After Halloween, we thought to ourselves “Using the Costumes just once per Year might be a Waste” so we decided to Go have a WORKOUT with it. BiG Thanks to Anytime Fitness This is NOT a Workout Program ! After You ! Shall we ?! Where was that ? Was it this way or that way ??? It’s that way ! By the way you forgot your glasses Superman ! Your might get busted Helloooo ! My Name is Zoro ! But you can call me Roronoa Zoro ! And Today we are with… SUPERMAN ! This Me ! Hello Everyone ! SuperMan please tell everybody what we’re going to do today Today is going to be a very unusual Workout ! We will show you how to become Real SuperHeros !!! Because you might think SuperHeros were born this way… but NO ! It’s a lot of Work everyday !!! And you also need to eat a lot So eat well, be Consistent Time To WORKOUT ! Let’s Go !

5 thoughts on “SUPERMAN Vs ZORO : SuperHero Crazy WORKOUT

  1. ptdr bien vu, t'aurais pu ajouter de la color correction pour rendre plus cinématographique ta vidéo, et régler aussi les ISO.

  2. Rien a dire vous êtes des tueur ! J'ai bien rigoler avec tout les jeu de mot utiliser et le renforcement du ni toryu ! 😂😂 ! J'ai appris en rigolant et ça c'est important ! Continue comme ça mon gars c'est du bon boulot !

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