The Weirdest Workout Videos Ever

The Weirdest Workout Videos Ever

Getting physically fit has
never been this weird. Let’s talk about that. ♪ (theme music) ♪ – Gooooooooooooooood Mythical Morning!
– I got my cappuccino today! – Aw, c’mon, quit bragging.
– You coulda had one, we got a machine! – I got water.
– Brand new machine! Thanks for making us a
part of your daily routine. If we’ve proven anything on this
show, it’s that we care about fitness! Have we proven that? I don’t
know if we have proven that. – Well, we’ve made a lot of efforts.
– We have performed at least as well – as an average fifth grader…
– Yep! in physical fitness challenges, and we’ve
also invented two patents-pending workout series: 2 Guys 2 Weights and
2 Guys Gain Weight. Not really pending, and we haven’t even started the process,
so pending in that sense. The last one’s not really fitness related.
And some of these may not be either. – I have not seen any of these.
– Okay, I have. Rhett told me not to see them before you
saw them, so I’m just along for the ride – and I don’t even know why I’m talking.
– Yeah. So, there’s been a lot of weird worlds that have been explored when it
comes to fitness. And the great news about it is that it’s usually on video.
Usually, it’s promoted via video and we’re going to look at some of the weirdest
workout routines that have ever been – promoted.
– Okay. Now, I have the clips here and – you’ve told me what to play when.
– Yeah, yeah. So you just say “Fire Away!”
and I’ll play away. Let’s start with one you may
have seen before– Prancercising! – You want me to play it now?
– Oh yeah! – Just go for it?
– Go for it now. I remember this one. – No preamble.
– I said “Prancercising.” – That’s all you need to know.
– Okay. Hello, I’m Joanna Rohrback of Prancercise,
LLC. I’m here today to show you the four – modes of Prancercise.
– Got an LLC. – I’ve got my ankle weights in place.
– Ankle weights. My music’s ready. Let’s stop
talking and do some walking. – You gotta here this music, Link.
– ♪ (electric guitar) ♪ – It’s like royalty-free AC/DC.
– Wow. – (laughs)
– Look at that! She’s just prancing! – Is she in slow motion?
– No, that’s full speed, brother! I have heard of this but I had
never saw it. I was too afraid. We’re gonna really cut the noose and let
it loose with the Prancercise Gallop. – ♪ (upbeat music) ♪
– Look at this woman. – This woman is amazing!
– No, this is… What if you saw this woman in the park?
Wouldn’t you join her? – This woman is a hoax. Please tell me…
– This is not a hoax! – No, this is Joanne Rohrback, Link!
– Now we’re gonna take our ankle weights – and put ’em on our wrists!
– She came to a landing. Then I can show you the Prancercise
Box, or Shadowbox Prance. – Things are gettin’ wild.
– It’s so windy! – Better to be punching into space…
– Uh oh. – than in your face!
– ♪ (rock music) ♪ – Link, it can’t be fake. It’s an LLC!
– Yeah, you’re right. – She has an LLC!
– Oh, wow. – She went through the trouble.
– She’s really movin’! I’d like to spend some
time with this woman. She’s in the same place she was a
second ago. I’ll just point that out. Don’t you wanna spend
some time with this woman? I’m not gonna admit to
it publicly, but yes. – (laughs) But I think you just did.
– (laughs) I mean, think about it, man! She’s
prancing, she’s exercising, – she’s Prancercising… LLC!
– All right, I’m just gonna tell you that I think this goes to show you that any
woman who’s willing to prance is… – She’s on my team.
– Well, lemme tell you what Johanna said about this. She said, “I encourage anyone
who is ready for a huge change in their lives and the way they see the world and
the way they see themselves to explore the principles inherent in this program,
especially as outlined in my book, Prancercise: The Art of
Physical and Spiritual Excellence. – (dramatically) She wrote a book?
– She wrote a freaking book! – And it’s not just prancing…
– Her LLC wrote a book? – it’s spiritual, Link!
– Oh, no, I could tell it was spiritual! – (laughs)
– I had a spiritual experience watching – her go through the park!
– Okay, you don’t have to tell me, brother! It gets better. Let’s move along. This is
Zuiikin’ English from Japanese television. Starts with a little skit. Maybe your abdomen. – (speaking Japanese)
– That is a bad stomachache, man! (Rhett) What? (Link) What? You just wait until we start exercising. ♪ (electronic drumbeat) ♪ – What?
– Get ready, c’mon. (Rhett chanting along with video)
I have a bad case of diarrhea! I have a bad case of diarrhea!
I have a bad case of diarrhea! – Hold on. I just paused that, because…
– I have a bad case of diarrhea! – Can you… I don’t know… who I am.
– (laughs) I don’t know where I am. Give me some
context. I’m gonna keep playing this. This is Zuiikin’ English! This is a
language lesson and an exercise routine all in one! Why take one lesson
when you can get two? – But why are they just chanting…
– I have a bad case of diarrhea! – Why are they chanting that?
– How many times do you have to say it? You should say it as many times as it
takes to get the person to realize that you need to be taken
to the right facility. Well, with those leotards on,
you’re in for a big rude awakening! – (laughs)
– Lemme keep playing it. Okay, please. Do that. – Yeah.
– And you’re happy about it! Yep. Yep, Hm. I don’t know what
“P-Low: The Skillful Abbot” is. So you kinda get the idea here.
They have a bad case of diarrhea. (laughs) What?! – Sometimes I don’t understand…
– Other cultures. Japanese things. But I appreciate them
with a passion. I appreciate them with a passion. But how about this. Let’s
bring it back to this side of the pond. I just can’t believe you’re moving
forward. I feel like you have to go on without me. There’s nothing else to say! Okay, I don’t wanna ruin it for you, but
it has been acknowledged that the producers of that television show know
that it’s funny. It’s not completely – unintentional.
– Okay. But I want you to think that it was
completely unintentional because it seems even funnier that way. They know
that that’s funny. They know that – people are gonna laugh at that.
– You know when you’ve been given news – so good…
– I have a bad case of diarrhea! Listen. Do you know how, when you’ve been
given news so good that you feel bad? Like, your body starts
to react negatively? – Yeah.
– That happened to me. Next one. Exercise through breathing with BodyFlex!
This is from the infomercial queen, – Greer Childers.
– Greer? That’s her real name? – Childers.
– Childers. BodyFlex breathing. For the next little while, it’s gonna be
you and me together, alone. – Uh oh.
– We’re gonna start with the breathing – technique. And it starts like this.
– I’m not complaining. Feet go about shoulder length apart.
And I want you to bend down or pretend like you’re sitting down
in an invisible chair. – I’m sitting in a real chair.
– I’m whatever you say. – (Greer and Rhett exhale loudly)
– Her legs are a weird color. – (inhales loudly)
– Those are hose. The exhale is gonna be
a diaphramic exhalation. – The whole workout is breathing, Link.
– And it’s going to sound a little bit like this. Lips together… Pahhhhhhhhhhhhh! Whoa! Do that. (both) Pahhhhhhhhhh! (coughs) … breathe in big through our nose… – You just… you just hacked up a lung.
– I wasn’t ready for that. I didn’t do all – the pre-breathing.
– Let’s try it. (whispers) Oh, she’s gonna
try something else, she said. She’s so intense. (exhales) (inhales loudly) Hahhhhhhhhhhh! Pretty different, isn’t it? – This could change everything for us.
– Pretty different, isn’t it? Yeah. This woman could change everything.
We could get them together, the Prancercise and the woman. Could you
imagine Prancercising with the… – pahhhhhhhhhh at the same time?
– And you know what? The we can give ’em – both a bad case of diarrhea!
– (both laugh) I hate to disappoint you. This was all
about… this was only about your facial muscles and breathing. It was
to keep your double chin at bay. – Oh!
– And they were charged with false – advertising by the FTC.
– At what point am I disappointed? Because… I’m pretty satisfied
with that… that whole back story. Okay. All right, Link, I’ve got
more where that comes from. If I said I was attracted to that woman…
how would everyone feel about me right now? You basically already said that, when she
said, “It’s me and you alone together,” – and you were like, “Okay!”
– But you were like, “Yeah!” – (laughs)
– At the same time! – I don’t… I can’t explain it.
– Something about a woman in a leotard – with that much hair, man…
– All right, Link, I want you to go… – Hair that don’t quit!
– I want you to go all the way to – chair dancing, okay?
– Woo! – This is a series of DVDs…
– We’re going all the way? – All the way to chair dancing.
– (laughs) Okay. All the way. – ♪ (generic dance music) ♪
– (female voice) Welcome to Chair Dancing Through the Decades.
I’m Jodi Stolove. Let’s enjoy moves and music for the best of times while we
achieve the health and fitness benefits – of aerobic exercise.
– What does that mean? – For the best of times?
– The best of times! Sitting in a chair is not the best of…
look, oh! You can do it anywhere, – as a family!
– The guy in the back’s really into it. – He’s got one arm, one leg going!
– Oh wow. Look at this! This could be me and you at
our desk. Look at how happy that woman is! (video) All you need to
get started is a chair. And you’ll also need two paper plates.
We’ll show you what they’re used for later. – I’m excited.
– Just imagine if we had tambourines! – Why not add tambourines into the mix?
– We could bring this back. – Chair dancing with tambourines.
– Now pick up your paper plates, – because we’re in the mood to swing.
– Just do your hands. She calls ’em paper plates,
but they’re plastic. Walking your feet to the beat, boogie
down dancing to Shorty George! – Shorty George!
– Look at these people. – Truckin’… elbow to waist.
– Truckin’… Who would’ve thought you could have so
much fun with two paper plates? Let’s twist again like we used to do.
Lift your heels up and swing your right knee out and in, out and in,
out and in, out and in… – Let’s get ready to hip hop!
– That was a nice… Oh, they’re gonna hip hop, Link!
They’re gonna hip hop. – ♪ (generic dance music continues) ♪
– Double cross arms at your wrists. – Cross… and cross pull back.
– Look at the guy on the right! – He’s really hip hopping.
– One, two, one, two, one, two, one, two. – Hip hop, hip hop.
– Jump and punch. (chanting along) Bad case… of diarrhea! – Now…
– We could do that. Right now. Here’s my thing with this one.
It hits a little too close to home. – Why, ’cause you’re in a chair right now?
– Yeah, yeah. – (snorts)
– I just feel like, you know… You’re trampling in my backyard
with this one. I got a chair. I think we could just do this every
day before we get started. You feel like this is our in to
say we’re constantly exercising. – Two paper plates.
– Just to start… we gesture, we sit. I have a bad case of diarrhea!
I just wanna combine all of ’em. I wanna Prancercise my way into the seat
and then I wanna have diarrhea in the seat. I can do that. – All right, don’t have diarrhea please.
– (laughs) Okay, we hope that we’ve inspired you to
get your hip hop on, or whatever that – woman said.
– Yeah. Thanks for liking and commenting – on this video.
– You know what time it is. – ♪ (harmonizing) Hello… hello… hello… ♪
– (all) Hello! – I’m Sarah.
– I’m Courtney. – And I’m Mackenzie.
– (all) And we’re from New Bedford, Massachusetts. And it’s time
to spin the Wheel of… – ♪ (harmonizing) Mythicality…
Mythicality… Mythicality! ♪ Remember that the month of April, this
month, is the only time that you can get the Fifth Anniversary Mythical Shoe. After
April, it will not be available. You have to order it and then we
make it in your size! Yeah. Limited edition, five years. Get it
now or get it never. Click through to – Good Mythical More…
– There’s two of ’em. Rhett shares his new workout experience.
I’m interested in this one. – (bell rings)
– Ding ding ding ding ding! Look at this, we got a– whoa!
Hold on, the one on the bottom. – You knocked both of ’em…?
– You want both to win something? No, we can only do one. It’s going to be
Robbie MacMillan @RobbieCMac on – Twitter! You win!
– Congratulations Robbie, you win Applefolk that we bought off of eBay for
the latest Weird eBay Items episode. Right? Yes! I hate to part with it, but
you deserve it along with some – Rhett & Link merch courtesy of
– Congrats!… store… store! [Captioned by Caitrin:
GMM Captioning Team]

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