TERMINATOR 6: Dark Fate UPDATE: Arnold Schwarzenegger Shouldn’t Play A Learning Computer T800

TERMINATOR 6: Dark Fate UPDATE: Arnold Schwarzenegger Shouldn’t Play A Learning Computer T800

Welcome to TheTerminatorFans.com I am
one of the fans who can’t stand learning mode protector Terminators which Arnold
Schwarzenegger has portrayed in every single Terminator movie since T2
Judgment Day (bar salvation). Recently, for nostalgia, Arnold posted a
picture of Linda Hamilton and himself to wish Linda happy birthday on the set of
Terminator six and this was an emulation of an old T2 set photo; yeah,
seeing some blood was nice but the recreation makes me feel like I’m getting
something I don’t want to see again- a learning mode hero, wisecracking
Arnold Schwarzenegger Terminator due to the image it is harking back to and all
the feelings it evokes. Learn mode was simply the quickstep reversal to turn a
horror icon into a hero for little boys, which began a trend that gave audiences
smiling robots that sought to surrogate parent everyone they come into contact
with (or at least that’s what the writers wanted us to feel). Why would Skynet want
a machine, technically a cybernetic slave to its cause, to think for itself or to
learn anything? Is the data of the neural net not enough information? Does
it not already have detailed files? Yes, SkyNet might not want a Terminator to
learn compassion for pain and such- but the machine has no soul, so how can it
even care- unless screenwriters seek to elicit a fake reaction with an audience… ?
We, at TheTerminatorFans.com have talked about how we think studios will
try to tick both boxes for the hero/ villain fans of Arnold Schwarzenegger;
last time we got a young CGI Arnold as the Terminator and if this was
supposed to tick a box for me- it did no such thing,
it was praised as one of the best parts of Terminator Genisys; Arnold vs. Arnold
was cited by many as the best part of the film. I didn’t feel anything for
Terminator Genisys (aside from annoyance that it was even
released). When they announced a Terminator 2 sequel; I was hoping we
would be going back to the low budget gritty and exploitative horror movie
days of b-movie gold and that Arnold Schwarzenegger might
return as the villain, while I would be open to a double-team villain Terminator
movie- talk of aging learning Terminators seems far away from what I actually
wanted to see and that was Arnold Schwarzenegger being as believable as he
was in the 1984 movie. Arnold was great in the first movie and this franchise, to
me, was cooler when it was a horror sci-fi franchise.
Maybe Arnold’s aged Terminator will be a brutal surprise,- one that utilizes its
ability to learn and evolve, to kill with more efficiency and be less of a comedic
parody of something that was once terrifying and great. What are your
thoughts? Do you prefer the hero OR villain t800? Are you worried OR
confident in how the new movie will portray Arnold? Comment, like and subscribe.
Thank you for watching

19 thoughts on “TERMINATOR 6: Dark Fate UPDATE: Arnold Schwarzenegger Shouldn’t Play A Learning Computer T800

  1. I really now Don't what to see anymore arnie smiling gags it worked OK in T2 as it was not two over the top but with T3 and T genesis they overdosed on it and arine looked like he was on drugs by the last movie.

  2. I strongly disagree I like the learning model t-800 I mean Terminator 1 in and 2 always be the best after that yes it did suck there was bits and pieces of Terminator Genisys that I liked and that's about it and I've been in Terminator fan since the first one

  3. T6 will be shit! I am so sad. It will be rated suitable for kids and they will include cheesy bits to make it funny and fuck it all up.

  4. Hello, gosh the remake make of those punks was so disappointing and totally killed it for me the franchise is over, mmmm, well, their can only be TERMINATOR for me, T2 was ruined with the kid John Conner screaming like a little girl every so even though the CGI is amazing. Thank-you and I'll be back.

  5. Arnold is the part of the franchise, they really needed to let go of. Skynet wouldn't … you know,… like turn out, 500 identical T800 copies … THATA wouldn't take long for the resistance to put up warning posters… "If this guy asks to enter command headquaters, NO!"

    ▪but, they won't let him go,, truth is, they all personally like Arnold and they'd feel awkwardly guilty filming a new terminator and not having a role for him. though I can bet… several senior team members were hoping he'd turn them down.

    I know, that shouldn't be how they make decisions, but it is.

    I doubt this news got covered in the UK or around the world much? Arnold's tour as governor of California was a very not very,… .. it was HIGHLY contentious, there waa a near uprising in his largest in office. I know this isn't a political site, so all i will say is… those who want to look into it.. google/search things such [governor Schwarzenegger versus the "heads on a stick" political moment… that's whatvitbwas called, heads on a stick was a recall movement, a back reaction to numerous taxes raised by Arnold aa governor, but opposed by him as candidate.

    Arnold left office really feeling like a total failure, even the liberal news media eventually turned on him.

    I'm saying this here, not to debate tax hikes, but because he really got traashed.

    now many people, feel genuinely sorry for him. and I suspect he's been happy to know there are still friends like James Cameron, willing to have roles for him.

    so here's what I would do, these aren't great . in fact, not even good ideas. but they free the story from having to accommodate a nice guy, aging terminator. that's what we want, avoid the Arnold in T5. wise guy, sarcastic old man robot!

    three options…

    ▪He was sent back, to be a possible back up to the T-1000. but something went wrong during the time jump, instead… to him, he was trapped in the transition process for decades, …. such that both his outer bio-tissue covering aged 35 yrs… and to make things real interesting … the time jump glitch erased parts of his mission programming were erased, a t800 that isn't sure why it doesn't know what to do.

    ▪option 2, the glitch accidentally materialized him inside an old sealed off mine complex, that it could not get of of until circumstances finally released it. hey.. I said these weren't good ideas… but what would this do? years after Sarah had defeated the T1000… this T800 escapes… finally… it has no knowelwdge that cyberdyne and Dyson are gone, it does not know if sarah & john were terminated or alive. [and…. knowing sarah, she won't have left a trail it can easily follow… so it's a bad -guy1984 termonator, freed at last and totally unsure what's happened in the d3cades of being stuck somewhere.

    ▪no3 option… It isn't a term8nator. in the television series, Cameron the girl terminator learned shed been copied based on an actual resistance girl named allison. so why not that the resistance sent the guy the t800 waa modeled after.

    in other words… Arnold as aging resistance fighter had to be sent back for some emergency reason only he could deal with. Sarah assumes he's a T800 and is hunt8ng HIM… at least for a while.

    look… these are trash ideas.

    butbim hoping the production understand what many objected to waa the terminator getting cute. even John teaching it LA street slang… waa dumb.

    it's built to look human… and maybe sound human.. to get close enough. it isn't going to be his big brither/dad figure.

  6. Some of the pops crap was goofy but the point of that chip in its head is that it’s a general artificial intelligence. Sky net hobbled it so that it could use it anyway it saw fit. Enabling the “learn” mode is storytelling method to be sure but if an AGI was real it could function in a similar fashion. However it’s just a movie and T2 is one of the greatest films ever, now if they can avoid the shit show that was genesys this might be a good movie.

  7. Im going to plagiarize here… I want to see an Ubermonster, too. Not some friigin sensitive father figure ersatz killing machine. Fcukkk!!!!

  8. T2 was too tepid and tame. O casualties?. . Holding his leg up in the air? Shooting people in the leg?
    Really? Wtf was that?!!!!!!

  9. i like the idea of the terminator being a brutal killing machine again, i know that in T2 john connor had the idea of not killing people because of some moral of good and evil, but.. now he is an adult that grown up with the experience of being a survivor of the unstoppable T-1000. I want to believe this experience make him more focus on survive no matter what, and now if a terminator want's to protect him, he or sarah of whoever, will programe him to say " fuck you asshole, Kill'em all".
    Now, the idea of an infiltrator unit with the learning habilities could be interesting, cause the terminator now could scan human's for weakness at an emotional level, learn how to aproach and then take down people whit no emotion, cold blood

  10. Since "Dark Fate" has been released, I'd say that there is a cookie cutter script. So, any thoughts on an evolution might never be… Consider a dedicated script of war: Machine Against Human, Time-Traveling (machine learning – network vs human hacking) understood, or just how running from a superior entity is even a benefit towards "any number" of opposing sides…. I like the scenario a lot, it is the story that has to the concept correct though (beginning, middle, and an end)…

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