The 5 Most Important Push Up Exercises

The 5 Most Important Push Up Exercises

Hello. This is Alex from Calisthenic Movement. A lot of videos are about the many variations of push-ups. In this video, I’ll show you only a few which are the most effective ones for different goals, because you can’t integrate every variation into your workout. But now see it for yourself. To focus on training the shoulder muscles, you can perform pseudo planche push-ups. Depending on how far you lean your shoulders in front of your hands, you can vary the intensity of this exercise. For a clean execution, you should pay attention to protract the scapula. If the exercise is too hard for you, you can just lean less forward to make it easier. To focus on the triceps, you can perform sphinx push-ups. For that move, you also have to protract your scapulae to execute it right. To the right intensity, you can lean your shoulders more forward to increase it and move them backward to decrease it. You can also change intensity by placing your arms or legs higher. Higher legs increase intensity, higher arms decrease it. If you want a high intensity and focus on your core stability at the same time, you can perform 1 arm push-up. Try to keep your body straight and leave your shoulders as horizontal as possible without screwing the hips against the shoulders. If you aren’t able to do so, the intensity is too high for you. In this case, you can do archer push-ups to make it easier and prepare for the 1 arm push-ups. You can increase the intensity step by step by supporting less with straight arm, for example, by using only several fingers. To put the focus on control of your body, technique, and balance, you can perform handstand push-ups. Primarily you use your front shoulders, but you also need the triceps and a lot of muscles around scapula. In the upper position you don’t protract but elevate the scapula. You should leave your elbows pointing backwards when going down, to avoid the impingement syndrome. You also have to move your shoulders forward when going down and lean your straight body backwards to stay in balance. Avoid to come into an arched back position when you move up, and try to keep your pelvis tilt backwards. If it happens the technique might be not good enough, or the intensity is too high, or even both. Then you can increase your strength by doing pike push-ups. Keep an eye on coming as close as possible to the movement of the handstand push-ups in the arms and shoulders. Go from the wide open angle between arms and torso to a lower position where you lean your shoulders forward. Especially pay attention to a straight movement backwards. To also train the posterior chain, you can do back-bridge push-ups. Very important is that you are flexible enough around your scapulae. What makes this exercise very good is to also increase mobility in your shoulders. If you have issues with your lower back, you should be careful with this exercise. To make this exercise harder you can do it on one leg. To make it easier, you can leave your head on the ground to support the move, and leave away the push-ups from your arms. I hope you got some useful hints from this video and wish you much fun and successful putting them into action. I hope you will take greater account of high quality of the execution of basic exercises. See you soon. Alex!~

100 thoughts on “The 5 Most Important Push Up Exercises

  1. I want to do the basics for one month again … ( I train since 10 month now ) I want to do 3 Push, 3 Pull and 3 Abdominal exercises … which one would you choose ?

  2. the exercises are amazing but how realistic they are for a human body to do it for long?…. only really prof gymnasts seem to do it…

  3. No. Ma. Mes. No mames! Seriously, wow. Just wow. Well, you gotta start somewhere… Landing on your face in a normal push-up, like me for example.

  4. This is the first video I've seen from this channel, subbed and liked,!
    Great production, awesome info, clear and straight to the point, great job dude!
    Thanks for this!

  5. Backbridge push up ?! Handstand push up !?? Hey, this is totally unrealistic. Best is enemy of better. I do some 300 push ups a day, am looking for something more challenging but this (…), no thank you. First thing, improving shoulder muscles like the back deltoid that is neglected by doing simple push ups. Specific exercices with elastics or weights are needed, maybe too walking backwards on a wall or making push ups after laying feet on a seat or a table. This is something possible. The pike push up that I have seen here brings too much blood in the head, which is pretty obvious when we see such a red color in his face.

  6. I was going to say that this was a pointless video but thankfully you pointed out a way to make the "backbridge push-up" MORE DIFFICULT!! :'D

  7. For archer push up is it consider as safe push up, because i think that kind of push up put a lot of stress on your shoulder??? Pliz answer me…….

  8. Can anyone help with scapular cues/position through the pike push up? I'm trying to avoid impingement. It looks as if I should try for depressed scapula through the whole range of motion. Is that right, or should I let them elevate (shoulders up around ears) in the uppermost press position? Thank you!

  9. I used to think I discovered pseudo planche and spinx pushups nobody taught me about them its just things I used to do to add more variation to my workout plan but those back bridge pushups though who the heck came up with that

  10. 2:39 Hey guy, let me know one thing: HOW COULD THAT BE POSSIBLE??? KKK! I wish I could do that! One day who knows! Thanks for the video!

  11. These planche style pushups seem like just the ticket to regain normal kyphosis of the thoracic spine in those for whom the flat thorax is the big problem.

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