Top5Shorts: One-Armed Weightlifter, Fawn Slippy, And The Man With Over 7,000 Baseballs

Top5Shorts: One-Armed Weightlifter, Fawn Slippy, And The Man With Over 7,000 Baseballs

ALIX: Hey there my delicious dim-sum dumplings, Alix here with your recommended weekly dose
of Top 5 Shorts. the show where I round up the latest greatest videos here on BarcroftTV
and see what’s got you cheering, laughing or shouting at your screen. 00:21
ZACK: Oh there it is! Number 7000 baby. 00:28
ALIX: I’ll kick things off with off with the biggest load of balls you’ve ever seen. Zack
Hample is a ball hawk, nope not some kind go horrific bird of prey you wanna keep very
far away from your intimate areas, but a guy whose exceptionally good at catching baseballs
at major league games. Zack has the world’s largest private collection of baseballs, currently
standing at 7537. 00:51
ALIX: Aside from all the hilarious ball based gags you lot made about this vid, the eagle
eyed amongst you spotted that Zack and his girlfriend Hayley have pretty eclectic tastes
when it comes to wall coverings. 01:02
ALIX: No matte magnolia paint for them.Have a peek at our super fans and enthusiasts playlist
for more footage of crazy collections from McDonalds memorabilia to arcade games. 01:15
ALIX: At four… 01:16
CAMERON: Dad, there’s a freakin’ deer in the house!
COLIN: The baby deers in our house? 01:21
ALIX: Eleven-year-old Cameron Harrington recorded the baby Bambi slipping and sliding along
the wooden floors of the home in Nova Scotia, Canada, after the deer accidentally run in
through his front door. 01:34
CAMERON: Oh s**t! 01:36
ALIX: What did your comments say about this? Mostly cute, cute, cute, cute, cute, cute,
cute, cute, cute, cute, so cute. 01:51
ALIX: Controversy at number 3, Mark hughes is the father of six children, none of whom
he’s seen since transitioning to become a woman named Abby Grace. 02:00
ALIX: This short is the source of the most heated debates this week, some commenters
say that Abby is selfish for getting married and having children. She knew she was gonna
change gender, whereas others argue that the family are the selfish ones for not accepting
Abby as a female. 02:15
ALIX: A lot of you asked for some clarification on whether Abby left her family or whether
they abandoned her. So to be absolutely clear we spoke to Abby, who said that her parents,
her sisters and her two eldest daughters have all completely shunned her. Her eldest son
however does now accept that his father is a woman, whereas the three smallest of the
six kids are really too small to understand the situation. 02:38
ALIX: As ever we encourage you to get involved in the discussion via your comments. 02:46
ALIX: Next on the menu and two, a feast of best. As hoards of wildebeest make their annual
migration across Kenya, they have to leap down steep banks and cross the river. those
who don’t lad the jump or struggle in the water often become an easy meal of ravenous
crocodiles. 03:03
ALIX: Shout out to LIAM THE BUG on YouTube who might just be psychic, brace yourself
for the Lion King comments he said and yep, this vid did remind a lot of you of that classic
Disney scene, where Simba get caught up in a wildebeest stampede. 03:16
ALIX: The real life scenes in this footage are way more heartbreaking than any animation
though. Some of you noticed that moment at eight seconds where a tiny baby wildebeest
tumbles down the cliff and was swept away in the water, an adult looks back, sees that
it’s gone but has to push on. 03:32
ALIX: YouTuber Vik Rana has an idea, why don;t humans build the beests a bridge? This has
actually been done in some places where wildlife needs to cross a man made road. 03:45
ALIX: Hoisting up the number one trophy this week is 25 -year-old Krystal Cantu, who competes
in CrossFit events despite having lost her right arm above the elbow in a horrendous
car accident. In fact she can lift heavier weights now than when she had two hands. 04:01
ALIX: Let me tell you a bit more about Krystal, since so many of you are saying she’s a total
inspiration. After the accident which was caused buy a car tyre blowing out, she was
back at the gym in less than a month, and incredibly learned to use a rowing machine
by strapping the handle to her stump. The things Krystal does say she finds challenging,
are doing her hair, and learning how to write left handed. 04:24
ALIX: That’s a wrap for this week, but here’s a snippet of what’s in store for the next
seven days. 04:31
ALIX: Pokemon, gotta catch ’em all! But only if this girl doesn’t get there first. And
we’ve got a croc shock! 04:39
ALIX: Finally you may have noticed that my hair is not a kind of lilac-y, grey, bluey
colour that sorta matches the sky above Manchester where I’m from so thanks to all of you who
suggested something along those lines. I do change it as often as the weather though so
knowing me it’ll probably last about half an hour. 04:54
ALIX: If you wanna chat to us on Twitter we’re @Barcroft_TV and of course subscribe to our
YouTube channel for loads more. Until next time, see you around fluff pumpkins.

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  2. You should do a video on the beast of Bodmin Moor in Cornwall. Big cats like panthers lives their and their is a load of great footage of this allusive big cat wondering round Bodmin Moor Cornwall.

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