– Hey, guys. It’s Bagdo Leonis here. Welcome to another
video of Official Thenx. Today we’re gonna do a
workout from We’re gonna do an
intermediate shoulder workout. Meet me in part one, day four. Let’s do it. (upbeat bassy electronic music) Hey, guys. We’ll start
the shoulder workout. First, the warmup. In and out, 20 seconds. Mountain climebers, 45 seconds. Side to side push ups, 15 seconds. We’re gonna repeat that two times. But we’re gonna skip that. We’re going straight to the workout. Workout. Handstand kick ups, 10 times. Handstand holds against the wall, max. Wall walks, six times. Elevated pike push ups, 10 times. Pike push ups plus hold, max. Shoulder to shoulder, ten times. Tricep extension, max. In and out, 15 times. Push ups, max. Repeat that routine three times. First exercise, handstand
kick ups, 10 times. (chill electronic music) Let’s see what’s the next workout. Second, we got handstand holds
against the wall, max. You can do a little more if you want. Third exercise, wall walks, six times. Remember, you can rest 30 seconds between each exercise. Next workout, elevated pike push ups, 10 times. Gonna rest for 30 seconds. Always remember to lock your arms. Elbows in. Nice. Next workout, pike pushups plus hold, max. Max. Rest for 30 seconds. If you wanna do it, do it. I’m a little tired. Let’s do it. (chill electronic music) Nice. The next workout is gonna
be shoulder to shoulder, 10 times. I’m gonna rest 30 seconds for that one, that one is hard. I can feel my shoulder. (mumbles) See what’s next. It’s gonna be in and out, 15 times. Rest a little bit. Let’s do it. Almost dead, man. Last exercise. Push up, back. Kill. Kill yourself. Let’s rest a little bit. Gonna kill me. Let’s do it. Always perfect form. You’ve done the workout. You have to repeat that three times. So guys, just enjoy in Sign up for more videos like this. Thank you, guys. I’ll see you.


  1. No joke, i thought you had a bunch of kinesiotape on your left arm, but then i noticed it was your tattoo.. dope video tho!

  2. Hi Chris & Osvaldo,
    Discovered THENX a week ago or so, really wanted to say amazing content! The way you detail workouts and break-down the more advanced movements is just fantastic and extremely insightful.

    Now a quick question, a lot of your programs seem to focus on conditioning, with a circuit that is repeated a certain number of times and very limited rest in-between exercises. Do you have any workouts focused more on developing pure strength on key movements? – traditionally, coming from a weight-lifting background, we would use less exercises, less reps but more rest in-between exercises.

    The reason I am asking is that, transitioning from lifting weights to calisthenics, whilst for many exercises I feel like I am mostly lacking technique and adaptation, for quite some others I just simply lack pure strength (e.g: strict controlled muscle-ups, one-arm pull-ups etc). Do you also have trainings orientated towards those goals, or do the workouts as presented actually suffice to develop the required strength required over time? Would be really interested in getting your thoughts on that. Thanks guys!

  3. feels very efective but i don't see the tricep extensions in the video D: …… thanx for the workout and the video, you are the best!!!

  4. hey, please we need a planch push-ups tutorial i know that osvaldo have a incridible power it will be a very nice video.

  5. what if goood bout the THENX FORM IZ IT CLEARLY XPLAINED & withz the time as well
    nice stuff guyz

  6. Great workout thanks for sharing!
    You missed the triceps extensions, I think it was listed at the beginning.

  7. In the app video Chris does the Elevated Pike Push Ups with a 90 degree posture, however this guy does with a little lean back posture. Wich of the two postures is more effective and correct?

  8. Love the shoulder to shoulder exercise, not sure how difficult it is yet but I'm guessing the shoulders and the wrists get a good going over in this one. I'll give it a try later along with the others. I can feel the burn already!

  9. I use this app Thenx everday! All my friends using the app also "Thenx" to me, you give me a lot of inspiration my dude. INSTRUMENTAL NAMES PLEASE😁

  10. Todo me gustó y ya te estoy siguiendo, solo la música de este vídeo me pareció tétrica!
    Perdón por el comentario, pero tenía que hacerlo

  11. Can the elevated pike push up help with pull ups? Pull ups is my weak point. I've also looked at the newbie guide to doing pull ups but i currently don't have a bar to get to for the moment to start very low. Regardless i will still be working on my back and shoulders.

  12. ive been doing this for almost 2 months and i gotta say…..this is the most effective shoulder workout ive ever had…..good stuff thenx keep it up

  13. Man, this guy is almost kiding, he was not even pumped. He is doing this "i can feel my shoulders" just for the video. He is a fucking monster! This workout is nothing for him, it's a intermediate one. He can do back lever to planche on rings…

  14. The subtitle miswrote Osvaldo’s name and I wondered this man bore much resemblance to Osvaldo 😅

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