The Strongest Man in History: Pulling a 60,000 Pound Viking Ship (Season 1) | History

The Strongest Man in History: Pulling a 60,000 Pound Viking Ship (Season 1) | History

That is awesome. Our next challenge,
the Viking pull. You’re going to pull the boat. I’d say that’s
pretty authentic. What we’re doing
with this challenge is pulling the Viking
boat up a hill, because it was somewhat of
a real representation of how those ships would have to move. It’s not too heavy of a pull,
but I don’t think any of us really understands
what it’s going to feel like going uphill with it. The trailer and
the boat together are roughly 12,000 pounds. Like, I think any of us
would smoke it on flat ground. But pulling it over
this incline right here is a lot more similar
to what the Vikings were doing going over a mountain. Minus the logs, of course. Yeah. Right, so rules to this pull. You’re going to pull it 60 foot. When the body crosses the line,
that’s going to be your time. It’s the quickest to 60 foot. All right, Nick,
you ready to do this? Yeah. Mark, set, go. Nice, Nick, nice. Feet, feet feet. There you go. Low and steady. Low and steady, Nick. Low, low.
There we are. Come on, Nick.
– That’s it. – Viking strength.
– There we go. There we go.
Good pull. Come on, Nick. I’m just– I got to tap. You’re tapping out? That’s it? Is the Viking
wannabe tapping out? All right. Wow. Whoa, whoa. This is pretty poor,
Nick, considering you’re the one who wanted to come here. Well, my back starts to cramp. I just flat out ran out of gas. I’m not that big. I’m not that heavy. The taller you are and
the heavier you are, the easier that is. I just couldn’t finish it. It was just that heavy. I’m just disappointed in myself. So he tapped out at 1:50. Tell you what, two minutes
solid pulling something’s tough.
– Yeah. Ready? All right, Eddie. Mark, set, go. There you go, low, low, low. [grunting] Yes. Feet, feet. Come on, Eddie. That’s it. That’s it. You got five feet. Let’s go. Almost done, Ed. Come on, two more steps. Let’s go.
Let’s go. – Done.
– Done. Done. What’s the time? 1:14:70. 1:14, nice. Woo. That was hard, no layoff. Didn’t you say
that would be easy? – That was easy.
– Was that your comment before? That was an easy–
easy hard pull, that was. OK. Easy and hard. That was easy hard. Oberst, you ready? I want to beat Eddie
really bad with this. All right, let’s go, Obie. We’ve been rivals
for many years. He’s kind of the
English golden boy, and I’m the American monster. I got to win this. Let’s go. Oberst, you ready? OK, ready, set, go. There you go. There you go. Good. Working, working, working. Come on, Oberst, come on. That’s it. Stay down and drive. Stay down and drive. Get some.
Get some. Come on, Obie. You got to work now. Dig in. It was so heavy,
and it was so hard. I almost passed out
towards the end of it. Come on. Come on. 1:09, 1:10, 11, 12. That’s it. Done! Woo. Oh, [bleep] off. That’s right, baby. [bleep] anywhere near. Woo! There’s nowhere near. That’s how it’s done. 1:14.16. USA! USA! That’s it, typical
American just screaming and pretend he’s won. This is the image of a champ. It’s a paper win. I’m a champion. I was really happy
that I beat Eddie. Eddie, he’s like
a fourth grader. He didn’t– USA. Know what, his body
didn’t cross the line. It was just his hands. I didn’t do this. Lovely. Let’s go, B. Give me
a nod when you’re ready. On your mark– Yeah. –get set, go. Nice, Brian. Nice, B. Brian Shaw literally ran
up the hill with that boat. Perfect rhythm, Brian. Come on. Keep that rhythm, Brian. Come on, Brian. 37, 38. Almost there. Come on. Two more, two more. And done. Ooh. 44:05. Ooh. That was big. Woo. 44:05. That was big! Wow. Yes. That event is my event. I knew I would crush these guys. It was never in doubt. We got to give it up to him. He may be fat and ugly, but he
is the best puller of the day. I’ll take that. You could take
back the ugly part. [laughs] OK. If the Vikings were
pulling boats with me, I would by far go
down in history as the best of Viking boat
puller that ever lived. It’s the first Viking
ship I’ve pulled. Nice. And I’m undefeated in
Viking ship pulling now. [laughter]

100 thoughts on “The Strongest Man in History: Pulling a 60,000 Pound Viking Ship (Season 1) | History

  1. Gosh I would love to meet Brian someday. So soft-spoken and gentle yet one of the strongest to ever walk on face of Earth.

  2. too bad they couldn't get hafthor into the mix. however i am surprised eddie hall even bothered to go all the way from england to film and do this.

  3. Why do people celebrate Vikings? They were the Taliban of Scandinavia. It's like saying, I wanna be as strong as Al-Qaeda, KKK, or some other fascist ethno religious terrorist cell.

  4. These guys should do a house moving challenge. Move around couches, entertainment centers, or and such

  5. Hold up, didn’t Robert a few episodes ago say that he was the “American Hero” and Eddie was the “English Villian” now he said “he’s like the English golden boy and I’m the American monster” MAKE UP UR MIND ROBERT!

  6. Oberst really didnt get to the line like eddie did. Oberst really didnt win, but atleast these events dont really mean anything

  7. I have so much respect for these guys respect to each other and comradeship. Real friends needle each other at every step to push each other.

  8. When I was a little kid I remember watching my dad who i thought was the strongest man in the world push a stuck car from of that very same parking lot

    My parents would take us kid to visit the Hjemkomst Center for the day. Great old memories brought back from 25 plus years ago from seeing this episode

    My dad was no small guy at 6’6 and over 300 pounds, my family came from Norway back in the day.

  9. I love the fact that they do all this different tasks and and they speak the truth and I'm a normal guy that I thought I was really strong for my weight lifting around 900 lbs I was extremely amazed when nick lifted 2700 lbs using just legs. One more thing I love about them all they know wean to back off so they don't enjere themselves.

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