The Three-Minute Push-Up Challenge

The Three-Minute Push-Up Challenge

Hi, I’m Tom Holland, Bowflex fitness adviser. This is the three-minute push-up challenge. Four different types of push-ups, thirty seconds each, ten seconds rest in between, for an amazing workout. Let’s
get started. Ready? We’re going to start with regular
push-ups. Nothing fancy. In 3…2…1… and begin. 30 seconds. I want you to take your time.
It’s not how many you do, it’s how well you do them. We’re going to do this for 30 seconds, they’re gonna push back and recover for 10, then we’re going to start our next set. Great job! Do what you can do. Again, you may be on your knees, you may do two, whatever you can do.
Build up to get as many good ones as you can in 30 seconds. Ladies, ten more seconds.
Great job! Ten more seconds. You have 5…4…3…2… Alright, push back, recover really
quickly. Only 10 seconds. Catch your breath. We’re going to a diamond push-up – working those triceps a little bit more. Alright, are you ready? Come back forward, get in the
ready position, hands together, and begin. Thirty-seconds. Alright this is more
difficult now. When your hands are closer together they’re really working the backs of
the arms now, the triceps. They’re still getting the shoulders, chest and triceps,
but they’re really focusing on the back of the arms now. Keep going. Fifteen seconds.
You’ve got it! Great job! Take breaks when you need to. Come back, start back up, or
just pause at the top – that’s fine. You have 5…4…. Great job! 3…2… Push back, stretch, catch your breath. 10 seconds. Not easy, not easy. 1 full minute left. Are you ready? Come back forward. Now we are going to do a push-up alternating
raising and lowering a foot. And begin. Thirty seconds. So just raise a foot as you go down, then raise the other one. Alternate. Great job! Adding a little bit more core
involvement here. Variation is the key to success. Do what
you can do. You may do one, you may do two, you may do ten. Quality over quantity. Take rest when you need to. Modify when
you need to. That’s okay. If you’re challenging yourself you’re changing yourself. Great job! Five seconds more. 4…3…2… Great job! Push back. One left. I know, not easy. This is the one that counts. Great job!
Great job. Deep breaths. Alright, are you ready? Final set. Let’s come back forward. Spiderman push-ups. Not easy, but you can
do it! Ready, and begin. 30 seconds. You’re bringing that knee towards your elbow and you’re alternating, really starting to involve the core, really challenging your entire body.
Great job! Look at that! They are working! Home stretch. Great job! Ten more
seconds then you get you’re rest. Awesome job! Three-minute push-up challenge. See what you can do. 3…2… Excellent job! Push back and recover. Not easy! Take a couple seconds then we’re going to finish up by stretching out those muscles. Do what you can do. Let’s pull those
hands behind the head now, and just stretch the chest. Take a good 20 seconds here, really opening up those muscles we just worked. Great job. Not easy, but do what you can do. It’s challenging. It’s supposed to be. That’s what changes you. Work on this
until you can do four great sets of 30 seconds. Great Job! For more tips just like this, and more fitness content, please subscribe to our channel. Get fit fast with home fitness solutions
by Bowflex, at Be fit for life.

16 thoughts on “The Three-Minute Push-Up Challenge

  1. Why do alot of people do pushup with elbow position like that? It looks more natural with elbow slightly behind than out like that…

  2. Wow this is great workout I have been doing the 4 min advanced plank workout from your channel and after it I do this, this is great! Love it

  3. Great push up workout. Last time I did this I had to go on my knees half way through. This time around I did them in the proper plank position. Progress is possible for anyone willing to be consistent and committed.
    Thank you Bowflex team!

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