Switching Diets: VEGETARIAN vs. OMNIVORE

Switching Diets: VEGETARIAN vs. OMNIVORE

I’m about to have bacon for the first time. Damn it I now understand where all the bacon comments come from to the vegan (facebook) posts – So it tastes good.
– Would you have it again? I have few hours of being a meat-eater, so yes. Hi, I’m Marinka Essel and this week I’m doing something a little bit different than usual. – I’m Challenging my boyfriend here to switch diets with me
– so I am mostly carnivore I eat meat all the time – and you…
– I’m vegan if you did not know. So what is going to happen is that he’s gonna be vegan and I will eat meat – for the first time in a year
– and you’re gonna have to go to McDonald’s Which I never got to. I’m scared. I’m really scared This is super exciting and so one entire week we are eating Different diets.
– What are you most afraid about? that I’ll gain weight or something or I’ll just get sick and just Get pimples or my skin gets messed up or my body in general freaks out. That’s what I’m the most scared about What are you most excited about? I don’t remember how meat tastes… so I’m excited to try a steak So today’s Sunday and tomorrow morning on Monday we will begin the diet switch and things like Breakfast for example he doesn’t eat breakfast so obviously I’m not going to eat breakfast He gets to eat my cereal, so I don’t know what’s gonna happen because I’m gonna starve until lunch and somehow to survive With just coffee, but so everything’s gonna change Let’s do it! So I’m starting my first breakfast. I haven’t eaten breakfast my whole life, but now I got to do it Almond milk not real milk Yeah – I feel like a squirrel
– what? – Where are the marshmallows?
– Marshmallows?
– You got like Lucky Charms?
– It has coconut flakes isn’t that good enough? – I’ve been having just black coffee for an eternity.
– How’s the creamer?
– I hate it This is my first vegan meal aside from breakfast – Is this first time ever are you having tofu?
– The first time I’ve ever had tofu like this The consistency is really weird it’s like It’s like a crispy marshmallow in hot sauce So how was your lunch? You didn’t eat very much no, I’m disgusted and my stomach has started to hurt I Found something crunchy from inside Or something I feel like maybe was a bone or something That’s just disgusting I’d rather just have the rice. I’m starving. I’m really hungry. It’s been approximately six hours. Don’t know how I am going to survive. – So how are you feeling
– I’m feeling awful and It’s already been four hours since I had lunch, and I’m still sick. I feel like I’m still digesting the chicken. Here we have our very first attempt at my meal. I’m a veggies ready some jalapenos onions mushrooms garlic Got macaroni ready vegan butter cream substitute And I have some vegan cheese Ready to go and here is the finished product Wow that’s honestly Vegan or not that’s one of the best Mac and cheeses I’ve ever had if you could serve this to me and not told me it was vegan I would had no idea these my dinner. I’m having meatballs and spaghetti So it’s day three of my vegan diet I’ve been eating mostly leftovers not great So finally I decided to make something new I’m starting with dishes that I’m really familiar with so obviously mac and cheese Chinese food I’ve had a ton of so it’s not that foreign to me next thing. I’ve tried to create is a chili so You can see there. It’s not cooked yet. I’m gonna throw it in the slow cooker, and that should be ready for dinner It’s gonna be really great. I have three kinds of beans some jalapenos onions lots of great stuff in there, but That’s not ready yet, so a lunch Couple of noodles Day four morning so what you just saw was clips from day one and day three and I’m miserable – What about you?
– I’m I’m tired, I mean like I don’t feel miserable, but it’s a lot of work Yes a vegan you kinda have to prep the most of your foods first especially if you are too lazy to read the labels or you’re too paranoid to buy anything from the store because Everything seems to say that oh it might have remains of milk or something or like if you were to order takeaway like Like there’s nothing on the menu for you except like one thing I didn’t realize how much planning would have to go into it because when you are Thinking vegan you have to actually plan out all of your meals before I could just kind of figure it out as I went where I want for dinner I find something in the cabinet, but now I have to think it cook plan So what we will do next is that I’m gonna cook for you, and you look for me, then I was trying to Do the meals that I used to cook when I still have meat in my diet and? You were just trying to make Dishes that you used to eat into the vegan versions like vegan mac’n’ cheese so for example today at dinner we will prepare the food for each other especially you will get a better idea of What eating vegan is when an actual vegan prepares your food and you can see the.. That you get all the the carbs protein fat, and whatever your meal should be consisting off I’m really excited for that because I’ve also been feeling weak. I feel like the food I’ve been eating has just been empty foods. I’ve been having instant lunch and Mac and cheese, but not very very much stuff in it yes I’m also really excited to cook for you because I think the food you’ve been having has been not very good I want to give you some good oh Yeah Steak It’s day five of eating meat First of all I’ve been constipated almost entire week so the week has not really been going well for me. He didn’t know that all candy is not vegan. – So we’re looking for..
– No gummy bears! But luckily we have skittles – No the need to be vegan.. I can’t believe that I’m in McDonald’s I just ordered a big mac Here we are in front of McDonald’s it’s day five. We’re in the rain now It’s difficult times – I have a big mac. It’s raining, can we go somewhere. – It’s really rainy! Is really good Yeah, I’m disappointed in myself. Yes, I haven’t had real junk food in a long time because I’m super healthy
– why are you disappointed? because it tastes good, and I feel like I could go get another one I Did I cooked a beautiful steak for you, entrecote a big bite – – This is really good steak
– You like it? All the food that I have had this week has been really bad because I’m trying to make it But this is actually excellent. I could see myself eating this more – Can you believe that there’s no any meat in it?
– Nope tastes like chicken!
– I’m about to eat pulled pork sandwich with coleslaw I – I need to find out how to veganize this
– do you like it yeah? – This is the last lunch the last lunch I’m just gonna drown these in soy sauce – Now these ones are pretty good.
– So if all fish go extinct. Would you see yourself still eating sushi? If all Fish went extinct. I never eat sushi again Last meal I worked really hard on that smiley face And so what do you eat bacon and mashed potatoes something super simple this thing I guess This is alfafa and mashed potatoes with dill and Let’s dig in for me the last meals not too difficult I could keep eating and stuff week has been pretty easy for me one thing that was interesting for me. Is there’s a lot more flavors in vegan food that i just never had Well now you can just get the experience and from there and still have your meat if you really have to Actually did not eat a single salad all week Yeah, so that was it and the week is finally over it’s over What did you think of the last few days the last few days were okay? And actually pretty exciting as my stomach was finally able to digest the food that I was eating instead of just getting sick, so Having steak having bacon those were really exciting experiments and I’m not going to deny it They tasted amazing So what you think of bacon Understand the hype, but I came to the conclusion that I Could just eat bacon flavored bacon chips instead if I ever were craving that same flavour same crispy bacon ever again It was good, but not so good that I Would slaughter a pig because of it well, I’ll try your bacon chips now your vegan bacon chips and see how they are I don’t know if they even exist But in case they do that’s the option I would go for This week Really made me feel more compassionate about my vegan diet, and I’m happy that I tried this I’m really happy that I tried eating it for one week after being a vegan for an entire year now So now I know if I do have a craving towards meat its Most likely a false idea of my old habits That and it’s not gonna be true or nice experience most likely and will make me sick so if you ever decide to transition from vegan to carnivore, prepare to work for it This is what happens if you do that so Would you do it again? No, I would not do this again My main reason of doing this was to challenge you to do vegan diet and to sacrifice myself back to me or something I guess that’s why I did it I Really enjoyed it, and I think now I’ll be more likely to eat vegan dishes Before I was just if you just said vegan I didn’t want I assumed it was bad. I assumed it wouldn’t taste good But now I actually had a lot of new flavors. They were really really good, and I won’t be so scared of vegan cooking now What are you going to eat for your first meal after going back to your old habits So when I bought you that steak actually i bought two and one is for me to have tonight’s First meal I am so excited Especially because when I cook the steak for you. I smell it I can see all the flavors. I was just Crying inside so now I have a steak to make for myself But I’m gonna have it with vegan mashed potatoes and some asparagus probably because those were actually super good I would probably be more likely to eat dishes without meat in them, but I don’t think I could do it full-time Maybe. But not right now Yeah, if you were the transitioning to a vegan it takes time And I know people who have done it cold Turkey and went straight to it But so you’re saying they had it with turkey Cold turkey Actually, I know this very person that I’m talking about had a Thanksgiving Then decided to go vegan right after Thanksgiving Cold turkey cold turkey Yeah and I don’t know like he is vegan now, but what I did was transitioned slowly first i eft out fish And then I became a vegetarian and then eventually I was no longer in eating any animal produce That’s where I’m going back. Yeah I think it would be much much easier to go step by step Going all at once is really really hard because basically your whole cabinet. Oh fridge is gone. You have to start from scratch Thank you so much for watching this video It was so much fun to make and I’m so happy that you accepted the challenge of going vegan for one week It was super impressive, and I think we did well. Thank you Yeah, it was actually really fun, and I recommend everybody give it a try It’s only a week, or you can even be bold and do two weeks, but it’s good to try out something new Exactly so if you have any questions or comments. Let me know and at the end of this video I have a couple of other videos such as soon’s about going vegan and things like that so you might want to check those out give a like and subscribe if you like my channel You

29 thoughts on “Switching Diets: VEGETARIAN vs. OMNIVORE

  1. Honestly I'm so confused! I subscribed to an ethical channel and then I get this, I hate people who leave comments saying unsubscribed but honestly I have because I just can't… I'm sorry I thought this channel was something different!

  2. Eating pigs is cruel and selfish. Veganism is not a diet, its a stance against animal cruelty and exploitation. You were never a vegan to begin with.

  3. Thank you for this video! My boyfriend also agreed to try vegetarian food because of this! It was fun to watch! (Even tho I feel bad for Marinka).

  4. Great introduction to the pros and cons of vegan and also meat eating. I thought you did a great job of showing that one can become vegan and still enjoy delicious food! Good job!

  5. Those with the negative comments should be reminded plants feel too 🙂 Even water changes its composition when you sing next to a glass of water or you pray or you recite a mantra, I agree we explode them and we should eat less of them and go against the capitalism that feeds itself on the suffering of everyone. Btw I feel like calling omnivores carnivores it's offensive to some extent I mean meat is not the only thing we eat

  6. You didn't even eat a carnivorous diet. You ate an omnivorous diet, and a poor one at that. You have no idea how it feels to actually eat a ketogenic carnivorous diet.

  7. im a cold turkey vegan as of new year. i made a video of my last day as a omnivore. wish my videos are better, due to the lack of space kn my phone, makes it hard to record when i wanna

  8. I feel bad for your boyfriend. Being vegan is a miserable existence, you don't get a lot of nutrients only found in animal sources. I was vegan for 5 years…ugh. I've been carnivore for 2+ years now, never felt better and my labs are better than ever. But everyone was a good sport about it. Good job!

  9. So you went no meat and she went mainly carbs and little to no meat. Can you have her go carnivore?

  10. Really interesting to see what you both went through and awesome that you both had such open minds to explore and understand each other’s diets. 👍

  11. almond milk is terrible for you and tofu is downright poison… good luck getting off the carbs after being on a sugar diet, but if you dont, then you'll be chasing that sugar high everyday on a roller-coaster ride to keep your energy from plummeting.

  12. a lot of insects die when we protect vegetables and sometimes insects are used to fertilize vegetables plants.

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