The Caveman Workout: a Minimalist Wilderness Routine

Exercise #1: Regular Pushups My legs are only elevated, because I’ve been doing this so long. Doing them with your feet on the ground is best when your are starting out. I don’t fully extend my limbs in any of these exercises. This is to avoid over extension of the joints. Proper form is very important. Go slow especially in the beginning. I do every exercise to “faliure” to get the maximum out my efforts. You must stretch after each exercise. This is the type of workout that is guaranteed to get you sore. Stretching the muscles in question for just a few seconds addresses the problem perfectly. Exercise #2: Pull Ups This is primarily for the upper back and the biceps. My legs are extended, so I work my abs at the same time. As I tire, I go to partial reps first… … then to a static hold to maximize the impact. Again, stretching is must. Somehow, this exercise gets my back stiff, so I stretch my lower back too. Exercise #3: Closed-Hand Pushups Hands together, legs spread and elbows tucked in. This is mainly for your triceps. Again, you gotta do it ’till failure. More stretching. Exercise #4: The Burning Fours. Tracker School inspired and it’s for the legs & lower back. There are 4 positions that you will hold for 10 seconds each. Position #3 (starting in the middle): Thigh parallel to the ground with the heels down. Position #4: Same thing, but with the heels up. I’m nodding my head, because I’m counting the seconds. 1 one thousand… etc. It’s back to Position #3 for another 10 seconds. Position #2: Shin and thigh bone at right angles. Position #1: Legs Extended (with a slight bend just to have some weight on them). This is where you should start when you are just staring out. And back down to Position #2 again. You need to keep going like this until your legs are completely tired. One last good stretch.

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