41 thoughts on “Today’s Takeaway: Be Careful Who You Turn Your Kids Over To

  1. Thank you Dr. Phil. At this point in my life, I will trust absolutely no one, not even god, to hand over my kid. My kid wants to die? He ain't dying unless I die too and we see who God is together

  2. I don't have children but if I had a daughter I would not get a male Doctor for her. Instead I would get a female Doctor. Even if the Doctor is female I would still be in the Doctors room with her while she's being checked out. Vice versa if I had a son. I would be a Mama bear.

  3. Dr Phil introduction to this video was perfect, Dr Phil is a very smart guy, he knows how to use each word in a sentence. This is so rare, his success is well deserved. I think I like him so much because he's irish and italians are just "irish in the rain"

  4. Dr.phil must have a cold or something cause he sounds super out of breath this entire clip… it’s horrible that these complaints aren’t taken seriously and for what reason is my question almost 40 damn yrs of similar complaints? no matter who the doctor is or person is, one complaint of that kind is too damn many and should be dealt with right there and then. It’s like what’s the level? The threshold of how bad the complaint is for someone to do anything??

  5. Universities are ABSOLUTELY the worst when it comes to sexual assault, or domestic violence.. their only concern is how this will make the school look .. and it might detour future students … it's all about their image.. they'll seeep it under the rug … until they get exposed

  6. Often you never know how evil and foul humans can be until it’s too late, because most of us have a certain unconscious naivety. If you want to really defend your kids teach them HOW to respond to different scenarios. For example how to fight back to physical violence with martial arts, or what would be right or wrong behavior from a strange adult in the doctor’s office. Too often we don’t teach our kids HOW to think and we just try to teach them WHAT to think.

  7. I’m a survivor and I have a stepdaughter who is 13. She has a force field around her and she is oblivious and that is OK because she shouldn’t fully understand, but those questions Dr Phil asked never go unanswered in our house.

  8. Y'all! IDC of he was a doctor for the freaking president of the US?? You need to know who is involved with your kids?? Come on!!!

  9. I hope he gets killed in jail!! End his life. No, this isnt their fault but parents stop this blind trust attitude! Some people dont give a damn! And will molest your kids while your in the room!!

  10. Anyone who has been a victim to a predator has a special kind of radar and see it easier. I never could figure out why I went through it, but then I saved a young girl from a man trying to take her from walking home from school, I just noticed it and physically fought him, she has 2 beautiful babies now that shes an adult, scary to think those lives might never turned out to happen. Hope he gets prison justice.

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