“TOROKHTIY online training GANG – 5/11” [ENG SUB] (Weightlifting & CrossFit)

“TOROKHTIY online training GANG – 5/11” [ENG SUB] (Weightlifting & CrossFit)

Hello! We’re starting the 5th week of our training, thereby, we’re creeping up to the “equator” of the PROGRAM. We’ve worked hard last week, so, trainings #1 and #3 will be relieving, #5 – the “impact” one. Exercise #1. Exercise #1. “GOOD MORNINGS”. If you feel you can get more – do it. You’re ready for it. About your comments: I see that all get surprised with that crank in my knees))) I have it since I was a child, before I started weightlifting. I just don’t pay attention to it))) Exercise #2. HANG SNATCH (with straps). We need to have a good warm up in the snatch at this training. But don’t put a lot of effort at the same time, training #3 is gonna be more serious, with big weights. Those, who did not manage to break 90% in SNATCH will have a chance to “recoup”. Exercise #3. SNATCH BALANCE+SQUAT. All the movements are performed smoothly, and don’t forget about fixation! Do a dip-drive with your legs and push the barbell up. Anyone who wants to see the more detailed instruction: watch on my channel, I have explained this exercise before. Exercise #4. JERK (FROM THE RACKS). I’ve also explained this exercise before. Who wants to see more delails, watch my channel. There are many peculiarities and nuances you need to know and comply with. Exercise #5. FRONT SQUAT. I give a lot of exercises with FRONT SQUATS, because these exercises are very important in the clean&jerk, and in weightlifting. Many of you know how to do a BACK SQUAT – but a few know how to do a FRONT SQUAT. Therefore, I focus on the FRONT SQUAT. WATCH That’s all! We’ve warmed up))) Let’s get to the trainings #3 and #5. Exercise #2. Exercise #2. HYPEREXTENSION. Rotation (left and right): you can do it without the weight – in order to make work complementory muscles. Exercise #2. POWER SNATCH. Frankly speaking, this is the most disliked exercise, because I rarely did it properly and it made my knees hurt. Don’t forget about fixation! What I have repeated in the previous exercises, always try to perform in that way, so, your elbows will look forward. Exercise #3. SNATCH PULL. I need some help in this exercise, I wrote 95%, but only if you will feel good,manage to get up, and it is easy to do. If you find it hard – you need to get a lighter weight, as we’ll have more weight in the SNATCH. Thus, it will have a big impact on your result in the SNATCH. Take the starting position, we push your heels to the floor and stand up. Exercise #3. CLEAN. The SQUAT CLEAN! In order to diversify the CLEAN – perform this exercise with no jump. Now I’m going to show you 1 rep – CLEAN, and the second one – NO FEET CLEAN. CLEAN, and now NO FEET CLEAN. I always replaced the POWER CLEAN by NO FEET CLEAN usually – it helps you to stand up higher, so the movement becomes higher. Exercise #5. BACK SQUAT. Get down slowly and stand up quickly, you should feel like one muscle “turns off” and the second one “turns on”. The weight is transfered gradually from one muscle to another. Stand up quickly – it will be usuful when standing up with the barbell. That’s all! Training #3 – DONE. Training #5 will be harder – but I’m sure that many of you will lift new kilos, try to rest well … …eat well, get enough sleep and you’re gonna make it, I’m sure! Let’s get to the training #5. Training #5. Our main exercise is gonna be SNATCH. I repeat, those who couldn’t show the new result – you have an opportunity to do it this time. To begin with, we’ll do the “GOOD MORNINGS” with a barbell, and then the following exercises. I suggest you to try a new move – don’t go as deep as you can – reduce the path by a half. The weight can be even heavier if you do the exercise in this way – just try and feel. Exercise #2. The main exercise in SNATCH in this training ! I suggest to make it the “control” one!!! ч To begin with, we’ll do the “GOOD MORNINGS” with a barbell, and then the following exercises. We try to get to the knees slowly, add acceleration after you’ve reached the knees, and jump up. I hope everyone is willing, and able, get to a new PR! And brag in the Internet. Exercise #3. HANG CLEAN. This will “kill” all of us, guys, after a heavy snatch, So, do it slowly, no rush. Lower the bar down, don’t forget that we stand up with a repulse, there’s no need to stop at the bottom. Exercise #4. CLEAN PULL! We get to the heavier weights and we’re gonna have 90% quite often. If you feel some weakness – don’t put that heavy weight, or don’t do this exercise at all. That’s it, we got to the “equator” of our ONLINE TRAINING. I want to believe many of you have become stronger, lift heavier weight and understand more in the Olympic weightlifting. Train together, train right. See you next week. Bye!

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  2. Алексей спасибо большое! Очень интересно и доходчиво, ставим новые личные рекорды с вашей помощью)

  3. Алексей, возможно мне показалось, но в этом видео, при выполнении рывковой тяги, у Вас подрыв происходит несколько ниже (ниже лобковой кости), нежели на олимпиаде???
    Для меня этот вопрос принципиален, так как мне тяжело определиться с необходимыми углами (выше или ниже)
    А то по кости очень больно (((

  4. Алексей спасибо вам огромное!!! На прошлой неделе благодаря вам поднял личный рекорд в рывке и толчке.

  5. спасибо большое за Вашу программу! очень помогает! по тихоньку беру новые веса !!!

  6. Алексей, а у Вас, действительно, колени хрустят.😀😀😀

  7. У Вас ошибка в программе: третий день, третье упражнение – на грудь с виса, а перевод написан hang snatch. Должно быть hang clean. В ВК кстати тоже эта же ошибка. P.S.: за программу спасибо!

  8. Алексей покажи что именно делается с той высокой доской с лямкой ?? как то вы там растягиваетесь или вниз головой висите очень интересно может как нибудь покажите видео об этом тренажере ???

  9. Первый день)) как всегда всё супер! спасибо за ваше Время. Здоровья вам

  10. Правильно ли я понял?: В тягах (рывковой и толчковой) не выходим на носки в конечной фазе? Либо это на усмотрение каждого? Спасибо.

  11. Алексей, у вас штанга при наклона не скатывается на шею? Нет у вас такой проблемы? У меня есть. Может посоветуете что нибудь. Заранее спасибо.

  12. Hi Aleksey! In the program it says hang snatch, but you do hang cleans in the video for training #5. Can you clear that up for me please? Loving the program and your videos! I'm learning a lot about programming and technique from watching these and practicing!

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