Tiger-Bend Push Ups (with Beginner Progressions!)

Tiger-Bend Push Ups (with Beginner Progressions!)

Hey guys, Manuel here from Tykato Fitness. Today i’m going to show you how to do Tiger
Bend Push Ups. Those are really good to condition your wrists
and your shoulders for harder skills to come, for example the Russian Dip. Let me show you one. This is the Russian Dip on the dip bars. So you will learn this today. Now let’s go into the progression steps: first
of all you need to be able to rep out 10 diamond push ups easily before you attempt this tutorial,
okay? This is your prerequisite. Now once you can do that, place your hands
a little bit in front of the shoulders and then do them on the knees and slowly dip down
into the tiger bend position, after you did a push up. Like this. Again: push up first, then dip down and come
back up. Do this for 20 reps and 3 sets, okay? The high volume will make it easier for you
to condition your wrists and your tendons and your ligaments for it. Now obviously, the next progression is doing
this on an elevated object with the full push up. Once you can do that, just lower your help. So i’m showing it with blocks here. And basically just do the tiger bend push
up elevated. Always aim for 20 reps and 3 sets to condition
yourself. And once you can do that, you are able to
do the full tiger bend push up on the floor, which is a super good skill to condition yourself
for later stuff to come. So: do this by all means. Yeah, i hope you like this video. Give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my youtube
channel – and once you can do them, aim for russian dips next. Goodbye!

8 thoughts on “Tiger-Bend Push Ups (with Beginner Progressions!)

  1. Hey everyone! Please be aware there are two versions of this skill (horizontal like in my video) and vertical (in a handstand position, which is much, much harder.). So this one is aimed at beginners! You can find a very good tutorial on the Handstand Tiger Bend Push Ups at FitnessFAQs! Much love.

  2. Thank you! I've been unable to do this and watching your video i realized its because my hands are too far back! I tried doing them with my hands forward of my shoulders and i was sooo easy!

  3. mate, your progresion seems great, thanks you posting these guide. I wanted to ask you, do you have a strenght routine, if so, are you following the reddit recommended routine or you have your own. Ty and nice job with the videos <3

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