hey guys Justin Gonzalez fitness model
world champion and today we’re training CHEST! just hitting every angle we can
isolating our chest as many different angles and ways as possible, after little
warmup our first exercise we did was chest incline dumbbell press, with
our elbows in and pressing forward so our main focus is a true form way of working
on our chest and not feeling any pressure on our rear delts or our
shoulders and you’re not pressing over your head you’re pressing over your
chest my hand position was more close grip
on the inside, my elbows were in towards my chest and I was pressing
forward so kind of like you would do a push-up going down slow and steady you try to
usually do a two three second count and then press fast up
once you go too heavy you put so much pressure on your shoulders, so everyone always aches and hurts so the way I do is a trueform way where you
feel no pain in your shoulders and you just feel it all in your chest Chest is very ideal for anyone that wants
to look good you know it pops out it stands out your chest and your shoulders
always pop out so Chest to me it’s very top top of the line for me. and then we
did a sit down machine press my different technique is you know
really isolating each chest on its own isolation of feeling just one part of
your muscle working just like your left side of your chest and then your
right side a chest, the isolation you really get to feel just that one muscle
feeling tense and that pressure in that pump and then once I’m done with each
one and then I’m focusing on both and getting that pump at the end
together, you go to both them at the same time you really get a nice pump together
the same time so our next exercise that we did was a
sit down chest PEC deck once again we isolated the left side of our chest and
our right side focusing just on building strength in
each muscle and then combining them at one time we’re just focusing completely on your
chest so we’re sitting on the PEC deck you really get to isolate your test
without working any other muscles doing any of the work for you and the finisher were just underhand
flies. you know there’s just a whole round of working as much chest as
possible your upper your lower your middle your outside and just getting
that pump and isolating each muscle, each part of your chest as possible. the importance of
having the true form is really identifying each muscle when you’re
training it and not focusing on all different muscles at one time so the
true form of working chest is to work your chest and not putting any pressure
on your shoulder. that’s it guys, just finished our chest workout I hope you
guys liked it don’t forget to subscribe


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  3. i garuntee most people in this comment section that aren’t fit probably have bomb ads genetics, just work out so you can reveal your true figure guys, this guy was never like this until he worked out to reveal his true physique.

  4. First of all, your chest is weak…. You starting by the incline presses and you are not pressing vertically, not turning the dumbbells to the side … and no full range of motion ? what kind of results you're expecting from this ? then you switch you a very lousy machine '' seated nautilus press… I truly believe you need a coach yourself…

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