The Bicycle Crunch (Fit2Go Home Exercise Tutorials)

The Bicycle Crunch (Fit2Go Home Exercise Tutorials)

– You don’t mean it like that. – (clapping) All right, so for today, we’re gonna show you the bicycle crunch. This is a great exercise to
hit every single component, every part of your abs. So there’s three main
components, three main movements for any ab exercise. The first is spinal flexion. This is the most familiar one that you probably have seen before. This is what you use in
a crunch or a sit up. So spinal flexion. Let’s show them spinal flexion. This is spinal flexion right there. So that motion of that
crunch is flexing the spine. So this right now,
Krista’s spine is neutral. As she crunches, she’s flexing
her spine with her abs. So your abs attach to from two ends. So they attach the upper end to your ribs, and that’s why she’s pulling
that in there to crunch up. The other end of your abs, the lower abs, attach to your hips. And so we can, hip flexion as well. So if we show that here,
this is the other way of beating your abs, by pulling in there. So it’s that pelvis, that
posterior pelvic tilt, which is a fancy way of
saying this tilt here and her pelvis pulling back. That is how you hit the lower abs. So those are the two components. Right, you have the spinal
flexion, you have hip flexion. Number three is the obliques, the sides, the muffin top area. And there’s a couple
different ways to hit that, but one of the most
common ways is rotation. So if you are standing in place
and rotating side to side, that’s gonna work your obliques.
You can try that right now. Just sit in place and twist,
and you’ll feel the sides of your stomach activating. So if you’ve seen a Russian twist before, just come up for a second,
show what rotation is. So this motion right
here, going side to side, that’s called a Russian twist. All three of those pieces
are in this exercise. Ready to show it? – Mm-hm. – All right, so this is the
bicycle crunch all together. So you start with your knees bent. Now some have the hands behind the head. For most people, we want
to tell you to start with your hands at the sides of the head. ‘Cause we want your hands back there, but we want the hands
at the sides of the head with elbows out wide
because if your hands are behind your head, you probably
like to pull on your neck. So start with your hands
at the side of your head. And if you feel comfortable
with it behind your head, that’s fine, my only concern
is of hurting your neck. So if it doesn’t, you’re good. Okay. So now, with the elbows
out wide, we’re gonna go and we’re gonna do the bicycle crunch going opposite elbow to opposite knee. And then as she goes and
crunches, she’s, go ahead, she’s alternating sides, right, so while one leg comes forward,
the other leg comes back. So she’s getting that hip
flexion every single time on one side, and she’s
getting the spinal flexion on the other, and she’s
getting the rotation every single rep. So she’s hitting every part of her abs as she moves back and forth. Okay, now what do you do if
that’s too intense for you? What if you can’t do that? That takes a lot of work and
very quickly fatigues you because you’re staying
moving the entire time. There’s no rest there. Well then you’re gonna do a modification called the bicycle sit up, which basically it incorporates all of the same movements, but you’re resting a
little bit in between. So you start from flat on the ground, hands are at the sides of the head again, and we’re gonna go elbows out wide, and we’re gonna go elbow
to knee doing that crunch, but we’re not staying up. So go ahead. So doing that sit up,
and then coming down, and then switching. It’s just more of a sit up,
where she’s coming all the way to the ground, and she
gets quick rest there as she comes down. And she’s not staying up, having to flex and engage her abs, and we’re
working on that stability, and she’s moving with everything up. That is the bicycle crunch slash sit up. I’ll see you next time. (upbeat electronic music)

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  1. Hello Coach Dani & Krista, I am very familiar with these and actually I have been doing these exact positions all this week..what a coincidence! Thanks! 🙂

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