Super Hero Fitness Trainer | Marvel Make Me a Hero

Super Hero Fitness Trainer | Marvel Make Me a Hero

Hi! My name is BJ. Watch Marvel: Make Me A Hero. I am a certified fitness instructor. It’s interesting, in most of
the boutique spaces I work in, it’s predominately women. And so when you start talking
about strength, especially for women, there’s a lot of attachments,
like “I don’t want to get bulky.” “I shouldn’t be picking
these heavy things up.” But then when you start
to put it in context, like let’s understand how strong you are. Or that strength could
look different on everybody. Once people have that A-HA
moment, they don’t want to stop. And so that’s what’s always my draw,
is getting to have these relationships, helping people that they’re really dope. They just, don’t know
what they’re thing is yet. I have the pleasure of
getting them to that space. 80’s kid. 90’s cartoons. Definitely X-Men
and Spider-Man were like my jam. Like I lived for the Saturday
mornings with those cartoons. There were themes that were happening
and I could pick up on the narrative, but I’m young so I can’t
really put it together. And I felt like, I see myself in this
but I don’t really understand why. But I always kept watching
and I cared like “Oh my gosh! The Phoenix! Oh my god what’s
gonna happen with Wolverine? Oh my god! Storm’s so dope!” In terms of representation, I just want my character to
just like, bend a little bit, and have room for however you identify. So very feminine but I also
bench, like 165 on a bad day. So, bend it. African American. I wanted my super hero
to be strong, cause I love strength. But I also to supercharge
already existing heroes. And of course train them,
cause we have to do that. I do identify as a woman,
but I recognize I’m a little bit more masculine of center. I have
short hair. I got a fade. I have muscles. Most people look better in black, but for
me, I always tend to slant towards grey, cause it reminds me that
life is not black and white. And it reminds me to try to
find some sort of balance. Fitness watch, because I like to
track my heart rate, calories, steps, all those things that matter. So I’m a big fan of the
baseball tee situation. One because you get two colors,
but also, it showcases the guns. And it’s easy to move around in,
but you always look professional, good to do what you have to do. I just, go to work, do what I have to
do, but when I see people in need, my kind of step up. I’m pretty basic, except for
when stuff hits the fan. Then it’s time to get to work. Are you kidding me? That’s so dope! Got my lip game. It’s poppin. Like
you got lip gloss up in here. Okay! Kicks are on point.
You got me coordinated. Yeah I love the grey, especially the
rolled up sleeves. Like that is legit. And it matches my earrings. I have
this whole spiral thing going on. So totally love this watch.
It tracks me like it lives on me. She’s also beautiful, and
strong at the same time. I actually think I might cry. And I don’t see someone that’s
excluded or missing something, but like, a total person
standing in her power. And I think I push other people to have
that, but I don’t always get that myself, and I see that in this. I look so dope. Thanks Marvel for making me a hero. So good! Yeah this is like, so dope.

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  1. To all those who, having just gotten the Avengers Endgame trailer, are now demanding a Spider-Man Far From Home trailer BEFORE Endgame (the movie that needs to come out and be watched first for Far From Home to make sense) has been released and are somehow completely missing this wonderful moment on screen of a woman having a dream come true and crying in joy…. Get lives. For your own good.

  2. You are truly inspirational, breaking the stereotypes. You have motivated to start my own channel, check it out and show me some support following your foot steps. 🙂

  3. Inspired from the legend to become a new generation creator, one day a Director. Wish to have a platform for newbe director's where they cn show their talents, Yeah me too a Dreamer…..🤩

  4. Who are the enemies? Ku Klux Klan, McDonald's corporation, KFC, burger king and Pizza Hut . Weakness fast food and parties on week ends

  5. I'm thinking your superhero name should be Thunder or Thunder Woman (twist on Wonder Woman, get it?)


  6. Did her parents actually name her BJ or are her initials just BJ and she decided to call herself that? If so why? Also it was kinda irritating how during the entire video she was bragging about how strong and muscular she was. 1:33 Seriously, "165 on a bad day" like c'mon we get it.

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