Tricep Workouts & Exercises : Triceps Press Back Exercise with Dumbbells

Tricep Workouts & Exercises : Triceps Press Back Exercise with Dumbbells

The next exercise we’re going to do is a
tricep press back. You’re going to grab a hold of your dumbbells, separating at least
hip width apart, slightly bend your knees and drop your chest forward, but you’re
going to tighten your abdominals so that you support your lower back. You don’t want
your back to arch; you want to make sure that it’s flat. Bring your arms up by you side,
squeezing your shoulder blades together and keeping them there. Head, neck, and back in
one line and exhale as you press straight back and inhale as you come forward. Exhale
press and inhale forward. Exhale and inhale, good exhale and inhale, very good. Remembering
to keep your back as flat as possible, slightly bend your knees, and exhale. Good.

11 thoughts on “Tricep Workouts & Exercises : Triceps Press Back Exercise with Dumbbells

  1. You're half curling it to, which works out the biceps, you want to leave you're forearm pointing downward, then extend it backwards so you're only working out your tricep. It's also better to do this kneeling over a bench.

  2. this exercise is better when you put your left hand and your left leg on a bench put your back straight and do the same thing than the girl but unlike the exercise of the girl you dont work your bisep but really your tricep and after your exercise you do the same thing but now you put your right hand and your right leg on the bench and work your tricep

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