seconds. Whew! – [Troy] I know that if
I give it my all in here then I’m gonna give myself
the best opportunity to succeed next year. So, you know, if you wanna be a hockey player, this is what you gotta do. And if you love the game, you’re gonna have to
love this aspect of it. (Troy grunts) – [Spotter] Okay. (clapping) (gym music plays)

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  1. Looking back at the 2010 draft, our picks were awful. No picks in the first 3 rounds and the rest of our picks aren't in the NHL… Gallagher went in the fifth round what a steal, should've drafted him

  2. Hey! Gally was in the vid for like 2 seconds! What a ripoff! Nobody got time for this Canuck nonsense, show me my boy Brendan! (I'm joking)

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