SUPPLEMENTS | reviewing Alani Nutrition, what I am using, and how I transformed my skin

>>So freaking lit! What’s up, you guys?
Welcome to my YouTube channel. My name is Des. I go by “DesB” – and you have stumbled
across my channel. If you are here,
hopefully it’s not on accident. But if it is,
welcome to the fam. Make sure that you hit
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miss a video, and keep watching. As you guys have seen, I am newly
an Alani Nutrition athlete, which I am super excited
and super proud to be a part of this family. So what I wanted to do today
is really give you guys the lowdown
on the supplements — what I’m taking,
why I’m taking it, why you should, too.
Or, even should you?>>That was legitness!
>>Yeah, it was, huh?>>Instead of getting all crazy
and scientific, I’m just going to go ahead
and break it down for you guys
very nice, very easy, so it’s easily digestible
and understood without any of
the crazy science words and things that 90 percent
of us don’t understand. I’ll kind of start out
with what I use in the morning, and then get into more of
what I use during my workout. What I have here is
my huge bag of supplements. I brought them all
from the kitchen. So we’re just going to dive
into this bag like Mary Poppins, and just really
hammer it out. So the first thing
I take in the morning, after I do, like,
about 40 ounces of water is, I take my greens.
I usually mix my greens with about half a cup
of cashew milk or almond milk, and then I fill the rest up
with water, and I blend it. That way, I drink my greens and take down my vitamins
with them. So I use the Alani
Nutrition Super Greens. I’ve been using this product
for about three months now, and I absolutely love it. There are digestive
enzymes in it, so it helps you, obviously,
with digestion, minimal bloating, and also kind of promotes
a healthy digestive track. I think that having
a greens drink is super important
in anyone’s diet, anyone’s supplement routine,
because it’s typically things that you are not getting
in your actual diet. I also think that it helps me keep very regular
in my digestion. The one thing I mix in
with my greens is my Collagen supplement. I’ve been taking thisfor
a few weeks now. It’s something
whereyou don’t necessarily see the results right away,
but it is — I always get
confused with this — I want to call it
“hydraulic acid” –>>Oh, no!>>– but it’s hyaluronic acid.
So this helps with youthfulness, elasticity of the skin,
hair, skin, nails — everything youthfulness
in general. It helps promote that. The cool thing about taking
a collagen supplement is that, yes, our body
naturally produces collagen, but as we grow and get older, our body actually declines
how much it makes. So that’s why we age.
So to keep youthfulness, and just keep a shine
and a glow. I like to take collagen. Again, it’s something you don’t
notice the effects right away. But it’s definitely
worth taking. Along with those supplements
in the morning, I then start to add
all of my pills. It makes me sound
like a pill head. First and foremost,
digestion. So this is another
kind of digestive enzyme that I’ve been using along
with my greens drink. This does have a digestive
enzyme property in it. This helps really utilize
and break down carbs, fats and proteins
in the body after you eat. So it helps support digestion and also alleviates
a lot of bloating. You take this three times
a day with a meal, and it just helps me personally,
at least I’ve noticed, not get so full
and uncomfortable after a meal. I just keep a nice flowing
digestion throughout the day. You know, again,
after my greens, and then I take this
with breakfast and keep going
throughout the day. The next supplement I take
is the Hair, Skin and Nails. So this obviously has
a biotin property in it, as well as zinc
and some other properties, as well as vitamins to help
with your hair, skin and nails. Pretty straight up. You just take this,
it’s two veggie capsules. You can either take them
in the capsule, or dump them
into your drinks. I personally take this just
because — why not, you know? We all want to be
pretty forever. And this is really good
for hair, again, with the biotin
properties in it. There’s nothing
chemically imbalanced in this that will cause
detrimental effects. So I take it,
and I have noticed — I mean, my hair
has already grown so much. Now obviously, I might just have
fast-growing hair, but I have been taking this.
So — who knows? The next thing I’ve been taking
is the Tumeric. I’m not super educated
on this product itself. I promotes heart health,
contains antioxidants, brain function.
Again, this is a veggie capsule. I think that being able to try
all of these supplements and then tell you guys how
I’m feeling is very important, so I’m never going to push
a product when I’m not using it. So I am trying this. I’ll give you guys
more feedback as I go. But we shall see. Along with those, I have also been taking
the supplement called Stress. This is a really
cool supplement, because again,
it is a veggie capsule; therefore, it is
very much made naturally. The cool thing about this
is that it actually includes an ingredient
called “ashwagandha.” So ashwagandha is like
a natural remedy, a medicinal herb
that helps you with stress, it helps lower blood pressure,
possibly prevents cancer. All of these good things. If you read up on ashwagandha,
it’s really amazing. But it naturally helps you
with cortisol levels and to deter stress.
So I’ve been taking this. It’s two veggie capsules
with just one meal. I’ve also been taking Fish Oil. So Fish Oil is
just really important for overall joint health, especially if you’re someone
like me, who doesn’t do and eat
a lot of oily fish, you’re probably not getting
your omegas in your diet. So taking fish oil makes sure
that you’re doing that. This is a great blend. There is 1500 milligrams
of omega 3’s, 800 milligrams of EPA,
600 milligrams of DHA and 100 milligrams
of other omega 3’s. The best time to take fish oil is typically with a meal
that includes fat. The best way
to absorb omega 3’s is to take them alongside
eating dietary fats; it helps them absorb. So if you’re having
a fatty breakfast with some eggs
and some bacon, this is a great time
to take your fish oil. Next is typical.
It is the Multi-vitamin here. So these you take two soft
gels daily with each meal. It just helps improve
energy and focus. Obviously supports
healthy immune system, and naturally fills
in those nutritional gaps that you’re missing
in your typical diet. A multi-vitamin –>>Rad!>>– a probiotic
and a greens drink are three staple items
that I would suggest, and do suggest
to any of my clients. I love taking the multi-vitamin.
You can literally see on it — look how many ingredients
are on it. All goodness up in here. So this is definitely
worth investing in. Again, my top three
of what you would need, and what I suggest
to all my clients is multi-vitamin,
probiotic and greens. And then fish oil.
Fish oil, too. Lastly, what I’ve been taking
that has completely changed my whole entire life is —
Balance. Balance is a fertility,
weight management and hormonal support pill. This is just
four capsules a day. You can take less than that, but you will not achieve
the full effects of it. You can take it
on birth control. It will not cancel out
your birth control. However, I would
definitely suggest, if you’re someone who’s looking
to come off birth control, or is currently
off birth control, this is more of a supplement that you’re going
to be interested in. This has changed my whole life.
I’ve never been in better moods, I’ve never felt better
in consistency in my weight. I’ve never felt better
with my skin. You guys didn’t really see it, because I was literally
in full foundation all the time, but my skin was so bad
for about four months. I was so embarrassed. I was wearing nothing
but full coverage foundation. And even with my video
that you guys just saw, my Get Ready With Me —
I was in bare skin. I wouldn’t have done
that months ago. So you can kind of see
right now, like I had terrible acne
all here and here. And it’s, like,
completely gone. I mean, granted, I have some
little breakouts, but overall, I’ve never had better skin
than I do now naturally. So when I did have
good skin before, it was because
I was on birth control, and obviously
that helps with acne. But once I got off,
my skin went haywire, so I’m really glad
to have this supplement. This is key if you are someone
also struggling with hormonal acne. The one thing I have not tried, and I do actually
have it somewhere — I just don’t know where it
went — is the fat burner. So I’m not one to typically
push fat burners or use them, but the fat burner
from Alani Nutrition has some really
great ingredients in it to actually help you expedite
the fat loss phase. Fat burners can definitely
be a helper when it comes to increasing
the metabolism, decreasing appetite,
appetite suppressant — especially with the caffeine
that’s in the fat burner. But overall, fat burner
will never replace hard work, diet and proper exercise
and training. So fat burner — I can’t tell you
all the real tea — I do know that
Haydn has used it. Obviously, again,
they’re not going to formulate some crappy product. You know, Katy and Haydn
worked so hard for this company, and they would never put out
a product that is half good. I would definitely trust the fat
burner pill, if I needed it. I’ve just never needed it. Now that I’m kind of done
with that, I did want to talk about
Pre-Workout. The rest of my Pre-Workouts
are in my car for the gym, but I do have
three inside with me. I have Cotton Candy Grape,
Arctic White and Rainbow Candy. These are all super amazing. I love the feeling that I get
with these Pre-Workouts. All the flavors
are to the T of exactly what you’re asking for
on the label, but they all include
200 milligrams of caffeine. So it’s a perfect amount
of caffeine to feel a surge of energy,
but not put you overboard. I typically try to pick
my poison with Pre-Workout, whether I do two cups of coffee
and Pre-Workout, or one cup of coffee,
and an energy drink later, something like that.
With these, I absolutely love, because there is a little bit
of beta-alanine in it, so if you guys don’t like
the scratchy-scratchy, take a lesser serving
and get yourself used to it. I personally love the feeling
of kind of, like, a little bit of jitters
before I go to the gym, so I love
the beta-alanine in it. But if you’re someone
who doesn’t like that, either take a lower serving,
or don’t take this kind. I’m hoping that we’ll have
a non-stimulant Pre-Workout come out soon. However, this is a very much
still a new company, and they’re creating
amazing products every day. So for now, the Pre-Workouts
are amazing. My favorite flavor, truthfully,
is the Cotton Candy Grape. I love grape.
And this flavor is so good. I really cannot explain it —
very underrated. Arctic White and Rainbow Candy are also very good,
and the Hawaiian Shaved Ice is a favorite
by a lot of people. I truly love them all. I swear to you when I say,
you cannot go wrong, ever. Next, I’m going to go
over the BCAA’s. For you guys that
are interested in BCAA’s, basically what they do
is help you with muscle recovery hydration
and endurance in the gym. Are BCAA’s needed? Not really, because truthfully,
you do get them in your diet. But BCAA’s are great
if you’re training fasted. So if you’re someone
that wakes up in the morning and goes to the gym
right away, having a BCAA
is going to be really great to lessen the chance
of your muscles atrophying, and still giving yourself
enough energy to push through
a really intense workout. So right now I have BCAA’s
in Rocket Pop, Cucumber Mint,
Candy Apple, Rocket Pop, the Berry,
and the Sour Peach Rings. I personally love taking BCAA’s.
I think they’re delicious. They’re easy to sip on
even during the day. They’re not going to give you
a type of pump or stimulant, so it’s kind of just
a nice refreshing drink. Again, do you really need them?
No. Are they still good for you
and have positive qualities? Absolutely.
Are they tasting amazing? A hundred percent! Sweeties, you cannot go wrong
with a Berry BCAA. The Berry BCAA, and truthfully
the Cucumber Mint, are two of my favorites. I know what you might
be thinking. Cucumber Mint?>>Eeewwww!
>>But I promise you, it is the weirdest,
most refreshing taste ever. I just will tell you,
you definitely need cold water, or else it’s not good. The last thing I really wanted
to touch on is the Protein. So Protein is obviously
a supplement that everyone thinks
that they need. And you do. Protein is super
important for you to get in your bloodstream
right away, post-workout, to really promote muscle
protein synthesis, hit your protein for the day. I personally love to cook
with my protein. You won’t probably catch me
dead drinking a protein shake. I did that for about
three years, and let me tell you —
it was disgusting! So what I do nowadays is,
I bake with my protein. So I’ll put it in, like,
my protein pancakes, I’ll put it in oatmeal. I’ll put it in protein ice
cream — stuff like that. I don’t typically
just sit and drink it. But if you’re someone
who does struggle with hitting
your protein goal, this is going to be
perfect for you. Okay. So this is
really inconvenient. The proteins I have are; Fruity
Cereal — this is delicious. I have the Peppermint Bark —
one of my faves. Pumpkin Spice,
Peanut Butter Brownie, and then I also have, over here,
I have the pancake brunch, and then I have the Plant
Protein and Chocolate. So when it comes down to it,
all of these supplements I am currently
putting into my routine. I love saying that, because when
I was a part of [BLEEP], I did not take
any of their supplements, and that’s why I stopped
putting it on my story. That’s why I stopped sharing it, because I’m not going to
sit here and promote what I wasn’t using. So it’s really freaking awesome
to be part of a company again that I’m hype as crap
about their supplements; that I’m actually using them, that I’m seeing results
from them, that everything —
every single thing — these are the best products
on the F-ing market right now. And I will tell you that
with full confidence. I’m super excited
to bring you guys this video. I hope that it made sense
without all, again, the crazy science
terminology and whatnot. Just very plain, bland. I will be at the Arnold
with Alani Nutrition. I’m so excited,
it’s going to be a blast. And I’m really excited
to just meet some of you guys, and to, again,
represent a brand that has truly changed
my life already. And if you haven’t
already placed an order with Alani Nutrition,
I would highly suggest doing so, using my code “DESB,”
or shopping the link below. Last, but not least, the only
two things I have to tell you are some upcoming product
releases to come. So first and foremost, there
will be a probiotic releasing, which is super important in
digestive health and gut health. That is releasing
within the next four weeks. Same with the prenatal. So any of my pregnant mamas
out there — I’m jealous. We have a prenatal that is
going to be coming for you. As you guys know, Katy just recently had a baby
a few months ago, and so the prenatal
was designed with care in what she has gone
through herself. Also, currently live
is the brand new Alani Nutrition Energy drinks. These would be perfect
for you guys looking for a Pre-Workout
without that stimulant. So if you don’t want
the beta-alanine, and you don’t want the shakies, but you need the 200
milligrams of caffeine, the Alani Nutrition
Energy drinks are going to be
perfect for you. You can see the picture
right here. Whoo, whoo!
So freaking lit! By the way, sorry, I just
got caught up on my phone. But, oh, I love him!
I love James. [INAUDIBLE] if you love James
[INAUDIBLE] too, because us sisters
have to stick together, right? I hope you guys like this video. Sorry for the slower-paced,
a little bit more educational, but a lot of you guys
asked what I take, what’s needed, et cetera, so I hope you got
something out of this video. I love you. Thank you
for being here for this video, thumbs up, subscribe
and click the bell and be ready
for our next video Monday. Love you guys, and I’ll see you

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