“TOROKHTIY online training GANG – 4/11” [ENG SUB] (Weightlifting & CrossFit)

“TOROKHTIY online training GANG – 4/11” [ENG SUB] (Weightlifting & CrossFit)

Hello, guys, it’s week #4 of our online training program. This week will be harder and much more interesting though… if you’ve worked right for the past three weeks – maybe you’ll see your new result for the first time this week . But we’ll talk about it piece by piece. TRAINING #1 consists of five exercises: as always, the first exercise is hyperextension! We have to work on strenthening the back, so we always do this exercise. Exercise #2. DROP SNATCH. I pay your attention to the fact that you can make a stop in the squat (when you do the full squat), in order to feel whether you sit right and feel comfortable. Dip with your legs, don’t forget about the fixation above your head. Exercise #3 SNATCH + HANG SNATCH, we’ve already practiced this exercises during the previous weeks. I’ll remind that the first rep is performed from the platform… and all the following reps – hang snatch. If it is written 1+2: 1 is done from the platform, 2 – hang snatch. It is better to practice with straps. Don’t forget about fixation – those videos you’ve posted in social nets during the previous weeks – so many of you forget about FIXATION. Exercise #4: the CLEAN, now I’m gonna do it twice. The first time – to show how you grab it in a wrong way, and the second one – how to take it right. We use the repulse when we do the SQUAT CLEAN. We shouldn’t sit down there with the barbell. Don’t stay down there for too long, get up quickly, as It’s hard to accelerate the barbell after you’ve stopped. Exercise #5/ FRONT SQUAT. I’de recommend using straps to improve mobility. Get down slowly and get up quickly. TRAINING #1. Week 4. This week is gonna be “warming up”, the #3 and the #5 one are gonna be very serious – so try to warm up more, don’t put all the effort you have, you’ll need it later. Training #3. Emphasis is put on SNATCH: Exercise №1 is underlined – 90%. We have to sum up all the work we’ve done during the previous weeks – warm up with “good mornings”and hammer at the SNATCH. I’d also advise you to relax, sleep well, eat well – as this exercise and the following ones take a lot of energy. SNATCH – do it up to 90%, if you have a desire and an ability to do more – do more. But 90 % according to the plan. I wanted to note – this week this exercise is performed without straps – you can use the snatch grip, or add bandages. Exercise #2 requires a lot of energy and effort, – SNATCH PULL up to 100-105%. Try to do it right, keep all the angles. The main task you need to set up before you perform this exercise: come to the bar, push your knees out to the sides… … pull your pelvis back, press the heels to the floor – get up covering the barbell with your shoulders. If it’s too hard – take a less heavy weight. The main goal – to enjoy what you do. Be careful, don’t grab the heaviest weight. Exercise # 4 is the last one in this training, FRONT SQUAT + JERK. Take the barbell from the racks, squat, do the JERK (from the chest). That’s it, training #3 – done. But we still have TRAINING #5 and it’s gonna be even more interesting. Relax. TRAINING #5: the CLEAN & JERK is gonna be our basic exercise – so up tp 90%. Because the first two exercises – to warm up. Exercise #1 HYPEREXTENSION. I won’t show it, because we’ve already had it in our video this week. I pay your attention to the exercise #2. SNATCH from HIP. I’ve been asked a lot about this exercise. I’ll take less weight this time, because I haven’t practiced it for a long time. A very good one. This exercise is performed with straps for your wrist not to get clutched, it has something in common with the HANG SNATCH. But we down the barbell in HANG SNATCH, and use acceleration in THIS exercise.. Stand up, straighten, hands straight and free, getting down. HIP SNATCH: put the barbell down to this height approximately. This is enough to accelerate it and do a second pull. If you feel like beating the groin – cover more with your back. Exercise # 3. The CLEAN&JERK. This is the “control” exercise of the week, you can upload your video into social networks, I’ll watch and give you my advice. Warm up to 75%, 2 + 2: CLEAN – 2 reps and JERK – 2 reps. Then 1 CLEAN and 1 JERK. As the weight is gonna be serious – try to fix the barbell above your head as better as it’s possible – this is extremely important. Exercise #4 CLEAN PULL. About 90% – we’are working on getting up: press your heels to the floor, keep tension in your lower back. We use straps, because your fingers will be “burning” after the CLEAN & JERK. We got up, push the knees out to the sides, stretch, heels to the floor. I wanted to show you the whole second pull, but I have worked out on the chest yesterday – leg gets hurt much. And we summarize our training week #4. We have two major exercises: SNATCH from training #3 and CLEAN&JERK from training #5. You can upload your video into social networks, put the correct #hashtag (related to me) – I’ll watch and give recommendations about any changes in your technique. Train together. Train right. Bye! See you next week!

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  2. Спасибо большое за ваше Время. тренировки супер очень нравится! у вас есть планы приехать в Германию? всем Мира и Здоровья

  3. Алексей почему в рывковых тягах и толчковых не выходите на носки?это для того, чтобы мощнее сделать подбив тазом?

  4. Много сейчас людей делают видео о ТА и все что с ней связано, каждое по-своему интересно, но так как преподносит технику Алексей я еще не видел, вдаваясь во все детали и подробности. Очень хорошее пособие, спасибо Алексей!

  5. У меня после каждой трени синяки на ногах после подрыва. Это норм или я делаю не так?

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