The Fitness Model Without a Pulse

The Fitness Model Without a Pulse

– I essentially don’t have a pulse. You can check everywhere you’d want and you won’t feel a pulse. So I’m pretty much the best
looking zombie you’ll ever see. (laughs) My name is Andrew Jones
and I’m a professional fitness model, living
with an artificial heart. I always have to have batteries charging. At night when I’m going to
bed, I’ll plug my phone in and then I’ll plug myself
into the wall outlet to make sure I have power overnight. In 2012, I was diagnosed
with a cardiomyopathy which affects the heart’s
efficiency to pump blood. I was incredibly ill at the time and I was admitted to
the ICU for four months where they had to implant
what’s called an LVAD, which stands for Left
Ventricular Assist Device. And it’s considered an artificial heart. It’s taking over the
work of my heart for me. These devices, the two
batteries and the computer, these are what are
powering and controlling the artificial heart, to make sure that it’s working efficiently
and working properly. I started feeling strong
again when I was recovering after having the
artificial heart implanted. And, of course, it didn’t all
come at once, I took baby steps and I found myself back in
the gym sooner than later. And I got my strength back
and once I’m able to find the right match for a heart transplant, I’ll no longer need my artificial heart. At first I was upset about
having an artificial heart and then there was the
moment where I realized that this is my life for now
and either I can dwell and feel sorry for myself, or I
can continue doing the things that I love to do, the best way
I can and I haven’t stopped. I’m proud of the scars that
I have from my surgeries because scars are beautiful,
they’re a part of you. They tell your story and no one
can take that away from you. (heart beating)

100 thoughts on “The Fitness Model Without a Pulse

  1. This elvad pump is temporarily solution while he waiting for heart transplantation. Regards from cardiovascular institute of Vojvodina (Serbia) We also working that tipe of operations. ❤️

  2. Great to see him having a healthy life style after the surgery… But 'Fitness Model', should have taken up something that's less strenuous on your heart and body man !! May be a desk job anything but strength related stuff.

  3. This guy is going gym without a heart but some of you don’t go because your genetically fat and theirs no point. Get your fat asses to gym

  4. Great story and I just had to look him up after seeing this. Looks like he got a transplant a year later so that's good to hear.

  5. I have a treadmill and a gym in my living room…I'm 20kg overweight and I never use the equipment I have sitting right in front of my face…yet this guy needs a device to keep his heart beating but he's in incredible form…I'm such a loser.

  6. This dude has an LVAD?
    Wonder what is MAP is.

    First timd I have seen someone that yung with an LVAD.
    Great story

  7. Thank you for your story …. I love how you say …there was the moment I realized this is my life … good for you man a real true inspiration ….. THANK YOU 🙏

  8. so he can be like immortal or somthing like that? I mean if he "died" somebody just put that thing on his body to make him back to life

  9. People are ruining their hearts w/o doing excercises, but u doing excercises with ruined heart.

    Even that artificial heart thought dropped my pulse

    Dont loose ur batteries bro

  10. Such a positive mindset.. makes me ashamed of dwelling on small stupid things!!

    Thank you for the inspiration!!

  11. My uncle had 2 of these. It is an incredible device that I've seen change several lives. He passed in 2015 due to heart disease. He wasn't a candidate for a transplant. It's amazing to see such how well someone can get back into activity with the help of the technology.

  12. Hopefully he gets a donor. It must get real tiresome living likr that. Like no joke. My last neighbor has gotten depression living without any kidneys for 6 years. Hes tired of the dialysis treatments. Its sad. It made me sad 2.

  13. People like this I respect greatly. He didn’t feel sorry for himself and didn’t give up in his position. He is a body builder and doesn’t even have a heart. What excuse could anyone have to beat that. Men like him are a great reminder that there are no excuses. It’s you against you.

  14. Scary as, imagine power outage for a hole 2 days everywhere I would shit myself.
    I feel sorry for you bro and I'm proud good stuff keep it up keep your head up.

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