The Insane Failure Of Dark Fate Is Turning Heads

The Insane Failure Of Dark Fate Is Turning Heads

As promised, the Terminator franchise came
back… but it didn’t arrive to the kind of financial success that studio Paramount Pictures
was hoping for. Terminator: Dark Fate, the sixth entry into
the Terminator film series that acts as a direct sequel to 1984’s Terminator and 1991’s
Terminator: Judgment Day, opened in theaters on Friday, November 1 to dismal box office
returns. Despite having James Cameron back on board
as a producer, Deadpool director Tim Miller behind the helm, Arnold Schwarzenegger and
Linda Hamilton in their respective roles as the T-800 Terminator and the gun-toting badass
Sarah Connor, and a host of intriguing new characters in the mix, Dark Fate sadly lived
up to its name facing a dark fate by earning just $29 million domestically and $94.6 million
internationally over its opening weekend. That’s not good for a franchise trying so
desperately to redeem itself. “If something goes wrong, this could be our
last chance — so MOVE!” With a total debut pull of $123.6 million,
Terminator: Dark Fate hasn’t come close to recouping its reported production budget of
$185 million, which doesn’t include the cost of marketing and distribution. According to The Hollywood Reporter, this
means that Dark Fate could end up costing Paramount Pictures, Skydance Media, and the
now-shuttered 20th Century Fox more than $120 million. Each company is said to have financed 30 percent
of the film’s budget, which works out to about $55.5 million a pop. The remaining 10 percent of Dark Fate’s production
budget is on the line at the Chinese conglomerate Tencent Holdings. THR details the worst-case scenario for Terminator:
Dark Fate as costing its financiers $130 million in the event that the film loses its overseas
traction and winds up flopping. A source close to the outlet has indicated
that the better-case scenario is that Paramount, Skydance, Fox owner Disney, and Tencent may
end up eating only $110 million if Dark Fate, quote, “does have strong legs offshore.” Still, Variety reports that Terminator: Dark
Fate is looking at a worldwide take-home of only $180 million to $200 million dollars,
and that the film would need to earn around $450 million total just to break even. It would be simple to say that Dark Fate tanked
at the box office because critics and fans absolutely hated it and think it’s a massive
piece of garbage, but that would be a lie. It seems a big reason why Terminator: Dark
Fate tanked financially isn’t because everyone thinks the film is horrible. Rather, it appears that the films that preceded
Dark Fate the much-derided Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, Terminator Salvation, and
Terminator Genisys, all of which Dark Fate actually ignores were so bad that people aren’t
giving the new movie a chance. Fewer people heading out to theaters naturally
means less revenue, and it looks as though this is the situation in which Dark Fate is
currently stuck. For some fans, the fact that Terminator: Dark
Fate is being touted as a franchise-reviver might instill in them a terrible sense of
déjà vu. After all, 2015’s Terminator Genisys was also
marketed as a something of a breath of fresh air to the struggling franchise, with Game
of Thrones’ Emilia Clarke stepping into the role of Sarah Connor, and wound up getting
ripped to shreds by everyone who saw it. There’s a strong chance people are afraid
Dark Fate is just Genisys with different packaging which really isn’t accurate. “Never seen one like you before. Almost human.” “I am human. Just enhanced.” “Which means I can rip your throat out if
you piss me off.” Rotten Tomatoes reviews for Terminator: Dark
Fate are fairly solid. The film sits at a respectable 70 percent
critical rating. It’s consensus? “Terminator: Dark Fate represents a significant
upgrade over its immediate predecessors, even if it lacks the thrilling firepower of the
franchise’s best installments.” Sure, some critics weren’t super fond of the
flick, but others found it truly enjoyable like TheWrap’s William Bibbiani, who said
of Dark Fate, quote, “This story actually demands to be told, and it gets told with
precision and skill.” For their part, fans liked Dark Fate better
than critics did. The film’s audience rating on Rotten Tomatoes
is clocking in at 84 percent as of the making of this video. Overall, Terminator: Dark Fate may not be
a mind-blowing piece of cinema or a universal crowd-pleaser, but it isn’t avoid-at-all-costs
awful. It’s a pretty good film with pretty good ratings. But regardless of what Dark Fate has going
for it Cameron returning as producer, Schwarzenegger and Hamilton back in action, a new story to
tell, passable reviews it still floundered at the box office. Unless Terminator: Dark Fate somehow does
the impossible and earns an unthinkable amount of money in the very near future, things aren’t
looking good for the franchise. What was intended to be a balm to help heal
the film series may have just made it even sicker and possibly even pushed it to its
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100 thoughts on “The Insane Failure Of Dark Fate Is Turning Heads

  1. Terminator 3 "Rise of the Machines" was pretty decent. Good male and female characters. I've heard now they killed John Connor and the entire story….Again. LoL. I'm not paying to see this crap. Again…

  2. People don't want to watch same story twice,like dark phoenix,let alone 3-4 times. I rather wants salvation sequel with better director than M C motherfucking G, because at least that will be new. But yeah that will be riskier,considering there's already 3 bombs in a row n giving new story is not the best idea

  3. All three previous movies, though not the best, were infinitely better than this. Even Genisys, and that one made John a fucking terminator

  4. Just like Star Wars, producers / writers tend to KILL the heroes in the movies.
    People who follow these movies want to see these heroes.

  5. I think this video makes a valid point, BUT the trailers and the marketing did put people off as well – there was too much reveal and so what was there left to see? However, I did go and see it and without spoiling it I can say that this is a fairly good film, the filmmaking is definitely superior to all the sequels after Terminator 2, BUT, the set-up and story… that by itself- through word of mouth – may put off a massive amount of fans.

    Story is everything. If it isn't right, then it doesn't matter how well the film is made and this story will put off a significant portion of the fandom unfortunately. But please don't take my word for it… see it for yourself. It's worth seeing, even if you won't agree with the story afterwards.

  6. Take away Justin Bieber’s twin sister and replace her with a man then stop pushing this feminist bs that noooo one obviously want (just look at this movie flopping) and it will be a hit. It is t the previous movies fault. WE DO NOT WANT BS HARD CORE WOMEN! You suck hollywood and so does this blame everything else review. We are sick of feminist movies. Give us the Dwayn Johnson fighting the terminator AND NO DAMN WAMEN and you would have a hit

  7. Wake tf up! “Fewer people going to theaters.” Look at Joker. Dark Fate just sucks. Don’t tell me that it’s good and not given a fair chance. Gtfo here

  8. I totally don't get how the production companies can not realize why this movie sucked arse, infact I think it's worse than the both salvation and genesys.

  9. I feel like Looper didn’t watch the movie either. Besides the fact it slapped fans in the face who grew up and loved the first two films.

    The movie relies on a unexplained plot and forces and rushed action sequences at the end of the day they asked every single fan to let John Connor get murdered with no emotion. And I’m sorry does anyone even remember the other characters names? I sure don’t. Perhaps they should have made us love the characters instead of lying about fan service and then throwing the baby out with the bath water. Oh and timey wimey also begs the question. If John Connor did in fact die where was the T-800 sent from in the first place? Was it an identical sleeper cell? Really?

  10. I don't mind feminist trying to make a female hero. I really don't.
    Just don't trying to hop on already established franchise. If you want female protagonist franchise, make your own.

    DF didn't screw up because previous entries were bad. It has the name 'terminator' and gave big middle finger to all franchise fans, and ruined what little good will left there among fans.

  11. This movie is just garbage no sense of having Dani as a savior if a terminator in the future can just comeback from the future after they stop the machine that’s the impression I got after they killed John this franchise should just die

  12. You can’t say this movie did so poorly because other sequels were bad. This movie stole ideas from all of them, then became woke. But worst of all is what they did to John Conner , his replacement was laughable. Grace was awesome though.

  13. Terminator Salvation was my favorite Terminator so far.

    Maybe they could re-release Terminator Dark Fate in a PG-13 package then more people would go see it? The R rating is why I didn't go, and I'm sure I'm not alone.

  14. Why did't I see this film? Because I vomit already with stories that have only one thought behind them: "Women good, women better than men". I refuse to pay for someone haating me.

  15. Movie looks good but this YouTube clip is right.. There were no major plot twists or developments thru the last movies. I bet there won't be any lasting impact to the lore in this movie either (although I haven't seen it). Linda Hamilton is a bad ass though if I end up seeing it it will be to see her kick ass (edited spelling typo)

  16. It tanked because "get woke, go broke"
    Every, single, mother F'Ing film from Hollyweird insists on pushing things on us we don't care for or want.
    Can't possibly imagine why people aren't flocking into theaters 🙄
    I was getting "pumped up" for it until I had seen Arnold on… whatever late night show bashing Trump for the 10 millionth time and talking about "climate change".
    The fuck?
    Not to mention the next film should be titled "Terminator: Escape from the nursing home".

  17. 0:55 Wow, I almost forgot how sexy and brutal Linda Hamilton was as Sarah Connor. Her screen presence and charisma is intense. Far above any other cast that was involved in Terminator franchise.

  18. The real problem with the movie is that it lacks any emotioonal deph and does not respect in any ways the first two instalments…we also hate any kinds agendas in movies. We just want to see a good story told.

  19. Here's a good idea, why not continue on John Connor journey as he become the so called "Great Leader" of the resistant and gave us the future war, is that too much to ask ?

  20. I saw it. I enjoyed it, but then I wasn’t looking at any woke film, whatever the hell that means. For me it was just another Terminator film. I expected action, got it. Decent effects, got it. Writing was a little off but show me a film that doesn’t have shaky writing. Maybe just drop all the excess “woke” nonsense, and just go in and enjoy the movies. Complaining about the “woke” whatever that means seems a little immature.

  21. As long as the Joker is still playing in the theaters all the other movies will be suffering until the clown is done with his show.

  22. It’s identity politics – woke culture is a death sentence. I’m not interested. Love the franchise though. Not this man hating trash. Not Ghostbusters. Not Star Wars – just make good movies.

  23. I dislike this video cause you are not saying the truth that this woke film end the franchise cause they killed John Connor and the story is again the same nothing new. And huge holes is the story time line.

  24. I didn’t pay for a ticket to see it. We’ll leave it at that. I saw it and was immediately disappointed in the beginning of the movie. Did Tim Miller not know that the core audience of this franchise that loves the first two movies expected a continuation and not an ending at the first of the movie??? Like wtf. Ruined this franchise Mr. Miller. A piece of garbage that kills off a main character from the get go is NOT a great way to reignite the love of the original characters. I didn’t enjoy it. Total thumbs down. 👎

  25. I miss the days when there was no trailers for a film on youtube. Infact no youtube or FB or Instagram or whatever the hell else there is! All this social media crap does is ruin a new film coming out. Too many people who havent got a clue voicing their useless opinions on a film that hasnt even been released. This is one of the problems nowadays, people have too much choice and they dont really know what they want. And people just love to slag off anyone and anything thru their keyboards. Very sad. I didnt watch any trailers or see any reviews before going to see Terminator Dark Fate. At the end of the day all it is…… is entertainment outside of the rigors of life. Nothing wrong with this film…..its entertaining!! Dont listen to other peoples opinions…… make your own opinions. Stop following the herd !!

  26. I didn't watch this, as I'm not a fan of Justin Bieber and I saw him in the trailer,
    also Tim Miller warned me this film will scare the f out of me …

  27. Plot twist skynet was always run by sjw's from the future, they sent the t800 to kill john connor cause of his hate speech. The terminators were designed to keep spaces safe. True story

  28. Terminator 3 actually had a story to tell and moved the epic forward in its third act. Terminator 4 continued that story into the future but just didn't manage to take it anywhere from there. Terminator Genesys was just random awfulness rehashing tired time travelling robots. Terminator Dark Fate is also just rehashing tired time travelling robot tropes. Robots sent back in time won't get better than the first Terminator. Stop doing it. Find a new story to tell. These movies are becoming satires of themselves. I like the history. I want a new story.

  29. They really need to ditch all the action/suspense, it's gotten old. They should change the tone of the franchise back to it's horror roots. 💀

  30. how the hell can a complete flop have a RT audience score of 83%. And it is a complete flop, i have no trust in RT scores at all any more

  31. Get woke, go broke….
    Perhaps instead of forcing political/gender identity agendas, Hollywood should simply try making good movies again…..

  32. I'm just going to say it. All we wanted was a couple more Terminator Salvation movies and that's it. After the third movie it was interesting to finally see the actual war. But because a decent movie got "mixed" reviews, no let's just kill it and try a whole new theme. If studios would just give movies a chance to explain things better, maybe hire actual Sci-Fi writers and not just focus of summer action movie BS we could get something new going.

  33. Was hoping Looper would at least tell the truth when it comes to why this movie failed but I guess they're just apart of the Machine pun intended" like most other critics….
    First I didn't add anything to the story line it was a rehash of Terminator 2 secondly so using the old characters Arnold which Day crafts all over and made a joke out of
    And Linda whose character had no true growth or change in the Years Esterline to rely too much on new characters based on social political issues while it is good sometimes in this case not so much

  34. Lies!!! Iam a life long terminator fan. I had no desire to see this crap because the movie shits on the originally story, original characters, introduces weak inferior characters, and promotes feminist BS! It was star wars all over again!

  35. I can make a successful terminator movie right now!! Make it on a smaller budget, under 110 mill. Dead pool, venom, john wick, joker style to give examples. Make it dark, scary, and less sci fi, cast actors people actually wanna see and that actually look believable in their roles, rhonda rousey, jason momoa as the leads, co star Arnold and hamilton, and leave the feminist shit off .Now who likes my movie better than dark fate??

  36. I just don’t want to see John Connor die. I liked him in T2. Killing off a loved character 5 minutes in is cheap and disrespectful.

  37. t released only on the 1st of November in Mainland China, so doing a review of commercial success on the 5th is a bit premature… Even if it still didn't reach the numbers it was hoping for, the current number is 204 million US$ worldwide, slightly above the 185 US$ budget. Personally, I think it is indeed a good movie and deserved a real success.

  38. They should've let it die when the T-800 slowly lowered into that molten steel. They need to stop trying to ride on the coattails of a 1991 success 28 years on.

  39. Maybe Hollywood should quit killing off or replacing all the white male characters so they can say they are using diversity by replacing them with a female, non white or lgbtq character.

  40. To "why did you not see the film…"
    Honest answer. The number of women as leads. In most cases, I prefer a female lead personally, but here there was a sense this would be a "woke" film.

    The problem for me with such works is they look first at ideology, messaging and identity social politics as compared to actual storylines, plots, sub-plots, and dramatic elements that are intrinsic to a good film. Time after time we see weak productions with paper thin characters who are more interested in preaching a social commentary than being the full, rounded and deep immersions into the role.

    I have simply been unimpressed with these productions across the board.

  41. Movie industry can't seem to figure it out. When you try to appease the SJW by changing everything in preexisting media to their liking, your shits gonna fail. Nearly every movie that has gendered swapped, or turned a preexisting character into some form of LGBT or dropped characters and replaced them with either form has flopped. It's sad, because there's plenty of material out there to use that already possesses all of that which they try to force upon us.

  42. the movie flopped because people aren't buying into the whole sjw female centric bullshit. just like all the other female hijacked movies!

  43. I haven't seen this movie, and don't plan to see it. But right off the back, this looper review seems to be what several video reviewers have said about mainstream reviews. And that is, the idea that those who aren't on board with the film, aren't on board because they have a problem with a woman lead or a strong woman, which is stupid to say the least. There have been other movies with strong female leads, such as Alien, Aliens, and many slasher films to say the least. This is just, what many are saying, is counter marketing. The idea of making haters look bad for not seeing the film based off of the statements about strong women leads. That's bull chips.

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