Transgender Supermodel Isis King Can’t Find Love

Transgender Supermodel Isis King Can’t Find Love

COMM: Isis King flaunts her dazzling looks for the camera and shows why she was part of TV hit, America’s Next Top Model. COMM: She might turn heads, but despite her success as a model, transgender Isis can’t find love. ISIS: My fame makes it very hard for me to date, because when I meet someone there’s
already so much taboo with dating a woman who transitioned. Dating a woman who is post-op
trans who just so happened to be one of the world’s most famous trans women. COMM: Isis was born in a male body, but from the age of four wished that things were different. ISIS: I wanted to do everything that the girls would do, but I would get disciplined for
it. So as early on as I can remember I’ve always been a girl, I’ve always knew that’s
who I was, I just didn’t know how to express that. COMM: She battled the feelings all through her childhood, and came out as gay in high
school, but the label didn’t feel right, in her early 20’s Isis transitioned, beginning
with hormone therapy, hoping it would change her figure. ISIS: I actually want to be curvy, my mom’s curvy, all my family is curvy and I’m just
like, a twig. COMM: While Isis hated her skinny 5ft 7in frame, it was perfect for the catwalk and
a major tv show. ISIS: It ended up working because I ended up getting on Top Model, because of being a sample size. COMM: Isis went on to have full gender reassignment surgery, breast surgery, and keeps herself
in shape for designers like American Apparel. ISIS: Hey! I’m here for my laser and for my wax. LADY: Ok, ready?
ISIS: Yeah. COMM: But good looks and working for top fashion labels, doesn’t guarantee an easy love life. ISIS: Being born in the wrong body for me has made it really hard just because I wanna
tell the guy right up front. But usually there are preconceived notions of transwomen. So once I tell them that there goes getting to know me, there goes wanting to know more,
or me in depth as a person. COMM: But while she waits for Mr. Right, at least Isis has the support of her friends. JENNIE: Isis is probably one of the most positive inspiring people I’ve ever met. My best advice
to Isis in regards to dating or meeting the man of her dreams would be patience, I think
that’s key. COMM: And it seems Isis will listen to her friend’s advice. ISIS: When I think about my dreams and where I want to be at in the future, I go with the
wind as far as if an opportunity comes, I go for it. So far it has led me in, I think
the right direction, there are always guys around that are interested, they fling themselves,
but I just want to settle down. I am someone who wants a relationship.

100 thoughts on “Transgender Supermodel Isis King Can’t Find Love

  1. I know why she can't find love!
    1. Her name is ISIS
    2. I'm pretty sure that no-one would wanna date a transgender with a bulge down below

  2. Sooo…are we considered bad people for not telling her how beautiful she is and how happy we are for her? Nice name, btw!

  3. Maybe the reason she can't find love is because her name is Isis…….
    I mean seriously I wouldn't want to date a girl named Isis…..


  5. Gays are beautifull in their own way. Beautifull in their own distinction.
    If you become a transgender you become a LIE.
    facts dont care about feelings.

  6. whatever happened to the days when men were men and women were women,  and that's that!!      seems you don't really know anymore who or what a person is !!  LOL

  7. Your beautiful I’m saying that cuz I am a honest guy and it’s not taboo dating a transgender guy I see it and a talk to that person normal people can’t not apply transgender yet in history so there the evil ones but there is evil transgender people but there some nice ones too but even is there nice straight people still count as evil cuz there stack in the pass so there pretty much block by futuristic good educated knowledge. I hope and wish and I pray to date a transgender and goes balance in the relationship a good categories.

  8. It just shows that for a woman to be a model she just needs to be tall, thin + some face surgery. Nothing else. CGI models could not come soon enough.

  9. Well you also chose the shittiest name possible. And I can't help but feel you did it on purpose to be even "unique"

  10. I feel so bad for them… everyone deserves love.. I'm choosing to stay single even though I dont have to be if I dont want to, but of shes looking, I hope she finds love before I do..

  11. She looks surprisingly feminine for a transwoman. Whoever the surgeon was deserves the Nobel Peace Prize.

  12. as i muslim i think her name is scary i dont know if u know about that group but isis is terrorist group hhahah first she needs to change her name ;=

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