“TOROKHTIY online training GANG – 3/11” [ENG SUB] (Weightlifting & CrossFit)

“TOROKHTIY online training GANG – 3/11” [ENG SUB] (Weightlifting & CrossFit)

Hello! Let’s move o to the THIRD WEEK of TOROKHTIY ONLINE PROGRAM. It will be harder and more interesting though. We’re gonna analyze each training session separately. Look. Training #1
Exercise #1: HYPEREXTENSION – do it with the weight comfortable for you. I’d like to mention: try not to bend during straightening and bring yourself up to up while straightening – parallel to the floor. Exercise #2: MUSCLE SNATCH or half-dip SNATCH. This exercise is very good for the development of speed, we start to include it in our program. Gradually, we will get to bigger weight. Exercise #3: SNATCH PULL is calculated according to your PR in SNATCH, and will be 100 % this week. Take care of your back. Exercise #4: JERK FROM THE RACKS is the “control” exercise this week. Don’t forget about fixation, and push your knees out to the sides, pull your pelvis back when you do a dip-drive. Exercise #5: FRONT SQUAT – you can do it with or without straps. Push your pelvis back, push your knees out to the sides. Go down slowly and get up quickly. That’s it. When TRAINING#1 is done, get to TRAINING #2. Training #2 Exercise #1: “GOOD MORNINGS”. Put your trunk between your legs get as low as possible keeping your back straight. Exercise #1: “GOOD MORNINGS”. Put your trunk between your legs get as low as possible keeping your back straight. Exercise #2: PUSH JERK + SNATCH SQUAT. Calculated according to your PR in SNATCH, and considered to be an additional exercise in SNATCH, very helpful and favorite))). Be sure you fixate at the top and sit down slowly. If you have the feeling that you shake a bit – it will get better, take your time, it will make you more confident and more stable. Exercise #3: SNATCH + HANG SNATCH. In this exercise, I used this exercises 8 months before the Olympics, it helped me a lot. The first rep is done frome the racks ans then HANG SNATCH. Perform it with straps – it’s gonna be harder with big weight. Exercise # 4: DEFICIT SPLIT, or from a hill. This exercise is important by correct performance, not by kilos. Who wants to add something new – try to do his exercise without splitting your legs, you’ll like it. Exercise #5: We’ll need straps, CLEAN PULL – performed with the hook grip. Keep the angle as long as possible when you’re getting up, cover with your shoulders. Training #2 is done. I’ll add a bit: you you’re a powerlifter deadlift is 300 kg, and CLEAN&JERK is 70 kg, it is important for you to do this exercise and the PULL right. It is calculated according to your PR in CLEAN&JERK. Training #3
Exercise #1: The third training also begins with “GOOD MORNINGS” – but we are going to do it on a Hyperextension trainer. Exercise #2: SNATCH FROM THE RACKS – many of you ask what to do if there is no racks. You can use discs. Take a pile of discs on both sides and begin the miracles. Exercise #3 will be the main one in TRAINING #3, so try to go not so hard when performing SNATCH, use it as a warm up. Let’s get to the main exercise #3: CLEAN + SQUAT + JERK. 80%, I’de advise to use bandages. Take pharmacy bandages, cut iit on halfs, wrap 5-6 times. It will save calluses. The basic exercise: CLEAN + SQUAT + JERK. 80% is gonna be difficult, patience. This exercise is necessary for us – basics. Breath, a small tip – those who have a “weak” JERK and can’t make 2 + 1 + 1 and 1 + 1 + 2. Do JERK×2 instead of CLEAN×2 . Exercise #4: BACK SQUAT, you got tired after exercise #3 – this exercise will play a secondary role this week. Go down slowly and get up quickly. Exercise #5: BOX JUMPS. I’ve shown it before, and won’t do that this time – trained hard at my Crossfit training. Note: come as close as possible, full squat, try to jump up on straight legs. From a full squat on straight legs. The height is up to you. Training #3 is done, The TRAINING WEEK #3 is over. Don’t forget that the two workouts written in 1.1 and 3.1 are for working on the technique. You can replace it by complexes that you use in a core set or other kinds of sport. Train together – train right. Bye! See you next week!

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  1. I usually burn my self out within 4-5 Weightlifting sessions, following this program is helping me alot since the intensity is lower and the volume is slightly higher.

  2. Алексей по кросфиту для себя тренируешься или готовился выступать ??

  3. Алексей, большое спасибо за ваши онлайн тренировки. Если будет возможность, покажите поближе доску для виса вниз головой, для разгрузки позвоночника. Спасибо!

  4. Алексей, здравствуйте! у меня вопрос,тяги с подрывом как правильно выполнять,стараться по максимуму штангу подорвать вверх,или как в ваших видео,на небольшую высоту? заранее спасибо!

  5. Окзаласоь, что самый эфективный способ поддерживать здровье мозга и улучшать свои умственные способности – тяжелая атлетика. Чем чаще и активнее вы поднимаете тяжести, тем лучше работает ваш мозг и тем менее вероятнее, что вы будете страдать от слабоумия в старости.(Тереза Лю-Амвросий, проффесор физиотерапии и эксперт в области старения из Унивирситета Британской Колумбии (Ванкувер))

  6. Спасибо за видео, Алексей! Есть вопрос: а что насчет пресса? И вообще мышц кора?

  7. someone help with the reps and sets? it looks pretty confused to me :/ i think the devider is the reps but where are the sets at? are they the multipliers right beside ?

  8. Здравствуй! Можно ли применить вашу программ, как работа над взрывной силой ног в баскетболе?

  9. +Aleksey Torokhtiy и снова привет из Рима!

    Сегодня отработал вторую тренировку этой недели и заметил одну интересную вещь. После "ямы" было невероятно легко делать тяги. Ноги совершенно не чувствовали нагрузки. Так и должно быть? Получается, что взятие на грудь из ямы нагружает ноги?

    P.S. Нагрузки сильные по Вашей программе. Базовы тренировки длятся в среднем два часа.

  10. На жаль, немає снаряду для екстензії, який саб- можна заміняти goodmornings?

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    ➡INSTAGRAM: instagram.com/Torokhtiy
    ➡YOUTUBE: youtube.com/WeightliftingUkraine

  12. Вопрос такой: сколько времени отдыхать между подходами и упражнениями? Спасибо)

  13. Алексей, можно вопрос? В толчковой и рывковой тяге на носки выходить или нет?

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