Training Boredom

Training Boredom

“Do you have any suggestions for
programming when general population clients complain of boredom from doing
similar movements all the time?” You know I’m at a loss here man. When you talk to
general population clients about food everything’s boring. I want to eat more
vegetables. I don’t like vegetables. Drink more water.
Can I put some you know taste. I don’t like the taste of water. You need to
sleep. I’ll miss my shows. Let me just Mat, first thing I got to do is just
I have to extend my frustrations out when I hear something like this because
you know the joke we always used in American football you know how you spell
fun W-I-N. If you wanna be a great discus thrower, you’re gonna be bored man. That’s just, that’s
gonna be the thing. Well but it’s not boring. It’s exciting. It’s different.
Brian put together on the where you can change the
exercises and that would be one response but I mean mastering any phase of your
life involves doing repetitions over and over and over again. I mean you don’t
have a fourth grade teacher say, “I’m bored with teaching multiplication
tables. We’re not gonna do them this year.” I mean what a, what a disservice to that
person’s students. I struggle with this Mat. I’m not a good person to ask.
I find the training I do, which has been it’s basically the same thing for years
now, decades now and I find it just so interesting but I don’t know what to
tell you and it’s funny now Mat if you I hate to say this but this might
be the person who watches the same episode of Friends, or How I Met Your
Mother, or the office over and over and over again and that’s not boring and
I’ll throw on one more teacherism for you. The book is a boring little Bobby.
You’re boring. Sorry I don’t have a better answer Mat. That’s just, I don’t
know who you ask. You know what there’s a thousand guys online, thousand guys and
girls online who will you know they’ll give you you know
confusion training and they’ll give you all kinds of voodoo and stuff and it’s
exciting and it doesn’t work but boy it’s it keeps everyone from being bored.
I don’t see an issue with being bored when it comes to diet, rest and exercise

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  1. That is it right there Dan. Secret to success do the small things right….day in….day out….and all over again!

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