Terminator: Dark Fate (2019) – Extended Red Band TV Spot – Paramount Pictures

Terminator: Dark Fate (2019) – Extended Red Band TV Spot – Paramount Pictures

Evening. Please locker your weapon. Expect a big ping brother. My whole body is a weapon. Sorry. ♫ When they start to kill me, run. Who the fuck is that? I don’t know. My name is Sarah Connor. I hunt terminators. – He’s the most lethal terminator ever created. I am going to help you protect the girl. So you’re Carl? That’s what everyone calls me, yes. I’m never gonna fucking call you Carl. – If we don’t win this one, It’s all over.

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  1. I miss when you made movies, Paramount. Now all you make is jokes. Jokes so bad you have to delete the dislikes.

    And I thought my jokes were bad.

  2. This looks awful, why isn't the dog going mad? Like in T1/T2 ? total change to the lore. CGI looks crap. Terminator was always better as slasher sci-fi horror, (T1) not this over the top action rubbish.

  3. Finally we have a drama, RRated movie till T2. T3 was a parody of T2; T4 was drama but a PG13 and with a bad story. T5 was a offensive pg13 comedy movie. I have faith in this TDF. James Cameron, Tim Miller, and the creator or TSCC worked on this movie.

  4. Wow the moment they showed less new woman terminator and little girl, and showed more Linda Hamilton and Arnold it instantly looks like it's worth watching

  5. For the people thinking this movie is only r rated for the language that dude just lost his hand and all those men got slaughtered 😂

  6. " Я-охотник на терминаторов"…это шутка? "I'm a terminator hunter."..is this a joke?

  7. If they really were going to make another Terminator film it should've been about Sarah and John living their lives having prevented Judgement Day..however knowing that they've lost, Skynet as a last act decides to send back a flurry of Terminators to instigate a war…at least we could see John do battle for humanity albeit in an altered state following the events of T2….that's it…no more films after that…but I suppose studios want to milk James Cameron's excellent T1 and T2 as much as they can with unnecessary politics and Marvel style setting up universe crap.

  8. Erm yeah cool but where is John Connor, you know, the single most important figure in the fight against human extinction?

  9. They really played down the androgynous star in this one. All these quick edits make it look like a half decent movie. I am not fooled.

  10. John Connor.
    Future war.
    This is what we want. Not weirdo P.C Pooh.
    Linda Hamilton is great.
    Arnold is old.
    The rest of this movie looks trash.

  11. We saw a lot of garbage before this TV spot!!!
    Must been just like it until the beggining! 🙁
    This looks like a game that need patches…

  12. I'm glad it's rated R, but that appears to be about the only relation to the old Terminators movies. I'm still gonna see it, but as a massive fan of T1 and T2, I'm not holding my breath. It looks like they got the casting completely wrong (other than Linda and Arnie of course), way too much CG and flashy effects without an emphasis on emotion and drama and… it's the fuckin guy that did the Deadpool movies for fucks sake.

  13. Je pense que je vais aller le voir au cinéma de Terminator je les ai tous vu le premier jusqu'au dernier meilleur film aller voir à plus

  14. I don't know, guys and gals. People are complaining about this movie's CGI, but I was watching T2 yesterday, and while the story is still amazing, the CGI is starting to look really dated. What doesn't look dated are the practical effects in that movie. So, I'm good with how Dark Fate is looking.

  15. Contains brief nudity! I’m gonna assume one of girls are a terminator unless they’re saying we’re gonna see arnies dick

  16. "He's the most lethal terminator ever created"
    Can't agree with that. T-1000, T-X, T-3000 all seem better than him.

  17. Wow, this actually makes it look… watchable
    Seems like unnecessary cursing and whatnot to be more adult and edgy, but I don't care all that much and can look past it
    Cgi…eh (the muzzle flashes look suuuper bad tho), story…eh, acting…well…yeah, but honestly looks WAAAY more watchable than the previous snippets made it out to be.
    Cautiously optimistic?

  18. Everyone tells James Cameron to stop making Avatar sequels and just make a Terminator film. The Avatar sequels are delayed and James Cameron works on a Terminator film. Now, everyone's like, "Ugh, another Terminator film." I know why you think you're right, but you're wrong.

  19. Just looks like more 4th wave feminist bullshit. I saw a cover for this film and it was 3 woman on it, not even Arnold. No thanks

  20. It's a f*cking Terminator movie. Why so much expectations ? A franchise we grew up watching. Why so much hate from everyone ?? As someone said in a comment , if we can stand watching a 90% CGI movie with superheroes that lasts 3 god damn hours, I'm pretty sure, we can resist an hour and 30 minutes. It has Linda, and Arnold, that's all I need, and I won't ask for more.

  21. “If we don’t win this one, it’s all over.” The Sonic the Hedgehog movie in a nutshell. Also, I’m their giving this movie an R-rating instead of PG-13, that’s how you this movie is going to be a hit.

  22. You know why Arnold is always looking for sunglasses? Because he try not to do a single blink whole the movie so he cover his eyes to make it easy for him.

  23. Why wasn’t this the first trailer? Actually shows the Rev-9 kicking ass and leaves the twist of it duplicating itself ambiguous.

  24. The story was nicely wrapped up with just the first two films with a nice ambiguous ending that kept the overall mystique of them intact and worthy of repeat viewing for years to come. It didn't need to be any more than that. T3 was too many years too late, killed the mystique with a bullshit ending, and never should have been made. And the CG was vastly inferior to T2, it's been vastly inferior in every sequel since. Same goes for the action and suspense, the latter of which is completely gone. More than enough action though… so much so that it all renders itself contrived and meaningless. These acrobatic, super agile Terminators are animated like fucking cartoon characters and don't have any weight or presence in the world they're supposed to inhabit, the only thing looking faker is that hokey CG rendered airplane scene that you could never convince me to believe, even in a fantastical sense, in a million years. It's the modern equivalent to stop motion animated figures on a rear projection screen and not nearly as charming or earnest.

    James Cameron was at his best when he had nothing to his name and had to fight and struggle to make his movies happen. Now with his billions of dollars and today's bleeding edge technology at his beck and call, he no longer has to fight and struggle to get his vision on screen and it shows in just how ordinary and pedantic anything that he's been involved in looks in that respect. Computers can create anything he wants to appear in a movie but that doesn't necessarily means it'll look believable or behave realistically when the animators and artists themselves don't understand how to make that work. HE SHOULD KNOW, he had that EXACT problem with the animators on T2 and basically had to explain the simplest of concepts to them like lighting and perspective before they got it right.. and that was goddamn 1991 when those resources were primitive and a precious commodity. Where is that voice of reason with today's CG animators? It sure as shit ain't coming from him anymore.

    On top of that is the lack of substance and depth to what is supposed to be scary and suspenseful about these killer machines. Seeing one jump and flip around like a circus tumbler is not scary, not when it's moving like it should be in a Pixar cartoon. The T-800 was methodical and imposing while Kyle and Sarah had practically fuck all to fight back with as they fled. The T-1000 ran but that was because Robert Patrick did the running, any of his movement in liquid metal form was laid over the actual footage of him and it was only running, he wasn't doing somersaults or long jumps over cars and shit. It served to accentuate the real fear he invoked which is first established with the slow approach as he absorbs bullet after bullet through artful editing and costume prosthetic. The first time it cuts to the holes in his body sealing up, that told the audience this thing is on a whole other level. Nearly all of those animations were their own cutaways separate from the previous and following events, mainly out of limitations, but they also served to make you absorb the full scope of what this new Terminator model was able to do and it did so at a reasonable pace. When everything is moving a hundred miles an hour and it's just blended in with the non-stop cacophony of noise and motion, it loses all significance and meaning to what you're trying to convey to the audience.

  25. Just watched TERMINATOR DARK FATE, those T1 & T2 FANS u need to defo watch this movie. Nailed it! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟


    Save your money! James Cameron once again lied to everybody! He claims Edward Furlong was in this movie and is he? Sure, if you count some de-aged CGI as him being in the actual movie.

    Oh and one more thing… DO NOT GO AND SEE THIS MOVIE. DO NOT give any of your hard earned money to those morally incorrupt sellouts James Cameron, Tim Miller and Schwarzenegger. They do not care about YOU. Just your cold cash. And as for Cameron, he only wants you to see this movie so he can use your money to fund his next FOUR Avatar sequels!

    Oh and Paramount, you delete this post and guess what? I'll keep reposting this all over your videos because just like the ORIGINAL T800, I'll be back.

  27. Like many others say, trailers show the movie too much. I'm so glad that I didn't watch this trailer before actually watching the movie….

  28. "He's the most lethal terminator ever created" yeah that sounds like He is WAY WORSE than the other Terminators like way Worse coz He'll Just Wup your @$$ up with one hit or worse he'll #### u up with one hit of killing u plu #TerminatorDarkFate #Rev9 #T800 #IamNeverGonnaBEEPingCallYouCarl #IHuntTerminators

  29. Yo why the fuck is this random Mexican lady so important, what did she sell John Conner the best fucking 92cent hot dog of his life in a convenient store .

  30. Just saw it a few hours ago. Really liked it. Not the best way to approach the story they were trying to tell, in my opinion, but it worked and was good. Hopefully word of mouth makes its box office numbers good.

  31. Finally got to see this film tonight an was amazed at just how good it is, definitely a worthy sequel to T2 a must see for anyone!!

  32. For some reason, whenever I see Arnold shooting the shit out of the Rev-9's face, I hear Jacksepticeye's scream in my head. Don't know why, but it's hilarious.

  33. Love that the video ad I got before the scathing review of Terminator: Dark Fate is… Paramount Pictures presents Terminator: Dark Fate

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