TOROKHTIY’s TRAINING CAMP / weightlifting & crossfit

TOROKHTIY’s TRAINING CAMP / weightlifting & crossfit

I think if you are watching this video – you understand that theoretically… the camp is about to start. And today we will meet our first athlete from Brasil. He doesn’t know how we look like, we don’t know how he looks like. But we will meet him. We have been standing here for 6 hours already, but haven’t seen him yet. LOL – The intrigue continues, right?
– The intrigue continues. LOL Training and recovery processes are in full play. We’ll check what our massage therapist Ekaterina is doing there. It’s already not so actual sticker for now. Because the Olympic Games are already finished. But the preparation of the international team is going on. Today our athetes who came from different countries have asked us to move the tables together because we have an international family and we need to move it in such a way so the all will be sitting at the same table. It’s the first day. The first big dinner where almost all the team will be present. Also, there are two athletes coming tomorrow and two more will come in a week. 10 athletes in the camp, as it was planned to pay attention to each person to hold the high-level camp. We’ll get back to you after the dinner. Как Вы, Алексей? – Я в порядке. А Вы?
– Отлично. – Спите хорошо?
– Ууу… – Я был слишком одинок. – Glasses… – I spent the whole night without you. – It looks cool in the gym. Where are the emotions?. As far as I see everyone is silent, only I speak in the morning. Emotional silence? Emotional silence, yes…Emotional hollow. Overtraining. Aleksey, what is going on here? Well…a real camp. Guys have come and…now they are watching me training… learn my experience. I’m sweating…they are watching. Empathizing… Это путь… …путь Самурая. The first day, the first evening when all the team gathered. 10 people arrived From Australia Brazil USA Europe Therefore, we have such an international team. I consider it’s very nice and I’m very happy. It’ll be the first dinner where all the athletes will be present All the athletes have arrived finally. Now we’ll introduce oneself to each other. Plus we’ll introduce you those people, who you will see in the next 3-4 videos. Enjoy! Now it’s about time to have lunch. The team has already gathered. Now we’ll have a general meeting. We’ll talk about the program of the next week. As far as I see guys decided to buy some beer…after the arrival. So, we’ll we record the way it is. С пивом. We’ve had lunch, we’ve had…a “full-dress rehearsal” of the camp. And now…a group photo and banya. Почему вы здесь? – Как самочувствие?
– Прекрасно! – Что происходит?
– Не знаю…Баня. Катя с веником. Мило. – Мне нравится. Веником бьют? Да, а после ударов веником чувствуешь себя лучше. – Он прав?
– Да…

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  1. Алексей пошел той же тропой что и Клоков – семинары, кемпы. Хорошо, что сейчас это востребовано

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