Toning chest workout for women, at home, no equipment

Toning chest workout for women, at home, no equipment

Hey guys, Chardét here with Corpão Fitness. This is your Toning Chest Workout. All this area for women. We’re going to be going over exercises that
will help you strengthen and define all of that lovely chest area. And these are great exercises for every single
person but especially those of you that a little bit smaller just like myself. This gives you some extra definition that
you may not naturally have. And that’s why you don’t want to miss a chest
workout. So we’re going to go ahead and get ready. You don’t need any equipment for this one. OK guys and get started
on this toning chest workout. Now it is five exercises two rounds 60 seconds
each. You know how I do my workouts not like a ton
of transition time. So it is intense but you’ll be OK if you know
you have tender knees. I recommend you grab a pillow or right now
or roll up your mat. And I also want to share with you guys here
that if you are traveling because you know it’s summer time right now north of the equator
and you’re looking for more workouts like this ideas things to do when you don’t have
Internet access you don’t have a gym. Make sure that you download my travel workout
freebie. It’s in the link in the descriptions there. It’s going to give you tons of ideas tips
on form and also some guidelines on eating. Guys let’s get started on your workout movement
number one is going to be a diamond pulse push-up. So grab that pillow if you need to for the
knees walk the legs out. We’re going to bring the fingertips the pointer
fingers here and the thumbs together into a diamond shape your chest is right above
it. Make sure those fingers are touching ideally
and we’re going to pulse starting now a little diamond press pulse. So if you are more advanced. Feel free to go straight to the toes guys. Maybe you want to wait for round two though
before you jump straight to that just in case. So we feel that outer part of the chest here
maybe a little bit of burn there make sure the chest is staying right over that diamond. It’s not far it’s not behind it it’s right
on top of it. That pulsing movement. Continuing to with your diamon pulsing push
up here working into that chest. Really deep here. Staying with it. You’ve just got a few more. We’ll have a tiny shake out and then we’ll
jump into movement number two. So stick with me. You’ve got the strength so far. We’re going to do two more last one and tiny
little shake out. Now it is walking planks knees or toes your
choice widish arms here. I’m going to start on my knees and then I’ll
go to my toes. Ready guys. Chest ready. And go ahead and begin. So we walk to one side. If you’re on your knees it just looks like
this. You keep the knees on the floor. That’s completely fine. Wide arms walking from one side to the other. Keeping the belly button drawn in here. If you’re going to the toes you can get a
little fancier and actually walk side to side. You can move that way or you can keep the
legs in place and just walk the arms which is a little more intense for the upper body
so choose your version and do it well. Starting to feel the shoulders and the entire
body working here. And you’re naturally going to prefer one version
of these stick with the version that you feel you’re strongest in and then push yourself
to have a really strong form here. Ok, we’re about to go into movement number
three which is a hard one. But you’ve made it this far. So I’m confident in you guys keeping it going
here. And release OK movement number three. Inverse push-up you come down low. Arms slightly wide, elbows to the side. Make sure you’re lifting with your whole body
straight up. You may not get very high but it’s OK. Our mission is to get at least to the knees
OK. Inverted push-up belly button sucks chin is
forward 60 seconds. Let’s go ahead and raise it up. Don’t worry about how high you got. And then slowly drop it back down. Again raise it up sucking that belly button
in and then dropping it back towards the floor raising it up. And dropping it back down squeezing high. And back towards the floor if you want advanced
guys from the toes but make sure there’s no hip drops so there’s none of this right. That’s sloppy. We want to stay strong. The whole body lifts as one unit. It’s exhale rise and inhale lower let me know
if you struggle with this one because most people do. So I’m happy to give you tips along the way
on this if you need it. Staying with the breath with me here just
a few more and then we’ll move into a slightly easier move here. Raising it up and down. Guys. See if you can get one more. Just one more lift and release. OK as promised this next movement is a little
bit easier. So we’re going to go into some long Supermans
it requires you to use just the upper body and to use a bit of the back as well which
is good it’s a supporting muscle which helps you strengthen the opposing muscle of the
chest. So long arms are going to lift both arms legs
stay on the floor for this one OK lift up and lower down lift it high and back down
you might feel it in the lower back as well in the glutes. That’s good. Let’s engage everything here that whole movement
chain. Inhale lift. Exhale lower. Lifting up. And back down. Keep those arms really wide again in that
long superman lifting up. And back down. Lift it higher. And release. Keep squeezing up. Keep relesasing down a little bit higher here
maybe hold it a little longer and release again lifting up. And back down. We’re going to lift it up high. And release. Can you go just a few more. Find that strength knowing this is the easier
move. Release. One more time. Big Inhale lift it up. Hold it with me. Hold it and release pressing yourself up and
it give the body a little wiggle because you get tight here right. You need that wiggle. Final movement number five. Before we repeat is gonna be a boxed opener
plank. So it looks like this. I’m going to go on my knees. You guys are welcome to go on your toes on
this one. We want opposite hands touching opposite elbow
to start. Go ahead and get in position here. Make sure your bum is not here. It’s a little bit lower. Go ahead and hold with me here. Knees are toes. So we’ve got. Opposite hand touching opposite elbow. All you’re going to do is just raise up open
twist the hips the one side come back to center where you started. And roll to the other side again coming back
to center. Rolling up to open. Closing back down. Rolling up to open closing back down. If you’re on your toes it looks like this
guys. So really expanding the chest, working the
legs and rolling back down again rolling up. And back down rolling up. And back down staying in that long opener. Closing gracefully long opener closing gracefully
one more open. And close release. KNEES DOWN RELAX. Don’t mind me, I’m just going to fix these. How do people stay graceful wearing shorts
like. Honestly I see these people. Having their shorts stay in place and I don’t
understand it. Ok guys, set two, set two, enjoy that break
well I was wondering about it. Diamond pulses pointed fingers and thumbs
touch belly button draws in. Get yourself an order with me here and when
you’re ready we go ahead and we begin pulsing here the diamond pulse. Remember you can go to the toes if you’re
feeling particularly bad ass and you want to do it. Or if you want to make it even harder go deeper
chest towards that diamond and back up. Ok, whatever you feel like you can handle
today. Down and out pulses breathing through into
that chest EXHALE DOWN inhale raise it. Really deeply. Opening up those elbows. Staying deeper into it. Little more. Find that strength. You are working for those nice tight tight
strong chese here. Up and down. Staying in those pulses, see if you can come
with just two more with me just two more last one. And release, tiny shake out walking plank. You might want to do the knees this round. That’s OK. I’m going to start on my knees and then I’ll
go to my toes with you you’re ready wide plank knees or toes. Suck that belly in. Relax those shoulders. 60 seconds starts now. To the side. And back. Now you can play with the variation here. It’s not exact. It doesn’t need to be that you do it the exact
same way as you did the first round. It just needs to be strong. That’s the most important thing and your belly
button can not hang low. Keep it tight and strong. Really going side to side. I’m going to come up high here and again and
I’ll walk it to the side. This is one variation which recruits a little
bit more of your abs. If you want to do that. And then I’m going to go back to my favorite
version which is feet in one place and arms moving because I get a little bit more chest
here. And we are all about more chest to the side
and back last one to the side and back release. Little shake out. Relax. Now you know we have inverted Push-Up next
so we’re going to slide on down wide arms and fix the shorts as always here. Wide arms and remember knees or toes we start
right now lifting up that chest and then slowly bringing it back down. Taking us into a serious chest workout here. Back down make sure you’re not doing this
or this. Keep it strong. Raise it up and down. And you’ll know if you’re working the right
muscles because you should not feel it in the lower back. You should only feel it in the chest right
now just the chest down and up. Exhale raise it. Inhale back down raise it up. Belly button nice and tight. And then back to the floor. Raise it up. And back down squeezing those abs a little
bit tighter in here. Releasing back to the floor again raising
it up and then taking it back down. Ok it’s one more with me raise it up and a
little release come forward on the belly. We have those long arm superman’s here, big
toes touch arms go wide and go ahead and begin lifting up that chest wide arms and release
down. Raising it up and back down squeezing the
chest and shoulders and then releasing. Inhale lifting. Exhale lowering. Always feel so silly doing these. But they’re really good for training your
back guys which is going to help support your chest. So don’t worry about how silly you look and
just get into it, raising it up and back down, inhale lifting, exhale lowering, really trying
to pick that chest up off the floor and releasing down again raising it up and releasing raising
it high. And then back down. Ok guys. So wipe that sweat, I did tell you it’s summer
over here, press it up. We’re going into your final movement and then
we have a little relaxation and stretch. It’s that box plank open. Allow me to just fix myself before we get
into it. And then we’re going to go ahead and come
into position opposite elbows to opposite hand. Draw that belly in, starting on my knees you
start wherever you like. Let’s begin right now opening up. Exhale open inhale close. It’s really important that you expand that
arm wide so you get deep into the chest the shoulders, arm muscles here the supporting
muscles everything that you can raising it out and back in. I’m going to go to my toes here in a moment. You can do that as well if you haven’t already. If you’ve got the strength here towards the
end. And again rotating as deep as we can go in
those opens holding it in center for a moment and then expanding nice and big. Just a few more moments here. Pressing yourself A LITTLE FURTHER. Going into a little bit more come back to
that block spike. And release. Nice little child’s pose. Ok guys we’re going to come to a kneeling
position Interlock your hands pull them behind you so you’re separating the shoulders and
pulling them down separating them in the front bringing them together in the back of the
hip and let the chin rise. Bring your arms forward stretching the back
muscles. We’re going take one arm behind the back. Follow the second arm behind the back and
you just want to grip right here above the elbows or wherever you can and just puff out
the chest. Little shoulder roll. And you are done guys. So remember if you want more travel workouts. Grab that freebie in the description. Click on the link if you want to do one other
workout right now. I highly recommend doing one of my ab workouts
in particular the lower abs one is a really good complement to the chest workout. If you haven’t subscribed. already, please do. Please do. So you know whenever a new workout comes up
make sure you like the video. If you’ve done it so I can see it. And let me know in the comments. Which of these five moves did you feel the
most in the chest which is your favorite. I will see you guys in your next workout with
me. Tchau!

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  1. Obrigada/thanks for training with me! So…which of these 5 chest movements did you feel the most?? I'm betting on the Diamond pulse…right??

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