The power of seduction in our everyday lives | Chen Lizra | TEDxVancouver

The power of seduction in our everyday lives | Chen Lizra | TEDxVancouver

Translator: Robert Tucker
Reviewer: Ariana Bleau Lugo (Latin American Music) (Applause)
(Music) (Music) Man: I’m just going to be
in the green room in the back if you really want to talk
about some, after you’re done. Chen Lizra: Just give me the clicker. Man: OK. Got your clicker here. Thank you. Whoo! Man: Really? CL: I guess you
don’t need coffee now, do you? Man: Well, right. CL: My name is Chen Lizra. I’m a dancer, author
and an entrepreneur. I started my talk
with a seductive dance because I want you
to first feel the seduction, to get you — kind of — to gut level. I’m fascinated with seduction, but
not just with the dance and the movements, but also with how you can bring it
in a practical way into day-to-day life. Since 2005, I’ve been travelling
back and forth to Cuba in order to train with
the best professional dancers. This is when I first started seeing
seduction as a valuable life skill. I’m so fascinated with seduction, but mostly because it’s such
a playful fun thing. I truly believe that everyone has
the power to seduce in them, we just need to unleash it. And I also believe that
we need to develop this skill from a very young age,
so it can help us become a lot more successful in life. So let’s examine seduction for a second, and let’s take a look
at our perception of seduction, what it all means. When we first hear
the word “seduction”, we have a lot of misconceptions. The word has been sexualized
so many times that we can’t even imagine it
as a positive skillset. We typically associate seduction
with something negative, because we consider it the less honest
or acceptable form of influence. People who are easily seduced to some degree feel
manipulated into the situation. When we think of gender roles,
it’s not even a question that men are permitted
a lot more freedom than women to seduce. And when we think
of work and seduction, we merely go to sleeping your way
to the top and being unprofessional. You know how people say,
some people say that money’s bad, but the money itself is not bad, right? It comes down to
money gives you power, and power can be used
for good and for bad; it comes down to who you are inside. Seduction is exactly the same, it comes down to your DNA
and what you choose to do with it. I choose to make seduction classy, and to add to it my sense
of loyalty and integrity. Seduction is really about
your untapped power that you’re not using,
that you want to unleash. Would we tell superman
not to stop a bullet? Or a doctor not to save a life? But, of course, not. Seduction is about charm,
connection, vulnerability, pride, self-confidence and appeal. I’m one of those lucky ones,
that gets to go to Cuba all the time. And I’ve been observing
this culture for a very long time, seeing how aware they seem to be
of their seductive powers. You can say that in many ways, Cuba has been like
a seduction laboratory for me, where I get to study seduction
and understand how they use it better. But it’s not like Cubans
are the only people in the world that understand
how to use seduction, right? You can experience it
in other countries in the world: in Israel, in Brazil and the Dominicans
and many other countries. And yet in Cuba I found
a combination of things, a very unique
combination of things, that I haven’t found yet
anywhere else in the world, and I’ll speak about
some of them today. And you’ll probably agree
with me when I say that the chances of finding
this kind of seduction out in the open in North America
is pretty close to slim, right? I truly believe that we can learn
a valuable life lesson from Cubans about life and seduction. And having said that, if we were
to try and take seduction and break it into some kind of a formula,
what would that look like? One: desire —
start taking notes! Desire means knowing
what you want and then having
the willingness to go after it. In Cuba, rumba is the game of seduction
between the man and the woman. The woman is the flirty hen
and the guy is the seductive rooster. The woman uses her body to seduce the men
to say, “Want it? Come and get it.” The guy on the other hand
will use his body to demonstrate his masculinity. He’ll try to decoy her.
Boom! Launching an attack.
(Laughter) He’s trying to pecker her
and get her pregnant. She’ll notice the attack,
she’ll block it, she’ll mock him
for not succeeding, and she’ll go,
“Didn’t make it. Try again.” Cubans interact on the streets everyday,
as if they’re playing the game of rumba. They keep a tension, a sexy tension,
always alive. It’s like,
you could almost have it, but not. But if you only tried, then maybe. (Laughter) Keeping the “maybe” alive is the skill
of presenting potential possibilities and then fuelling them with desire. It’s about learning
where the emotional buttons are, and then triggering them. When there is real desire,
even if it’s hidden, it’s possible to lure it out. But you really got to get
what the other person is missing, and then give it to them. And when it’s done right,
it’s virtually impossible to say “no” to. Number two: confidence. Strong self-confidence
is essential for seduction; without it you can’t go after
what you want. Our self-image is formed
at a very young age and is deeply affected
by our environment. Cubans praise their kids
from a very young age to feel confident and stunning
in their own bodies, because they recognize this
is a very valuable life skill. You’ll see them at the pool at the hotel,
the music is like blasting, they’re grinding to the music,
and the little ones are grinding right beside them,
and they’ll turn to them and say, “Que lindo!” or “Que linda eres!”
— “You’re so beautiful!” Add to this that in Cuba
there is no advertising, because it’s a communist country, so there’s nothing
that distorts the body image. Cubans, not like us, are not affected by the media to try and think
that they need a perfect body. Instead their self-image is formed
out of how stunning the environment makes them feel,
and how much love they get at home. As a result of all of this, Cubans grow up feeling intense pride
and self-confidence, no matter what body type
or shape they might have. And it’s this kind of self-confidence
that leads later on to how you present yourself
in all areas of your life and how you succeed. Body language. When you walk
on the streets of Havana, guys and girls check each other out,
in the open, all the time. They’re not trying to hide it. And guys call after women
with “Linda!”, “Preciosa!” And women respond with
how they hold their bodies, and how they accentuate
their curves when they walk, because they know
they’re being noticed and admired, and they like it. It makes it really easy
to seduce and be seduced, because you know
what the other person is feeling. Seduction also shows up
in the tone of your voice, the kind of look you give,
what you say and how you say it, and at times,
even adding a little touch. Body language is
very important for seduction because it communicates
to the other person what you want. Number four: arousal. To effectively seduce someone there has to be an activation
of the arousal, waking up in them
the desire to give you what you want and luring it out. But first, you have to connect
and interact with the other person, if not, then how will you
get to their heart? And for seduction to really work, you have to give it
your undivided attention, in a moment. One of the most charming things
that I’ve noticed about Cuban men, is how they to go after what they want
completely fearless of the consequences of getting hurt or getting rejected. They will seduce a woman over and over,
making her feel desired and special, even after she said “no”
a couple of times, slowly sneaking into her heart
and waking up that desire. In a “no” there was a “maybe”
turns into a “yes”. That’s damn sexy. This fearlessness of failure
is a profoundly powerful capability that I’ve noticed in some
of the most seductive people that I’ve ever met. But they can do this because they’ve developed
their intuitions so much, that they can easily distinguish
between a “no” that means a “no”, and a “no” that means “maybe”, because the last thing you want to do
is not accept a “no” that means a “no”. So what I really want you to get is that everyone has
the power to seduce in them. The trick is to learn
how to use it and when. Seduction is a skill
no matter how you look at it. You can call it: wooing, persuading, winning someone over,
charming, it doesn’t really matter. But what it is, is really
about using all of the elements that I talked about here in the talk,
which is one: desire, two: confidence, three: body language, four: arousal, to build the connection
that gets you what you want. It’s also important to remember
that seduction is not a science, but an art, and that’s the beauty of it,
it comes from the heart. And like any art,
it can definitely be taught. But to fully gain self-expression in it,
you have to take the time to master it, and make it your own. My hope is that you will see seduction as a valuable life skill,
as I’ve learned to. Because so many people
lose that childlike attitude as they grow into adulthood,
and something’s missing. And wouldn’t the world be
a better place if we didn’t. I really believe that seduction
leads to self-confidence, and self-confidence leads to success
in all areas of your life. Master seduction and you can have
anything that you want in life. Anything. I did get a TED Talk, didn’t I? (Laughter) Thank you. (Applause)

100 thoughts on “The power of seduction in our everyday lives | Chen Lizra | TEDxVancouver

  1. There is no advertisement… And no freedom either!!! It must be the reason why so many cubans want runaway from there.
    I know a cuban girl who cried of joy the first time she saw an actual supermarket

  2. What a waste of time. I couldn't give a damn about wasting my time trying to seduce women. In other words, I am not into games. It makes me thinks of birds flapping their feathers in rituals, showing off their colours trying to get their mates. Human relationships are more than just about seducing people and "getting what you want" on a superficial level. You either "click" with that other person, through conversation and natural affinity of attraction or you don't. Seduction seems like trying hard to win the other person over just because "I want you now"!

  3. I can't find words to say how brilliant you are : Chen Lizra! A whole new perspective to something perceived as negative. I can't agree more that indeed 'seduction' can be a valuable life skill. Thanks!

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    Because those hips look like they won’t

  5. Need your advice here. I've always been cold on girls, never flirted, never complimented, never touched. Now I'm 22 and I want to change that. How can I start being flirtatious when every girl I know will think "What are you doing? That's not you" ??? I'll appreciate you thoughts. Thank you.

  6. In the "me too" age, most men will hesitate to initiate any seduction at least not in North America. Those times are over ladies, sorry to disappoint you. Something for you to consider before you wonder "what happenned to the real men".

  7. "Seduction isn’t making someone do what they don’t want to do. Seduction is enticing someone into doing what they secretly want to do already."

  8. This Ted Talk feels so cheap. It's clear this woman is only speaking about this because its a quick way to make a buck. We regular women have enough trouble as it is getting guys to stop harassing us on the street. We don't need a TED Talk giving guys the wrong idea. So much cringe🤢

  9. "I really believe that seduction leads to self-confidence"
    NO. seduction CANNOT lead to self-confidence, it is the other way around.

  10. Seduction like emotions has a type of energy. How you channel or use that energy makes a difference. The dance allows you to connect first to yourself on a spiritual level that allows you to accept your beauty as well as others' developing confidence in your body and your presence wherever you are if you let it.
    Just a Cuban with a psych degree 😉

  11. I have given up on Humanity, it's deceptive, the title sounds very intelligent, and arousing, nevertheless the content is soooo shallow. I mean there is no intelligence and depth out there in the world. I have given up. so deceptive.

  12. I love the way somebody who is stunningly attractive talks about this subject like its no big deal. Try going through life as a male where all the women are noticing the guy next to you (but never you) before either of you even make eye contact then talk to me about how seduction works.. It doesn't.

  13. True story: asked a girl out, she said no I have a BF, asked her out again, same reply, one more time, same reply. Could tell she was still into me, so i was going to ask her again, but I was served with a restraining order from her lawyer. Ended up settling and agreeing to not be within a 1000 feet of her place of business or home.

    Fast forward 1 year, saw her again in public, a 1000 miles away from the original city. When our eyes first contacted after all that time, everything stopped. She was frozen. I ran to her and kissed her on the mouth.

    We married a few months later. I keep her happy and compliant by dosing her with a small amount of ketamine every day. She also has brain damage from fainting and falling after I kissed her. We're in love.

    Point of story: "No" doesn't always mean no, sometimes it means, "Keep chasing, show me that i'm the most important women in the world, woo me, i'll be yours forever." I've proven that.

  14. A key message is lots of love at home and allowing children to appreciate their physical self . I hope this video got to the Ministry of Education for teachers and parents to talk about seduction and being silly and childlike all our lives.

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