The Ending Of Terminator: Dark Fate Explained

The Ending Of Terminator: Dark Fate Explained

Terminator: Dark Fate has arrived, and it’s
safe to say that fans have a lot of questions. Which works out really well, because we happen
to have a lot of answers! Answers that require spoilers, of course. With that warning, let’s break down the ending
of Terminator: Dark Fate. The first two thirds of Terminator: Dark Fate
set the table: a new evil Terminator model called the Rev-9 has been sent from the future
to kill a Mexican woman named Daniella. Luckily, someone also sent back a bionic woman
from the future named Grace to protect her. Along with Sarah Connor, looking to get revenge
after her son John was killed by a Terminator, they end up finding help from a very unlikely
source: Arnold Schwarzenegger’s T-800, who has been stuck in the past since killing John
after the events of Terminator 2. The real surprise here, though, is that this
Terminator has voluntarily given up the terminating business and has settled down in a human life
under the name Carl. He embodies the core message from T2 that
people can choose their own fate and rewrite their future. He decided to stop being an evil killing machine,
and instead become a nurturing father figure. It’s an unexpected twist that suggests humans
and robots may actually be able to live together in peace after all if the robots simply choose
a different path. One of the big mysteries in Terminator: Dark
Fate is just why the robots have sent their agent back in time to kill Dani. During the final chase scene, though, Grace
reveals the truth: that Dani herself actually becomes the resistance leader in the future. As Sarah puts it, she’s the new John Connor
the new last, best hope for all mankind. Like Carl, Dani’s character arc also reinforces
the idea that you can choose your own fate. Several times in the film, the others urge
her to run and hide, but she instead insists on fighting back. She chooses to become the hero humanity needs,
and indeed, it’s those choices that actually make her a hero. It’s a real contrast to John, who often seemed
to reject the role of savior, only reluctantly being pressed into it by circumstance. John as a character seemed consigned by fate,
while Dani chooses her own path. “I want to stand, and fight!” The last third of Terminator: Dark Fate is
essentially one giant, neverending action sequence that involves car chases, helicopters,
multiple plane crashes, gun fights, and a Humvee getting swept over a dam, leading to
an underwater brawl. It’s such a whirlwind of non-stop excitement
that you may not have noticed it’s all very, very familiar. Basically every action beat in Terminator:
Dark Fate is based off of something from a previous Terminator installment. In a way, that’s thematically appropriate. Even though Sarah successfully destroyed Skynet
in T2, which should have led to a happy future, we learn instead that Skynet was just replaced
by a new AI called Legion. The details of the future are different, but
the outline is still the same, just as the details of Dark Fate are different from the
previous films, but the plot is still the same. The message now seems to be the opposite of
T2: in Dark Fate, no matter what you do, nothing ever really changes your destiny. In the climax of the film, the whole team
of good guys faces off against the Rev-9, which seems unfair until you consider the
Rev-9 has the ability to split into two different, self-sufficient robots – a metal exoskeleton
like the T-800, and a fluid form like the T-1000. The only way the good guys are able to win
is by Grace sacrificing herself so Dani can take Grace’s power source and jam it into
Rev-9’s eyehole, causing it to melt down. As it happens, fans have seen this before,
because that’s almost exactly how Arnold’s good guy Terminator defeated the evil T-X
in Terminator 3: he removes his power core and shoves it in the T-X’s mouth, whereupon
it explodes and destroys both of them. We’re not sure if this is a loving homage
to Terminator 3, or if they just assumed everyone had forgotten Terminator 3 existed at all. Either could be true! With the power core delivered to the Rev-9’s
head, there’s just one last thing that needs to happen: a sad descent into the pit where
both the villainous Rev-9 and the heroic T-800 model known as Carl blink their final blinky
lights. It’s sad or at least it’s supposed to be sad,
because it’s very intentionally calling back memories of the infamous ending of T-2. You remember that one, right? It’s the one with the thumbs up! It’s obvious director Tim Miller is hoping
the memory of T2’s tearjerker ending will add some much needed gravitas to the climax
of Terminator: Dark Fate. Avengers: Endgame isn’t the only action movie
this year that gets its emotional resonance from the films that came before. “I love you 3000!” That’s not the final “moving” moment designed
to play on peoples’ emotions, though. The final scene of Terminator: Dark Fate is
designed to deliver a double subliminal whammy to anyone who has seen Terminator and T2. Dani and Sarah Connor are at a playground,
where they watch a young and oblivious Grace playing with her family. After Dani vows to make sure Grace doesn’t
have to sacrifice herself, she and Sarah jump in a waiting vehicle and drive off to prepare
for the impending Armageddon. The playground element, of course, is a clear
reference to the infamous playground scene in T2 where Sarah connnor watches families
get incinerated by the Skynet-caused nuclear holocaust. And the “riding into the sunset” ending is
exactly the same as the end of the first Terminator film only this time, instead of being pregnant
with the future savior of humanity that she has to train, Sarah Connor is riding shotgun
with her. Structurally, Terminator: Dark Fate is almost
identical to the original Terminator film, in much the same way that Star Wars: Episode
VII The Force Awakens is a soft reboot of the original Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope. So we actually have a pretty good idea where
they could go with the next film in the series a new version of T2! Sure, the plot would actually have to be pretty
different, but the main thrust of T2 was the attempt to prevent Armageddon by destroying
Skynet. In Dark Fate, they don’t ever have the chance
to even think about stopping the apocalypse, but they could certainly try to take steps
in Terminator 7 to prevent the new AI, Legion, from coming to be. One thing is for sure: we can’t wait to find
out which beloved scenes from the previous Terminator films they’ll remake in the next
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100 thoughts on “The Ending Of Terminator: Dark Fate Explained

  1. This movie sucked balls… More SJW pollution and political conjecture in our media… Total bull shit and it's why it flopped hard

  2. Probably the worst and most cringe worthyTerminator movie of all. Such a sad ending to a franchise. Get woke, go broke.

  3. At the end they should have had the T-800 survive and say he is picking up several incursions and set up the sequel of Sarah and the T-800 prepearing for a war with Sarah's friends and the people she saved from termination

  4. Like I said motherhood is out of the window they trying to make women turning to men and for men to be more feminine to turn into a woman now they're coming for our kids which is very confusing bringing transgender s*** Hollywood is very demonic I'm very upset I'm glad you brought up Star Wars that's a disappointment now we have a young girl who is the leader of Star Wars b***** I'm a woman myself I like seeing action from women but where is the motherhood where is the family I don't want to see women just be men it's not genetically normal

  5. Ahaha hahahahaha ha…..lost 140 million!!! It was because everybody was laughing at the LGBT 1000….The 97-year-old granny with a shotgun, and the 12-year-old Mexican Twatt that beats up 4 guys that weigh 220 pounds …uugh

  6. This movie is just the same from any other terminator movies except a different name.

    But it's still enjoying considering how badass and empowering the women are.

    The only reason i went to see the movie is because of Linda and Arnold. T2 IS STILL THE BEST OKAY? JOHN CONNOR DESERVED TO LIVE PERIODT.

  7. This bitch Sarah Conner talking bout sum she the new John Conner bitch please just like the terminator said in the movie “This time I won’t be back” LMFAOOOO

  8. Just because its a woman driven movie doesn't make it bad….lots of action…great scifi great story line= badass movie 🤘🤘

  9. Sad that Carl aka the T800 had to die at the end. I hope this is not the case and they somehow bring him back . People hate Genysis but the ending made sense so that the legacy of Arnold's character lived on. You cant have Terminator without Arnold sorry! To me Arnold was always the best action star of this franchise and he is the T800 no one else can take his model from him.

  10. All is changed in the movie biz. Given what the public say, they are still gonna make a huge profit even when this movie sucks. They just dont care anymore. This film is the biggest pile of horse manure i have seen since the last predator. Im totally convinced now that i have to stick in the 80s and 90s for the rest of my days.

  11. I highly doubt there will be a sequel to this much like last Terminator movie was supposed to be a 3 part that got canceled.

  12. Once again they just shited on everything that was before only to make a way for feminism to take over.
    That's why this film is a flop and will fail in a box office.
    And the sadest part is. Hollywood just don't want to learn from a previous mistakes.
    Same shit hapenned with the new Ghostbusters.

  13. Its actually good, what made it uncomfortable, unncesary cringe was the script that was forced like the woke—nessss of it. I love grace n her sexiness but her beiber look was not needed, i would love to see more of carl actually, it has more attachment to be felt and relatable n funny parts than a banter of the wokeness. The comeback of Linda H is superb

  14. Nothing wrong with the movie, the cringe of wokeness banters is the problem. Doesnt matter if its a female.version but the beiber look has to go. A mawhawk for female would be awsome. I wanna see more of carl and sarah

  15. Correction  Looper: IF there will be a next one. The movie bombed so hard at the box office  and after just having watched it (Not in the cinema) I can see why. T1 and T2 don't make any sense now and I feel like I have watched a bad recycled version of  the first two films. Never going to watch this movie again. For me the official canon ends with T2 end of discussion.

  16. ok so wtf? i still dont see how john connor was ever killed, also, did they ever explain how sarah came back "to life"? come on!

  17. Uh, I'm tired of people bitching about the death of John Connor. We've had several sequels with his existence and was he every that strong of a character? He was always a poor substitute for Sarah Connor: the true heart of the franchise. It's called Dark Fate because–regardless of the savior (whether its John Connor or Dani)–mankind will always makes the wrong decision when it comes to technology and annihilate itself.

  18. What is the point to send grace to past ..i bet they don't have any genuine story..if legion has already creaty chaos in the future then why do they wanted to kill dany in past ….wats the point i dnt see how resistance stop legion by saving dany in past and secure future story sucks except arnold and sarah conner

  19. T1 and 2 was the original plot.. except 3rd series is still great.. this one, i enjoyed every second and of course John Conner dies.. this is a new scenario.. and seems Tim Miller and James Cameron threw a curve and made it pretty neat..

  20. I've seen the movie at the cinema just now. Yeah, they ruined it, don't bother watching it, it is a waste of time in my opinion. They reinvented it into a shitty plot that doesn't make sense.

  21. Omg I had such hope for this new one. This movie had such an awesome opening but when they killed John it was all over. 🙁 At least the fighting and the visuals were crazy and that new Terminator was very freaky.

  22. I enjoyed the film for what it is. Trying to do yet another take on the Skynet vs John Connor would have been ridiculous in my opinion. I have always been a fan of the Sarah Connor character and this film does her justice. Grace and Dani are characters with substance and the rev9 terminator is one badass villian. I understand that haters will find an excuse to hate but I don't get why people feel the need to hate on ths film. From the first film the focus was Sarah and the T800, not John Connor. In this film both of these characters and their development are focused on and I for one enjoyed the movie and have no objection to another film. I would like to see Grace back as she is one kickass augmented human. But that's the great thing about movies, you don't have to like it but to truly be able to judge you really should see it first.

  23. You know your going to have a bad time when we find we have a genetically modified female bodyguard. Guarding a Jane Conner…
    Whilst a t-850 has taken up being a father figure bitch instead of a cold calculated killing machine.

  24. Saw this today, for all the hate I thought Mackenzie Davis was great as Grace. Not a terrible movie, way better than the Marvel crap we're forced to endure.

  25. I wonder, the Rev-9 has not brain chipset and energy block, how can REV-9 complete the assignment ? The model has no energy block as T101 or T800, REV-9 is liquit metal as T1000 and the REV-9 should not be a sensor scanner in eyes.

  26. Its nice to see Arnold and Linda Hamilton together 👍 without Arnold and Linda Terminator will be never be same. i am happy to see Linda Hamilton in new Terminator Dark Fate 🙂👍

  27. well how about that a illegal alien across the border saves us all. if you have one taco rise up on the big screen we will have many more to come then there goes our way of food from the fields lol.

  28. With skynet no longer existing Schwarzenegger's terminator will not exist either, so how will Arnold Schwarzenegger return for another movie?

  29. 1:55 – Of course he rejects his fate … what do you expect? Step into a car and being able to drive not knowing how … What would you do if you were in his skin? He is "the big one", everything is starting to crumble because of him, since he is the saviour. Of course he is scared, but he is not totally worthless as it sounds like that. You really wanna kill that and erase a human being that is terrified by reality? But yeah, women want to be free and fight, choosing their own fate. Well … that's totally fine be me. But in this movie she cannot choose to be free. She is destined to become John Connor and chosen to give birth to another saviour.  This movie mixes all timelines and universes together. Is it now a matter of time or reality?

  30. Thank you for the Turk who will now be employed as an opposition argument position for my main frame computer. Thank you again.

  31. In Terminator 3, the Terminator told John how he'd die in the future…the terminator told John that he would kill him

  32. I went to see this movie when John died they killed the whole terminator franchise.I can’t believe after 30yrs they could do us as fans like that.And this narrator right he does not know wtf she is talking about because there won’t be another one after this one.Check out my show that I did about this movie on my fb page.The whole point of this movie was that John Conner was the leader of the humans beating the machines this movie doesn’t match the time line at all 🤦🏽‍♂️.They made a very big mistake with this movie💯

  33. Enough with the time travel. Move forward already. If only there was movies based on Terminator Burning Earth and Terminator Hunters & Killers. Frank Miller's 300 movie was based on his graphic novel.

  34. Just watched it at the theater. It’s a good movie. Good action, good acting, good plot imo. But the 3 previous ones bombed so bad that there is no chance of recovery for this.

  35. This is what they should've done. Instead of the quick death of John, they should've had years past with the knowledge that there are other terminators out there with the Conner's almost dying from 2 attacks. This would slowly shape John into the man that the future needs while Carl is the only terminator that took the route of the humans giving back the T2 role of both John and the T-800 as friends. Fight off this new threat of a lingering skynet still trying to create the doomsday one final time.

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