Strong – Interview With Powerlifting Champion After Breaking 3 Australian Records

Strong – Interview With Powerlifting Champion After Breaking 3 Australian Records

what’s up tribe Yani here we’re
filming for Unity-V and the sound of movement podcast hello to all the people
listening on the podcast that will be up later on next week we are super excited
today we have quite literally another webisode it’s the strongest guy in the
country under 110 kill you oh no it’s official okay this is it this is awesome
this is going to be unreal we’re going to talk strength and power lifting and
quite frankly a lot of things that Rad and I don’t know a lot about so we’re
super excited let’s get this intro real pumping till we get started rock and roll so today we have a special
guest Australian strength coach we’re looking
at this one up there here he is and we’re going to be talking I don’t know a
lot of stuff really I’m quite excited about this so well I’ll give somebody
give him a little intro yeah yeah you’ve also got obviously my brother rad on the
show I actually am for this interview Yani is I think he’s gonna be
driving this one because he’s got he’s got a stronger history with you is known
you for longer and he Yanni’s young he’s got some really cool questions for you
but for those of you that don’t know this is a good friend of ours Sebastian
orb also known as aka Australian strength
coach and now officially the strongest man in Australia under 110 kilos so you
just want which competition on the weekend was the best so the federation
is w RPF but it’s my friends that are in the Federation and I’ve been competing
two times per year there’s one massive one which is the Arnold’s it’s called
Pro Raw and then my second competition that I always do is this it’s it’s
definitely smaller than Pro Raw but it doesn’t mean I take it less years yeah
and yeah so those the Nationals and finally you know something I’ve been
working towards for many many years I now own 110 kilogram all-time total
record I’m allowed to say that you guys were allowed to say that and the reason
I’m saying it like this is because it’s probably going to go real quick it’s
just so competitive at the moment and I’m gonna milk it while I can
yeah so not what was your total weight so it’s 940 kilogram total yeah so for
those people that don’t know powerlifting can you explain what that
means so powerlifting is made up of three
lifts squat bench press dead lifts you get three tents at each lift so my
the heaviest of the three attempts is what goes down towards your total so my
heaviest s’what was three hundred and seventy two and a half kilograms
sorry can we just pause on that for a minute that was three hundred and
seventy two kilograms two and a half uh-huh just wrap your head around that
folks for a minute I’ve got to wrap my head around it as
well it’s actually absolutely unreal I can smell I’m just gonna jump me a bass
used to best used to be a personal trainer at unity gym when we first
started five years ago and I remember at the back of the gym when busted his
first rep at 300 kilos and how I can Stoke the Y’s deadlifting yeah squat
yeah I spotted 260 actually anyway very different technique training I keep
going with the power so that was your squat you got through yeah three 72 and
a half which is an Alzheimer’s trail Ian record that’s why I went for otherwise
if the record didn’t exist I’d have just gone for three 70s yeah yeah so then
benchpress was 240 kilograms which is another all-time Australian bench press
record yeah yeah that’s what I do yeah well that’s that’s the funny thing
is that’s probably my strongest lift of all the area I must what’s very strong
but who forty to forty you know comparative to the idiom when you were
back here I think you were doing that 180 or something the best I did was I
believe 204 for three reps right here yeah okay yeah and and then deadlift
it’s it’s a it’s funny to say it and it’s stupid to say but that’s my weak
lift that’s three hundred and twenty seven and a half kilograms so that lets
me down usually when I’m up against the best guys in the world so when I compare
myself to the best guys in the world squats and bench presses you know you
can compare me to them but then you know we’ve got the best guy on the planet who
just out totalled me on the same day by 100 kilograms his name is Yuri Belkin
he’s got a 400 and he deadlift at 410 kilograms on the weekend so I had the
110 one day and yeah so it’s like you know I’ll come up against him you know
we’re kind of side by side and then deadlift comes and it’s it’s so there’s
a few things that they say and you know in powerlifting big benchpress
small deadlift and vice versa it’s the mechanics and I mean it doesn’t
not necessarily the case with everybody but it certainly is for me I feel like
I’ve got pretty short rounds which is a fantastic advantage for my benchpress
yeah but when it comes to the deadlift I watched some of the greatest dead
lifters and I look at their technique and I’m like yeah I think I’m doing that
then I look at my style when I compare my videos and I definitely bend down a
lot fit together bar I am traveling a little bit further but it’s not to say
that I can’t still improve my dad lived yeah but but definitely the best benches
in the world like I got the best bench in Australia and I got short arms like
it’s kind of you know that’s what you’d expect to see and the best deadlift is
in the world also have fantastic mechanics for that movement and same
with the squad it’s you know short Famers and and big round bellies yeah so
they bounce better and yeah you know silly things like that yeah absolutely
but yeah so so lucky that it’s all come together and it doesn’t really matter
what you specialize in but these days everyone specialises in all three yeah
that’s that’s who the best guys in the world are now and if you fail at one of
them yeah well there be an element I guess they’d be an element of having the
perfect genetics you know make your level at your level genetics has to play
a role absolutely no like you kind of if you come up against someone with the
perfect mechanics spread across all three of those lives you’re you’re
fucked really absolutely and and yeah as we’re saying the body shape and type and
all of these things definitely contributes massively yeah but then
you’ve got a lot of other attributes as well something that I I’ve been thinking
a lot about and it’s it’s I guess it’s a bit of a change of topic but there’s a
lot you guys know my wife will issue and a sister they’ve got a women’s only fits
bow you know account where there yeah right now there’s a whole thing about
fits bow being a really negative term basically because it’s giving the wrong
image and basically telling people that it’s a unrealistic
it’s an unrealistic lifestyle yeah and people are looking up to you know that
the Lauren Simpson is the Harry Boyles of the world who are basically live and
breathe training yeah and it’s kind of unachievable because everyone has jobs
well I guess it’s the same one on my end of the spectrum as well what I do for a
living is I come into the gym after I drop off my daughter
I have breakfast at my leisure straight after that I go do a poo have a shower
train whenever I want yeah for as long as I want I’ve got a team of coaches and
athletes that surrounds me through every single session and no one gets in my way
and then after I’m a little bit tired I’ll I’ll stop and I’ll have my next
meal waiting for me and then I’ll rest a few hours and I’ll come back and train
in the afternoon it’s it’s yeah you know so you got genetics then you’ve got well
I guess you could say hard work but it’s not just the hard work I’m able to to
put 100% of my focus into this which is a huge advantage but hang on I’ve got it
I want to say because we this came up in conversation just yesterday when we were
reflecting back after seeing you perform on the weekend you know people will say
oh yeah you know he’s got good genetics all he’s got there so he’s got this
great circle around him but you fucking grinded like if we go back 12 years or
15 years when we made that Tramp when you made that transition from sort of
kick boxing and martial arts into powerlifting when everyone else was in
the body building am I always still training with your bro and at Fitness
first and we were all you know trying to be sort of bodybuilders I guess that’s
how we trained you know you know you copped a bit of shit for going into
powerlifting and you did your time like you’ve done it day in day out for the
last 12 years so there’s a fuckload of grit and hard work that’s going into
that and that’s not just just you know I guess just credit yeah you’ve got to
have all those pieces of the puzzle that come together and then it comes together
in the perfect package but you’ll get to a point where you’re at now I guess what
I’m saying is where you’ve got guys that are going to be anatomically gifted for
deadlifting and it’s going to be very hard for you to pull a 400 or a 420
mm-hmm definitely definitely but yeah thanks for recognizing that
yeah I’ve put my time in definitely you know you and I are the old bugger’s of
the area I guess you know all of us you know 15 years in the industry you know
all from North Sydney you know we’ve and we’ve seen each other kind of all of us
grow together in our own different ways but yeah I’ve definitely put in my time
it hasn’t happened I would not that’s for sure yeah but it’s not just like
what you said about you know about the way that you try and you go to work and
eat and you train and then you rest aid again trying again like that is a
product of the way that you’ve steered your life to be to create the results
you’re creating now and I was even I was having a chat to Richard just the other
day our other business partner and we were talking about I was talking about
how grateful I am that we now have this job where we we it’s programmed into our
day that we train twice a day so we’re do strength training in the morning and
mobility and movement in the afternoon and I’ve had that dream for as long as I
can remember like when I still do kung-fu and my teacher used to tell me
how many hours a day you have to train to get better and needs to think well
how can I do that like I have to go to work from 9:00 until 6:00 or whatever it
is every day and he said look rather this is what it takes to get good I
don’t know how you do it but if you want to get to where you want to be this is
what you got to do and I could never I could never train twice a day back then
it was just too hard to train before work enough to exercise to train after
work everyday for anywhere from sort of two to four hours but it was really hard
to train for that long so it is this whole lifestyle that you’ve created
that’s gotten you to where you are and yeah man it’s a testament I mean look at
what you’ve just done on the weekend it’s unreal
and thank you that’s awesome this is this is actually something I’d like to
talk to you about and steer the conversation if I may I’d love to know
what your rituals are like like we talk about this a lot here with our guys and
you wouldn’t know this but our program now is five days a week you know I
remember I remember hearing either you or someone having a talk to York one of
your clients whilst you were working in here a while a few years ago and you
said if you want to get decent results you’ve got to train every day brother
remember the conversation I ask every one of the trainers here how many days
do you judge me Ryan yeah and everyone said five and six yes that’s exactly
right over the years we’ve actually migrated to not giving people an option
if they want to come play here it’s a five day a week program and we do also
train on Saturday morning but it’s kind of an open map where we train and we
invite them to come in and train with us you know you’ve like cultivated this
tribe which absolutely you would you would and
something I talked about without our tribe here as well
your tribe plays a big role in the energy and the type of training and that
in your motivation on a day to day basis can we talk a little bit about that
because you that’s one thing that you’ve done insanely well if you want to get
strong and you want to lift at your peak there’s no better way to try it no
better place to train in Sydney because of this reason
let’s talk about your tribe and the way you built that yes it’s a lot of the
things it’s about the reputation that we’ve built based on I guess you know
doing our time it’s experience and and and leading by example you know I’ve
trained as you guys have you know you know we work towards a goal and you
achieve the goals whatever and then and then I started with social media I guess
after my wife did and she developed a great name and a great business through
her social media and she kind of encouraged me to open an Instagram
account which I didn’t want to do because I was you know open account I
had no likes had no followers and it’s like this is boring I post something and
no one likes me I don’t have you know pretty hair in a nice bomb yeah yeah
well I do but I mean I think but but you know slowly slowly that grew and and I
guess it was some right time right place kind of thing where I was kind of one of
the first people around the areas that were like around North Sydney or
actually even go as far as to say in Australia that was a coach as well as an
athlete that that had a great product and that was promoting themselves
through social media as well yeah so I was kind of one of the first to put
themselves out there yeah and start building an audience and I started
actually started training professional athletes for free so my first
professional athlete was an MMA fighter big yeah his name was Ian Shaffer yeah
I’m not sure if you guys have met him but um you know after I trained him I
got my next professional athlete who was junior Tala power who’s a pro boxing one
of the best in Australia and then from him I had my next prime my next pro and
you know power lifters and boxers and rugby players and and it’s mainly
because yeah yeah I will take a bit of credit that always good at what I did
but I was probably one of the only ones known in the area that was doing it you
know I was known as the guy that was training the pros so not many other
people were known as that so what are these people go to so they came to me
and then after that you know I open my gym at base gym and I knew the end
result I knew what the picture that I wanted to paint was and that was to be
surrounded by the best guys in the planet yeah and I didn’t know how it was
going to happen but I knew that those advice that I was given by many people
that were you know gym owners about you know capitalizing and / capitalizing in
gym equipment yeah and it was a huge decision that I’ve made and obviously
you guys have as well and it was to spend a lots and lots of money on the
best equipment so I got the best brands I’ve got a leak oh because I thought
with my end result the picture that I wanted to paint it couldn’t exist with
anything less yeah so you know that was a huge player in my
success as you know as a leading strength coach was paying a lot of money
you have a premium facility and all of a sudden you’re standing next to an elite
a facility with you know what’s and dumbbells and the best equipment the
money can buy yeah even if they didn’t know my reputation people would look at
me and say who’s that guy I gotta go and train over there so if it wasn’t if it
wasn’t my ability as a athlete it could have been my you know me training all
these professional coaches and if it wasn’t any of that it was having the
facility with the equipment that everyone needed so I did everything that
I could to attract all the right people so that’s you know a lot of it you know
I’m kind of I’m not taking credit for being good at what I do to some degree
because a lot of it isn’t necessarily how good I was but it was how good I was
marketing myself and the equipment that I that I used it was attractive for a
lot of people to come and train at my gym but you know I also lived up to the
reputation of the equipment and the social media presence and all of these
things as well by putting in the time and busting my ass and being good at
what I did and achieving world-class results so it all came together really
nicely and now it’s kind of it’s it’s good and bad but you know a lot of the
great lifters want to come to me and train with me which is my team now I’ve
got a great team of high-level athletes that are just all the strong and
stronger than me and these are the people that push me on they call me
their coach but they’re also my coach as well and and that’s a huge part of my
success as a lifter and a coach as well as just being surrounded by all of this
and it’s just it’s all kind of just growing
in that direction yeah but when I said it’s good and bad the bad part is it’s
very intimidating and that’s something that you guys would know very well when
you’ve got huge you know guys or you know with muscles and lifting crazy
weights from a money-making perspective a lot of people wouldn’t step foot in my
doors yeah because it is just far too intimidating and I’m aware of that
and yeah but that’s that’s the niche that I’ve got and that’s the life that I
like to live and you know I’m able to make money through different means now
than just gym memberships and if it was my only means of income gym memberships
I’d be bust yeah man look you’ve you’ve kind of got the blueprint that I read
about in books you know like I follow Gary B we spoke about before we came
live and you’re doing exactly what you’re passionate about you’re
effectively living your passion you know and because of that you’re fuckin good
at it because you love going to work every day you know and you also have
yeah you’ve marketed it well I mean he talks about documenting the process and
when you think about it you did that perfectly like if you throwback to 15
years or 12 years ago Walker Street lifting days you guys document you
document to daily everything you know and it was your wins your losses your
missed lifts like not a lot of people you know they’re if you look at their
Instagram feed and this is what I really really love about you guys your document
irrespective of whether you you document when you learn you know and now if
that’s a failed lift then you talk about it and you say this fucking sucked it
felt like shit this is why you know it’s not just oh here’s all my perfect shit
look at how awesome I am you know you thought you’re doing everything and
that’s I guess the perfect formula you know it’s just documenting the process
yes so it’s interesting that you I guess that term has been coined you know as
you’re saying I’m documenting the process and that’s a marketing strategy
that’s being promoted or a blueprint that’s been promoted by you know you
know legends of this field such as Gary Vee yeah something interesting is we had
a you know we got all sorts of people that walk into a gym and inquire about
memberships and I had this one lady who said to me
I follow your shit and I really want to be part of it I’m like cool so do you
live in she’s got said no I’m in marketing I don’t want to be part of the
lifting I just want to know your strategy behind your marketing yeah how
I’m just intrigued by this this whole thing that you’ve got going on I’m like
well marketing no no there’s none of that I lived I left I record I post yeah
yeah good or as you say good or bad that’s it’s just documenting what I’m
doing yeah I guess it’s kind of done by accident but that’s that’s right that’s
what I do I document it and you know a lot of the reasons why I post a lot of
the things that I post it’s like okay I want to know where I was this time last
year you know I need to compare myself you know six weeks out four weeks out
eight weeks out so that I can see if I’m improving
yeah and that’s the best way I’ll just scroll back to my last competition yeah
and I’ll see the dates and I watch the videos and that’s the best way of
comparing myself to myself yeah but yeah that’s that’s it just it all
works you know whether it’s for marketing purposes for my own
documenting which helps me me train myself yeah but yeah it’s it’s it’s all
coming together and it’s just so happens to be you know as a perfect strategy
that the perfect strategy here I want to jump in here because this more this week
is our testing week in unity and what we do we’re rolling out this initiative
where we document so once a month we test the we don’t do one rms without
guys we do three RMS because we want to try and encourage them to only do one
our rooms a few times a year just because of how physically taxing it is a
lot of these guys break otherwise they don’t have quite the balance that we do
where they get enough sleep and all that sort of thing the recovery strategies
but we do our three RMS and I wanted to shout out to all the guys that are that
are doing that that are watching this or that do watch this it the docket Brad
was like come on you gotta get your phones out your to film this don’t just
write it down what you’re lifting that are because filming you know you get you
get to see technique you get to see your body position you get to see how you
know bar speed all that sort of thing on a certain lift so yeah it’s cool it’s
really really nice to hear that you guys are finding that so powerful as well
yeah but powerful in many ways you know for marketing and social media and all
this but whenever I teach people I teach people to be their own harshest critic
as well yeah so a lot of the times for example when I’ll do a left I’ll turn
around and I’ll ask all of my wonderful team members how it looked and everyone
wants to give me a pat on the back yeah it’s just human nature they just want to
be nice so I don’t do that anymore I feel myself and I’m my own harshest
critic and I know I’m not looking for a good boy a bad boy I’m looking for your
knee went out your knee didn’t go out your chest drop your eyes dropped your
feet work yeah and you can 1% of time and and I do it every single time my
each and every warm-up rep you know I’ve got a lot of new philosophies that I
guess I’ve kept a lot of them since I’ve known you guys but basically something I
talk about is you’ve got to earn the right to add weight to the bar something
that a lot of people don’t know about me is actually hate lifting heavy weights
yeah so try and find ways to make it feel like yep and everything is
technique technique technique so that the older I’m getting the smarter I’m
getting and it comes from experience in being injured and I don’t want that
anymore yeah I hate being broken it sucks and you can’t get strong that way
yeah and so I did one really vicious injury on the weekend I tore my colours
on my pinky so that’s that’s my that’s my big injury that I’ve done my whole
bleeding can you zoom in on it yeah it’s pretty vicious I don’t know if it’s
suitable for your viewers because you didn’t want to catch so quickly there’s
a really good lead-in here that is one of the topics that I wanted
to talk about and this is something that you guys like our style of training
other than the fact that we do barbells and body weight you’re you both keep it
fairly simple in that regard that you look around there’s no fancy equipment
and machinery here we’d like to keep it simple but the one thing we have very in
common at least I think so from an outsider’s perspective looking in is
that we do something that actually hijacks a very intrinsic mechanism in
the brain which is using something other than body image as a primary goal for
our motivation we use we use movement and strength and so do you and I’d love
to talk about that a little bit because I think that’s something we can really
add value to people that are watching finding your intrinsic motivator because
you tapped on it there you are your harshest critic and it’s always at the
end of the day you verse you you know even though you go and compete on a
national level like you just did on the weekend when you’re in the training camp
you’re not I mean I don’t know about you and I’d love to hear your your viewpoint
on this are you thinking shit I’ve got to beat this guy or are you thinking
I’ve got to beat myself see there’s a lot of strategies when it comes to
competition with you competing against the person or competing against yourself
and I’ve done all of them and something that you know when it comes to
competition your objective is to win and a lot of people do say you need to beat
the opponent and whatever it is but I find that my most successful results
that I’ve ever achieved with myself and with my athletes is to definitely have a
plan and something that always goes through my head is a term that I saw Joe
DeFranco say there’s one of his t-shirts and it’s a guy who’s handing up like
that saying fuck Plan B and that’s kind of what’s going through my head just
stop changing him on like it your mind races in the heat of of competition I
you know it’s feeling like this should I change my strategy so this is the first
time that I ever achieved a nine from nine day since my very first competition
my first competition ever was nine from nine and that was it was probably about
eight eight or nine about eight years ago and I I did a 630 kilogram total in
the 93 kilogram class and I got nine from nine because I had a plan and I
stuck to the plan because I didn’t know what else to expect I’d never done it
before so I thought here’s the numbers I think I can do let’s just go and do that
and see how it pans out that’s the first time I ever got an on from nine day and
this was the second time excuse me I ever got a nine from nine day and I
stuck to the process and it was the best the best total ever done in Australia
and sang with a lot of my athletes it’s like they call me that you know if I’m
never ever not at a competition and they message you mean they’re sending me
their videos and they’re saying you know felt like it felt like this should I
change the plan stick to the freakin plan stick to the
freakin plan I don’t care who’s in the room I know what you can get this is
your best chance of achieving the best total you try and compete against those
people you’re probably going to do something silly and you’re not going to
achieve it so so it’s it is that’s just my strategy I’m not saying it’s the
winning strategy or it’s the best strategy I just know that I’ve had the
most success with as you say competing against yourself
yeah but there’s a few other things that you just spoke about another thing well
where did the motivation come from this because like you know for anyone that
doesn’t know you like you’re you’re one of the most passionate people I’ve ever
met and people say to me that I’m an extremely passionate person and honestly
I don’t think I even ranked next to you what’s my passion for things and that’s
a that’s a compliment now I take it I mean II compliment all right now I know
you very well well our I believe people say to me
you’re passionate and I said no I’m not passionate I’m obsessive I’m an obsessed
person and I would say the same about you and I don’t use the word obsessed as
a negative weight or people always talk about obsession as being a bad thing and
I think it’s a really good thing because I think if you’re not obsessed about
something you’re never gonna get really good about it and I’m not the only
person that said that there’s great people in a lot of fields that agree
with that and where do you think that your obsession with powerlifting came
from what made you decide to go from what you were doing before at Fitness
first that yani was talking about to go to this what was what was that
motivation that got either I’ve always wanted to be good at things you know and
I’m very competitive and and I always wanted to be better
than you know everyone I guess within reason there’s certain things
that I know that I’ve got trying a lot of athletes that I’ll never come close
to I trained the strongest man on the planet and that’s completely that’s for
free so at Game of Thrones right there the mounts have gone from Game of
Thrones yeah very separate that’s someone you
just don’t compare yourself to yeah that’s impossible
yeah you know they say it possible is nothing well what you won’t see me
deliver in this lifetime yeah or the next yeah but but yeah yeah
you know I guess like a lot of people have competitive nature and and I don’t
know what it is I don’t know if it’s an OCD I don’t know what
is I think I’m kind of level-headed I think I’m normal to an extent but I just
like being good at things and and whenever I find something I guess I
understand what it takes to be good at something and a lot of people like for
example a lot of people that aren’t good at things get bored easily yeah you know
they don’t understand that to be good at things it requires repetition and and a
lot of boring boring movements same shit over and over again yeah so the Bruce
Lee saying I don’t fear the man who has practiced 10,000 different kings I fear
the man who’s practiced one kick 10,000 times yeah
and that’s something that I do right now if you ever look at my exercise
vocabulary it’s very very very small you know we vote we specify in obviously
the powerlifting movements but there’s also a lot of other movements as well
because I’ve not just a power lifter we I like to have a strong injury free body
that structurally balanced and moves well and that does have a huge carryover
to power lifting but it also has a huge carryover to all strength sports if you
give me a body like a rugby player as you know a few the rugby players that
I’ve coached I don’t know the sport yeah I don’t know I’ll ask them just you know
conversations sake me Oh what position do you play and they’ll tell me it’s
over yeah like I know the difference between whatever it is but they love
that all of the people that I’d the high level rugby players they appreciate that
and they know that it doesn’t matter whether I know their position or not
because they’re not with me to teach them how to play rugby for example my
MMA fighters I don’t teach them how to fight yeah they’re with me because they
know that I know how to get them strong and injury free and and moving well and
structurally balanced and if you get a strong injury free body and put it at
any playing field and practice the share your sport with that body it’s a
fantastic head start yeah but I think so this is moving from topic to topic
that’s what it was that you did suggest was my motivation it’s not the mirror
and I’ve changed from that that that is absolutely right and that’s same with my
wife’s mantra as well and it’s I guess it’s all the same system yeah but theirs
is a female only and we take a lot of people from the mirror
because it’s very subjective what you see in the mirror can can ruin
everything like for example with my lives I see a big ugly guy with his
eyeballs popping out you know telling me that that’s too heavy for him so I’ll
dump the bar because it’s like that guy’s struggling yeah so I can’t look at
the mirror when I left it’s it doesn’t we actually just quickly a quick side
note I’ll jump out when best used to train here at Unity we installed a blind
that he could pull down in front of the mirrors which is like taking this to a
whole new degree I guess and and we kind of one of the main reasons why we put
mirrors in the gym here at all is because we wanted to make the place look
bigger it was a design install not so that we could stare at ourselves in the
mirror you know the place is kind of small we wanted to make it look bigger
and it was suggested by an interior designer but this is like I guess it’s
it’s something it’s something that we try and teach people because you said it
really well body image is subjective yes and you’re never going to look like the
person you want to look like never you just can’t you know because perfect
doesn’t exist exactly and at some point along the way it becomes unmotivated
because you try you try you try and unless you’re like genetically gifted
you’re never gonna stand you know there’s an element of genetics that
allows someone to stand on stage and look amazing you know it respective of I
mean they fucking trained for it to stand at that caliber but you know if
you like the 99% of the people out there aren’t going to achieve that and so what
we’ve found and it’s interesting because you guys have achieved a very high level
of fitness we found that finding your intrinsic
motivator which usually it’s easier to fight to relate it back to movement to
strength to performance and how the body feels as opposed to how it looks
necessarily on that night though you don’t were not like I what’s the
documentary on Netflix with the English dude who was the heaviest the strongest
deadlift her in the world for a little while little Eddie Horror cementery love
that documentary you know when you watch power lifters and the world’s strongest
men they’re usually big dudes and I don’t mean big just in musculus terms
you said it before they got big bellies and they got a certain physique and you
don’t you’ve never really looked look like that you’ve always been
probably the leanest really successful power lifter I’ve ever seen is that
something that you specifically do yeah if you look at if it depends are you
comparing because I’m sure it would be easier to be fat it is very easy to be
fat you’d think it’s easier to get fat but actually walking around with a big
gut yeah if you like I’ve actually unlucky enough that I’ve got a lot of
friends that are over hundred fifty kilograms now yeah up to 200 kilograms
is my heaviest friend yeah none of them are comfortable yeah okay so it’s easy
to put on a certain amount of fat but then to get to that level that’s not
easy that’s right and so I don’t know so because you did mention Eddie Hall he
recently put up a post of him just before he delivered 500 kilograms
without his t-shirt yeah and he actually I should put this just in case Eddie
ever finds me in the street he’s not one of the dudes I was referring to he’s
actually quite muscular yeah no no no Eddie hall wheezing no no no his rounds
oh really he’s a big ball yeah muscular that’s the that’s the British guy with
the yeah absolutely yeah yeah he’s got muscle and he’s got a whole heap of fat
yeah and the the post that I’m referring to he put up was him with his t-shirt oh
of course any basically said on it this is me and he talks in stones but
whatever it was it it it equates to about 195 kilograms this is me at 195
kilograms I don’t wish this upon my worst enemy Yeah right and so and I can
vouch for it not from my own experience but the athletes that I train like the
biggest athlete that I’ve been the closest with I’ve got Thor who they have
the CPAP devices you know they have sleep apnea yeah they can’t sleep
yeah too big yeah and then another guy who is Alex the god Simon so we got him
too you know absolutely he’s a beast I met him at about 130 kilograms when he
was 18 years old yeah oh sorry who’s 17 years old anyhow we
took him to number one in Australia strongest guy in Australia and his very
second powerlifting competition he weighed 180 kilograms then he didn’t
like anyone Wow yeah unlike anyone he was so angry because he had no sleep
yeah he was he felt sick yeah couldn’t move you’re uncomfortable you know so so
definitely everything strange though yeah of course but the other thing is I
had to talk to my guys I got every once in a while because I have the the job of
training the guys who do our foundations program which is really laying the
foundations for them to work with barbells and stuff like that and one of
the big things that we cover is nutrition in that you know and and I my
theory because I’ve gone from 78 kilos to 92 kilos of like lean that was about
ten or eleven percent body fat at that stage by DEXA and I’ve always felt that
and now I’m back down to like 84 I’ve always felt that it’s it’s high it’s
more work to get big because it fucking costs a lot of money like to get lean
and to lose weight yes it’s just discipline and it requires work but
effectively you save a lot of money like at the end of the day when you peel back
the layers it’s just the work but to get really muscular and anyway I’m sure you
got a bunch of body builders down at your gym as well and you’re friends with
them and power lifters and these guys like I’ve watched anyone who hasn’t seen
it watch the documentary on the world’s strongest men and look at how much they
have to fucking put into their bodies to maintain that level of strength and
performance that there’s a lot of fuel going through that body and it doesn’t
come cheap it’s a lot of fuel it doesn’t come cheap like living with Thor you
know we live with him I’ve done it three times for 2016 17 and 18 world Strongest
Man we’ve lived together for six weeks over the you brought my family down as
well and my wife was cooking the food we’ve gone through the groceries Wow
spending thousands of dollars you know week just on food yeah the highest
quality meats so he’s very different so now you know that’s num 1 on the planet
and a lot of people think that it’s just calories you know I’ve heard people say
there’s no such thing as a bad calorie yeah that’s at the highest level it’s
like I disagree and and actually I’ve learned a lot about eating high quality
food through so you know this is a bit of a shameless plug so Thor follows
standings vertical diet yep it’s a bit of a fad at the moment it
seems because it’s very popular but it’s popular because it works not only does
it work because of the nutrition that you’re getting in but it’s also the
digestibility of the food they’re eating it’s not easy to consume the amount of
calories that these guys need to consume absolutely you know these guys are
between 8,000 up to 12,000 calories a day you know I don’t know if the viewers
at home understand what that means but that means you pretty much have a fork
in your hand and in your face all day logical selling here and you know the
digestibility of the food and it needs to be high quality food because if
you’re full you just can’t eat and if you’re feeding yourself crap that’s
causes inflammation in your guts yeah and you’re bloated you don’t want to eat
any more so it’s not just as easy as just eating dirty calories they’re
eating high quality food and that’s that’s something that I’ve done in the
last you know since knowing Thor is white rice yeah and and minced beef yeah
is probably their staple and and chicken stock with spinach and copious amounts
of salt that’s probably a staple of my nutrition you know I do eat other things
as well I do eat my greens and I do it you know other Thai it’s other type of
carbohydrates I eat a lot of I drink a lot of cranberry juice and orange juice
these are all things that are not just like you know dirty calories or
meaningless calories you need carbohydrates yeah to fuel the workloads
that you’re going to be performing absolutely you know but you need all of
this food to be able to digest and that’s the beauty of eating something
like this yeah is you have a meal and you’re not full walking around bloated
and thought that’s not actually a good thing yeah you know and the biggest
power lifters and all these big strong guys I just want to get big and fat
around they’ve got it kind of wrong yeah so you know as you said you know as a
nice compliment that you said that I was one of the leanest guys of the power
lifters that you’ve seen if you look at the guys at the highest level that
compete in a weight class yep often the best guys are shredded yeah because you
need muscle to move the weight yeah but it’s the the the weight classes when
it’s you know 140 kilogram and that’s the super-heavyweight that’s when
you know a little bit of extra weight whether it’s fat or muscle is actually
gonna help you know the way that you balance the way that your hamstrings
press against your calves at the bottom of the squat and bounce you up for
example you know big gut to hold you up right and protect your core that does
help but when you’re in a weight class actually the best guys on the planet are
shredded yeah that’s interesting and that’s I guess that’s really good thing
to plug to because we do like to promote health and I guess at an elite level
powerlifting I mean in an elite level with any sport let’s be real health is
often sacrificed for performance you know not and this is something I tell
argumented many a time elite level athletes aren’t necessarily healthy you
know they make huge sacrifices for their performance and for their sport you know
but I had a really interesting conversation with a friend who’s a
professional bodybuilder who was a and Olympia bodybuilder and he maintained
around 140 kilo physique all year round and he was about your height and he sort
of said to me once which I thought was interesting you to be a professional
bodybuilder or in athlete at that level sometimes the genetics that come into
play are just the robustness of your digestive system yeah you know because
you get to a point where you’ve you’ve put so much shit through your body that
your digestive systems more often that the first thing that fails at that level
and when your digestive system fails you’re fucked because you stopped
digesting the food properly you stop absorbing nutrients and he was this is
been pukowski just in case you’re watching might share that to you
awesome dude he was really meticulous about the food he put in his body and he
used to say I think I think I remember him saying to me once it cost him about
seventy thousand dollars a year to maintain his physique you know just from
nutrition alone yeah nutrition and supplementation and all that sort of
thing you know and and he and you know he used to say look I am very full like
I eat I try and put as much organic through as I can I try and reduce the
toxic load I try and he was very was amazing it but a lot of the other
bodybuilders didn’t you know but I have seen guys come and go and he used to say
one of the biggest reasons why you see bodybuilders just disappear all of a
sudden is either through injury or internal injury in
their bodies just go fuck pack out they can’t do it anymore you know they get I
be S or whatever else it is and their body stops processing the amount of fuel
it’s going through at that level and it depends on the sport you know but the
supplementation it you may or may not have been referring to it does destroy
the body a lot yeah you know and the gut health at that level it’s it’s
absolutely not good for you yeah yeah and and the thing is that you are saying
that at the highest level it’s not necessarily healthy and you are
absolutely correct you know the best athletes in the world or whatever sport
it is niche hmm they are unbalanced they don’t have you know a lot of the things
like family much family time or or they don’t really enjoy a lot of the nice
things in life yeah because they are obsessed with the
sport and that’s whether you call that healthy or not that’s what people want
to do but actually I think that people are turning to this whole thing of
health because with an unhealthy body you get sick when you’re sick you can’t
perform so so if you disregard health completely you’re doing yourself a
disservice absolutely yeah I look man I reckon what you’ve just said there is a
really important thing to touch on and for the audience to understand when
you’re looking at Instagram or when you’re looking at YouTube or when you’re
watching professional athletes and trying to compare yourself to them it
you just cannot understand the amount of work that goes into it like the amount
of work that goes into what Yanni Richard and I do is far more than what
the average person is in and that is not even close to what someone like you does
because I’m not trying to compete in anything I’m just trying to be the best
that I can be for myself and even still I’m doing things that the average person
isn’t willing to do but what you just spoke about there about you know the
load that it puts on your body to perform at this level I think a lot of
people out there are really unrealistic with their goals when they look at what
they decide okay I’m gonna go to the gym and I’m gonna start doing this so I’ll
start working out like this guy but they don’t understand everything that goes
into it they don’t understand the you know and you haven’t touched on it
before he said this fit slow thing is getting a negative connotation which is
which is really sad because I don’t know that it should like if you want to if
you want to devote your life to something like this and be be
obsessed with it then do it I mean that’s what we do and we love it but if
you’re not willing to devote your life to it don’t compare yourself to the
peoples are at the top and don’t ever think that you ever going to be there
and let your that your actions meet your expectations you know because it’s not
like it’s not like you should say well I’m never going to be that person so I
may as well not do anything for my health and fitness and movement because
if you if all you could dedicate was an hour a day and you could just try and
eat better food than you’re eating is still going to be infinitely times
better than if you don’t show that right yeah it’s a it’s a funny thing isn’t it
because we do get that a lot and you you know you get people saying well you
can’t train like that so you know that’s so stupid but that’s it’s not the way
you should be going to realize it is and it does take a lot of experience to
understand what it actually does take to achieve these levels of success and it
is funny I guess you guys must see it so many
times you’ve got access to a lot of people that are just starting out in
whatever their pursuit to health or strength or fitness or whatever it is
and the goals that they’re setting themselves I mean you guys and I know
what’s achievable and how many people come in with unrealistic goals that it’s
like it’s not just that it’s just started with a few little things what
what I what I used to find really mind-boggling was when I would see guys
coming in that that did want to try to lift as much weight as possible but all
they could dedicate to it was coming into the gym an hour a day and they got
so many injuries and you think man you like you might be looking at people like
bass on Facebook and looking at the lifts that he does but you don’t realize
the work that goes into it in the background and you’ve got a respect the
time that it takes to be able to get to this level and the amount of work and
the amount of sacrifice and the nutrition and the recovery and you know
the massages that you get and send more around forward around it yeah exactly
exactly exactly give give the massage therapist a quick
plug because he’s just jumped on and that’s dr. Phil dr. Phil while I’ve been
saying that guy actually since you guys recommended him to me and that was only
by accident my original massage therapist wasn’t away
but no was away yeah I remember lucky that they were away because it was a was
a girl and I think my wife probably preferred that I didn’t get myself a
girl and then anyway so it ended up being dr. Phil yeah who’s in North
Sydney and and he’s been keeping my body intact since you guys introduced me to
him probably you know four years ago or something like that yeah and maybe more
I could have been fine I would have been would have been in probably five I
reckon right near this when we started yeah and and I’ve been especially up to
comp prep time and that’s a huge part of my success in my movement is that I can
actually move yeah and with that you know the weekly
massage it probably wouldn’t have happened as well shout out to dr. Phil Z
or the man yeah it’s look it’s the same I’d say it’s the same with me that’s
even even when I’m not even competing just to be able to do what I do I am I
say feel when I can and I also see Tom and Angus the chiropractors down there
for me my biggest problem is my lower back I’ve got issues with my lower back
and ridiculous amount of sand that just accumulates in his vagina brotherly love
you wouldn’t think that I was the one that was in the army so yeah man like
the you just you just can’t do it can you when you’re training the amount that
we train and you’re not like if you didn’t have someone that was really good
that was working on your body every week like Phil or any other guys down at
physical therapy you just yeah I don’t know how I do it
yes so it’s a big part of it it’s not just the training and that’s what people
don’t get it’s the little things as well to maintain your health and that’s part
of health you know is to keep your body injury free and moving correctly
nutrition rests you know the dumb things like are you getting eight hours of
sleep but when you when you get to the level that you’ve got like we’ve talked
Johnny talked about this road that you’ve been on and I mean we’ve all been
on on these these journeys like you said you know Yanni and I have been on a
journey you know we’ve been doing this for for 20 years or whatever if you
count all the training that we’ve done the older you get and the more you get
into it the more you realize that the shit that you paid off when you started
is actually some of the most important stuff like taking care of your body
getting enough sleep putting the right nutrition in so that you can go and
compete in the worst injury that you get Alice been to him because because if you
go back in time that wasn’t what was happening you know you’re getting really
bad injuries that are coming up all the time yeah I thought I thought injury was
part of it yeah I thought you know the whole no pain no gain thing is just my
life that I chose to live because I was tough and hardcore but there’s nothing
tough or hardcore about the the way I to make my decisions anymore yeah I sound
with my athletes as well if anything’s slightly going to hurt anybody we
eliminate it immediately and and the exercises that I used to think is what
hurt me are the ones that I used to fix people yeah so for example someone comes
to me with the back injury the first thing I’m gonna do is teach them how to
bend over and pick things up and strengthen their movement and the best
exercise for that is a deadlift and that’s one of the exercises that’s been
poo-pooed by a lot of you know therapists that don’t actually
understand the movement because a lot of injuries come from incorrectly performed
deadlifts or incorrectly form any movement in the gym actually and you
know it’s funny that you say that best because one of the well you know we’re
still talking about Phil here and and our our practitioners that work on our
bodies one of the reasons why I love Phil and Tom and the guys down at
Cartwright physical therapy are that they do exercise themselves and I’ve we
have members that go and see physios and they come back and they tell me oh I
can’t train for three weeks why not oh well the physio told me I’ve got to lay
on the ground and practice you know this and that and it’s I just my hand on my
head and lay on the ground and we can see exactly yeah it’s a it’s a big thing
isn’t it to understand the way that the body moves if you’re going to be
prescribing exercise for rehab and and for things like that well the best
physiotherapists out there are ones that prescribe exercise and movement and
correctly strengthening movements to help people get better yeah
yeah for sure Jana you had a question you were gonna
are Yanni’s typing a typing on Facebook is responding its responding to other
comments man look that it made it’s been an
awesome chat we’re getting some great feedback on Facebook here there’s some
of our old members shout out to Tom slurs are clear for you for your comment
make good to see you on there he’s one of our members but made it’s been unreal
it’s you know for me um you know I’ve Yanni’s obviously been friends with you
for longer than I have because Yanni was working at Walker Street at Fitness
first with you when I was up at San Leonard’s but you know when we became
friends five years ago when I got out of the army oh six years ago now when I got
out of the army and we’re all still back at Fitness first like watching how far
you’ve come and being part of that journey and I having you here as a
trainer for a year or however long you were here and then watching you going
open based gym it’s just been unreal you know it’s been a it’s been so cool the
way that both of our businesses have grown and growing and to see you win
this competition on the weekend it’s just been unreal that’s why I was so
excited to get you in here because I even even though we’ve been a kilometer
away we’ve been on the other sides of North Sydney I’ve been watching the
journey and I feel like I’ve been a part of it and it’s just it’s so cool man to
see where you’ve we’ve come and what you’ve achieved in the years and yes
thank you and you guys have definitely been a big part of my journey you know
in so many ways obviously you guys have me up here and I was working here you
guys motivated me a lot with with the styles of gym and taught me a lot about
how to run a gym as well you know through working so closely with you guys
you know if you look around at this gym it’s very similar to the to the style of
gym that I have as well it’s pretty much the same thing and I learned a lot about
running the business side of things through you guys as well and although we
do run separate types of businesses you know you guys have been a huge part of
my journey and my success today so thank you guys so much for that and a funny
thing as well as yeah even back at Fitness first a lot of people you know
what will poopoo commercial gyms and I think it’s a bit funny and I’ll probably
if I had a choice I really wouldn’t I’d prefer not to train in a commercial gym
over the styles of gym that I have today but you know that’s that’s my
my blueprint as well you know ten years have been this first before I started
here and a lot of people you know upcoming let’s just say you know
switches to the audience or the personal trainers out there if there are only
watching yep you know it is a great place to start and that’s what I started
you guys in this direction this is absolutely I mean I see people say this
all the time I have exactly the same opinion I did ten years at Fitness first
and I wouldn’t be where I am today without it you know it was not easy you
know because you you stand out there’s thirty five other trainers there and
you’ve got a hustle but for fuck’s sake man like it’s a platform to launch you
there’s one other thing I’d like to tip on that you said you brushed over before
and it falls into that hole Gary Vaynerchuk
eat shit before you before you talk the shit you know you trained a lot of your
professional athletes for free you didn’t take money off them at first to
expand into that market you know and at that level you weren’t a trainer that
was struggling to bring clients on you know you Amy and that’s but that’s
that’s a it’s a funny thing but that’s probably why I was able to do that you
know and a lot of people that were giving me the advice have not you know
you’ve got to make money for every you know for your time and you’re more
valuable than this and they’re going to respect you if you charge them for me it
wasn’t about the money for me it was initially about I was into martial arts
before I became a power lifter and I’ll just make this very clear I wasn’t a
very good martial artist which is why I turned to powerlifting but that’s that
was my interest and I loved it and I something that I saw in Australia was
there wasn’t a huge amount of Australian successful high-level power lifters when
I said martial artists yeah what I mean by a high-level I mean ones that were
actually getting paid yeah and that was a big disadvantage so if you’re not
getting paid how can you pay for you know personal trainers or to live the
lifestyle that we’re talking about where you get to Train and you get the luxury
to be able to train at your leisure the ultimate times per day and recover
and be fed and however these people help surrounding you helping you and it just
didn’t exist so it was kind of me trying to give back because I love martial
artists and I was friends with these guys and I wanted to give back and I
thought what if I could save these guys money on and give them the great
strength work that’s the the most that I could contribute to these guys
it was a free strength coach and that was kind of me trying to do right by it
by Australian martial arts you know yeah so that’s actually where it came from it
wasn’t just because I wanted to build my reputation
that’s just what came as a result of it I didn’t have to build my reputation as
the man who trained professional athletes yeah you know I just wanted to
help these guys because there was a need fruit and then it just changed and
they’ve just nailed the whole thing on the head again perfectly with absolute
symmetry which is to give without expectations of receiving you know and I
think this is something that trainers can learn from because fuck its
accelerated us and you know we’ve only just got to the stage pretty much this
year really where we truly now allocate four hours a day to our training – in
the morning – in the afternoon we have very select times where we allow
ourselves to train class we don’t take clients on outside of those times so go
on to the days with people can call you up and say I need to move my session to
10:00 a.m. that’s our training time yeah and we’re like nah nothing gets in the
way you know and but it took fucking 1215 years to get to that level you know
and and you’ve got it you do have to eat some shit along the way I mean I
remember the days you used to do the same thing you and bass have probably
got that a hot sorry you and Cameron have the same work ethic you you’ve done
the 16-hour days we’ve done the fucking dawn till dusk grind that you know one
thing I’d like to tip on and I don’t know whether you’ll allow me to go here
which is the family life that you tipped on before the sacrifices you’ve had to
make in that regard because a lot of people that probably watch you online
don’t realise that you’re actually a family man you’ve got a daughter you’ve
got a wife you know like they see you training constantly you know how’s that
gone talk about that I’ll be completely honest with you and I hate the whole
stereotype you know hashtag blessed but to be completely honest with you I
haven’t really had to make sacrifices my wife and daughter travel with me
overseas everywhere I go we’ve the longest we’ve been without is probably
one week and that’s I’ve got an eight-year-old daughter and I guess it’s
because my wife is she’s just amazing like that she values our family life so
much that she won’t let that change yeah so she makes a point
every time it’s any of the events that my daughter has any of her athletics
carnivals if she receives an award at school where at the school every single
time and it’s not just the mum that does it it’s the mum and dad so we’re both
there together yeah embarrassing my little daughter I don’t know if she’s
embarrassed yet but she she damn well will be because we’re gonna be at every
event for her because we prioritize and our family and and I’m very lucky that
it hasn’t really got in the way because they create the family life around what
I do yeah my daughter comes to the gym and she loves it yeah and I’ve seen
those videos recently man it’s so inspiring I’ve got a three year old and
a seven month old who’s buzzing around here somewhere and I’m like trying to
get him in here as soon as possible the kids I hang out here so they’re
comfortable yeah think about the potential of that imagine you are
introduced to a gym at 3 years old yeah so there’s so much that goes behind that
and and basically it’s it’s about I’ve never wanted to stuff anything down my
daughters Australia I don’t want her to be forced to do anything that she
doesn’t want to do because I don’t believe that she’ll succeed that way and
that’s what the beauty of this was she asked me if she could start deadlifting
you know one of the funniest moments was I had a I just recently not too long ago
I did a log pressing competition and I it was another little victory I got an
Australian log pressing record in a sport that I don’t really train
breakfast which was testament to my training method was just to be strong on
every angle yep and it carries over to other sports yep
and so that’s a big part of why I did it but I was watching my video as I do you
know I watched my videos over and over and over again call it vanity or call it
you know self critique or whatever it is yeah but my daughter walked in and she
watched me watching this video and she started commentating as it feels from my
voice and she’s like look at me I’m Australian strength coach and I’m doing
all the reps but she knows the lingo with a lot of exercises you know she
talks about she’ll teach you how to deadlift it’s just freaking amazing yeah
you know grab the bar knees out on the inside of your arms put your shoulder
blades down look up lean back and push the world away like she’s telling
Felicia how to do these things and it’s a slow
but but I didn’t teach her that well I did teach her these things but not
sitting it down and forcing her to join me this is the thing kids don’t know one
thing I’ve learned with the three short three years that I’ve been a dad is that
kids don’t do what you say they do what you do exactly the Apple never falls far
from the tree you know so when they’re seeing you and this is something that I
keep telling we got so many parents and here keep grinding irrespective of
whether it’s for your goal because the influence you’re having when your family
is being found and it lasts forever you know it’s really really good there’s one
last thing I’d really like to quickly dabble on because you just said it and
it’s something that I try and teach our guys so well our whole program is
basically if you peel it right back it’s but it’s barbells and body weight we do
calisthenics and we do strength training and I will wait and our foundations
program is designed to build strength the guys that are in the Foundation’s
program they don’t do calisthenics yet you know and and I’ve got like this
clear memory of when we first put up our our first ever Swedish ladder and we’re
playing around on it without any practice at all you almost did a perfect
flag you know which is something that Kelly guys trained for years and years
and years to do so early thought is that you build foundational strength first
and it carries over and this is the same way that a strength coach trains an
athlete the first thing you do when you get an athlete is make them fucking
strong because they’re going to perform well in every sport basically you know
so this is something I’d like to talk about very quickly building building
strength and and your experiences with that as a perfect example being able to
do a at calisthenics movement what are your thoughts on building raw strength
and and the effect that has on every facet of life including psychologically
I’d yeah yeah so I can touch on everything like including
psychologically I’ve coached not just athletes but some of the highest most
successful company directors as well and I know from from feedback from these
guys when they talk about how confident they are going into a meeting yeah you
know as a as we all know that I used to do bit of martial arts as well so I used
to teach martial arts you know bit of boxing bit of strength work and these
guys knowing that they could probably beat the other guy up in a fight
because they were stronger and had better movement and you had to
protect themselves it played a huge role in their confidence when it came to
signing business deals multi multi-million dollar business deals and
as a psyche how cool is that something I would never have thought of yeah but but
I also I analyzed a lot of these things like you know we’re all parents now and
and my you know sport is a high priority of mine especially for my daughter I
want her to be to want to be good at sports and you know we encouraged with
all the the running carnivals and she’s come first every single year I’m gonna
say a funny story Kim she’s in year three so kindergarten she she came
second sorry I’m not second I don’t know where
she came she didn’t even top come top three and a huge part of that was I was
on the sidelines and you know imagine a kindergarten as she was five years old
she’s running and I’m on the side guy oh gosh she turns and she stops and looks
at me I’m like hey anyway so she came she came wasn’t top three and she almost
started crying at the end and someone came and gave her a participation award
and they said she said what’s this is this did I win she goes no that’s better
than winning she’s like and she came in told first place that this was better
than I’ve admitted in here I’m like no fair enough as long as she had she’s
happy anyway as I was looking at the people that were more athletic like that
it’s just that their children they’re not athletes they’re just children I was
looking at the differences between them and my daughter was a little bit young
for her year and she was quite petite yeah and the people that were Forrest’s
were bigger they probably had better appetites and they actually had as dumb
as it sounds they had more muscle mass the children had more muscle mass were
able to move faster absolutely and it just came from my daughter ate like a
bird like she’s gotten shit habit I’m yeah you know she doesn’t like much food
and I have to force her like every morning I make her a bowl of porridge
and I put a little teaspoon of whey protein in there as well just to make
sure that she’s got at least a really good carbohydrate protein meal to start
her day yeah and and I think that goes a long way and she sees us eating healthy
and and and we force her to eat the healthy shit before she eats her crap
stuff you know it’s pretty it’s a funny thing being a parent and
you know being controlled what your children eat yeah but um the strength
differences you know from an athletic level like just running hundred meters
that’s something that most people don’t have to do they just know how to run you
know so you don’t really need a huge amount of skill at that level but it’s
the strongest kids that will win it yeah and and the strength came to like the
only attribute that you could see was the size yeah and these are the kids
that were dominating yeah you know but that’s that’s from from both levels
that’s from success in a you know in the corporate world yeah I turn their
children right it’s interesting that you say that I don’t know if you ever read
Malcolm Gladwell’s outliers book they’ve looked at this and they’ve looked at
what as instruments in specific children and there’s a couple of things that come
into play when they’re looking at an elite level performer compared to
everyone else and and you know we used to always say it’s all genetics it’s all
genetics it actually isn’t it’s actually environmental and the way they start out
and the first thing that seems to be correlated to high performance in
American sports gymnastics things like that is the age of them in the school
because when kids up until about ten years old a year makes such a big
difference you know so if you’re born in in January and you’re competing against
kids that were born in December there’s an obvious difference of statistical
capability I don’t know and so they looked at all the professional NFL
hockey players and the majority of the high-level guys except except Wayne
Gretzky actually were all born in the first quarter of the year generally for
every March and some of them in April you know and they just dominated
physically and then that has a ripple effect it’s seen it seems to are used to
winning well they’re used to winning it conditions their mind and they also get
selected for all the top teams and as a young so they get nurtured better they
get access to better coaching they get access to better facilities and that
ends up just having a role and effect throughout their entire life you know so
it’s it’s so guys we’re gonna because we are wrapping this up but we’ve had a
couple of questions come through for bass that we’re just going to fire over
so Mitchell Jackson has asked when it’s time to progress load in the Ozzy
strength coaches opinion should you be using more of an RPE scale or worked
percentages in regards to one hour or both neither and both okay so I don’t
use RPS and I very rarely use percentages so let’s just use for
example Mitchell did you say yeah Mitchell actually if you came to see me
the first thing I would do you know after clearing that you didn’t have any
injuries or anything like that is that take you over to you know whatever
exercise you wanted to perform let’s just call it the squat and I would see
how you perform with no weight at all from that point if you look like you
could handle an empty barbell I would then put an empty barbell on you
if you couldn’t move an empty barbell well I wouldn’t let you progress beyond
that I don’t care what your percentages I don’t know what your max is I don’t
know what your history is and I don’t care if you came to me and said you’ve
squatted 400 kilograms and you can’t move an empty barbell I’m not gonna let
you progress until you go past that for example so for myself you know I know
what I can lift but I can’t lift that every single session I can’t lift even
close to that every single session I could lift that maybe once or two times
per year after I spend weeks and weeks and weeks of peaking so whatever you
think that your max is is not your max that’s your max once or two times per
year and not every day of the week so if you work on a percentage based on your
max it’s incorrect RPE I quite like that because basically what it’s telling you
to do is is be conservative so for those that don’t know base can you tell and
work up here is RP means rate of perceived exertion and basically it’s
telling people a number out of 10 10 being maxing out you have zero
capability of doing anything beyond that whenever you see anyone writing a
program with RPS then you’ll never see the number 10 written on your program
which is a very intelligent way of telling people don’t max out yeah yeah
you don’t need to max out that’s not what makes you strong and that’s how I
used to train in that towel used to walk around with loads of injuries hmm so I
there’s something that I said at the start of the session was I don’t like
lifting heavy weights I hate lifting heavy weights if you watch me train
probably 99% of my training looks easy I don’t grind away on on barbells
anymore that’s not how you get strong you know so RPE is a very effective way
of telling people to be conservative with your load selection just because
you can do you know a weight doesn’t mean you have to just
because you can do 10 reps doesn’t mean you should do 10 reps do 9 all right or
whatever it is yeah this is something I was going to ask in alignment with that
you would obviously then use bar speed as a good indication of whether the
weights correct again this is subjective but yes I do and I’ve got a very good
eye for bar speed because I’ve been doing it for so long but you know to
then go and recommend people to go and look at bar speed the best way of doing
that is to you know to use a tender unit or some type of device that literally
measures the bar speed and it’s a fantastic device for these reasons is to
test your actual what percentage of your max you’re working at and if you’re
training effectively but that’s an expect expensive device and not everyone
has access to this but yes I personally I’m experienced in measuring bar speed
just by eyeballing and I can tell if it’s moving slow and every lift is
different some people live slow compared to others some people lift really fast
and if it slows down very slightly they’ll miss to live completely so it’s
understanding the athlete every athlete is completely different but but yeah for
me but bar speed is pretty much might all over percentages and and RPS is
making sure that the bars moving the way it should move at whatever the weights
that they’re lifting and if it is then they’re allowed to progress what’s
similar so hopefully that answers your question yeah hopefully that gets it for
you Mitchell it was a great answer best and thanks mate
so dave has just jumped in and thanked you best for the strength system for the
female athlete he said that was a really great day so and now thanks for tuning
in Dave haven’t seen you for a while mate so thank you very much and our next
question for Alex Alex Alan how are you bro a long time no see I’m sure you
remember so for bass alex has asked your approach to understanding training
methods lifting techniques and their accessories seems quite unique for
example scapular control on tricep dips how do you develop that knowledge so how
did you do you know sorry I guess it was understanding the first piece of
learning that I based on this style of human movement came from Mark Buckley
years and years ago when I did a check exercise coach course and we learnt all
about force couple station ships with the body so you know
one part of the body moves there’s something down the chain moves so for
example you know because you mentioned scapular control most of my exercises
that I talked about involve retraction and depression of the scapula and I say
this is probably the safest strongest foundation for the shoulder and not just
the shoulder position but it’s the chest and that’s also to be in for pretty much
every single exercise it exists but something that I say is there such thing
as human movement and then human movement around barbells so for example
in a benchpress the cue that I use to pull the shoulder blades back and down
towards the back pockets which is retraction and depression of the scapula
the reason why this is the safest method is because we have a heavy object in our
hands and we have a board in our back that’s jamming our scapula in place now
this isn’t human movement this is human movement with weights adapting to its
environment so when you have the heavy weight in your hands and a board jamming
your scapula in place once you go in to protraction which is actually the
natural movement so when you throw a punch throw a ball or push an object the
force couple relationship with with this movement in the arm is is protraction
and an elevation of the scapula so human movement correct human movement is
actually incorrect when it comes to the technique performed on a bench press
because if you protract and elevate the scapula and then you’ve got that board
behind you that’s wedging your scapula in that incorrect position and then you
come too low that way you’re never going to be able to retract the scapula which
is what your body actually wants to do so I teach most of my movements as
basically retraction and depression of the scapula is the strongest position
now unfortunately this is creating an imbalance the imbalance is correct human
movement it does want to protract the scapula does protract and elevate and if
all we’re doing is not strengthening that area we’re developing a weak point
so it’s not my deep exercise it’s a variation of a tip that I perform and
that is to something that I talked about so like with the push-up I try and teach
people if I was ever to perform push-ups I’d do it a scapular protraction at the
end to strengthen the muscles that I’m
neglecting with majority of my other techniques that I do in the weight room
when I’m lifting really really really heavy weights with my Scouts back and
down in my back pocket also I noticed that you suggest using more movement
through the scapula and all of your remedial an auxilary so like throwing a
couple out there you rose your lap pools and Chin’s
inside I’ve noticed lately and this is I don’t know whether you’ve had any
influence over this because you certainly had influence over the way I
benchpress and the way that we teach bench press here you know and people say
oh you know you teach a power lifting bench press what why is that data
because when we did our PT courses and our diplomas and things like that many
years ago they always taught you with a flat back and they didn’t put any
emphasis on the positioning of the shoulders you know it was always just
sort of hold the shoulders maybe you got taught to lock them back
when you did a seated row or something like that you know but it certainly
wasn’t to arch the back and it certainly wasn’t to push the shoulder blades
downward to depress them you know but lately and I don’t know if it’s Marc
Buckley’s influence as well because he certainly teaches this now in his arm
FMA courses and stuff like that which you’ve had something to do with they’re
teaching it across the board I noticed that most of the trainer’s it’s a very
good thing yeah very good thing and I think I don’t know whether that’s
just been because I’ve only noticed that the last couple of years you know
so definitely yeah I used to work with Marc Buckley very closely very
intelligent guy and I used to run their powerlifting component of the FMA course
it used to be powerlifting was their level I believe level two and then he’s
changed his education system around but yeah he and I have done a lot of work
together with that benchpress technique as well so it makes there’s no surprise
that the FMA model is the same benchpress technique that I’m teaching
just so we’re all clear on this no one invented this okay I did invent a
benchpress I did invent a squat I just used the best techniques that I believe
it’s actually the same one that the the biggest bench presser on the planet uses
his name is Kirill sot jeff and he’s got a 335 kilogram bench press he uses the
same technique that i teach and it’s basically it’s like taekwondo versus
fur vs. karate versus muta boxing they all kind of do the same type of rotation
and hip movement in a bit of a leg when they kick somebody because we all have
two arms two legs and a body and human movement is human movement and the body
kind of figures out the best most efficient ways of doing things okay so
just to make it clear no one invented any of these exercises but people have a
great understanding of human movement will catch on that when you perform a
benchpress the arch it should kind of occur to people by now that the
strongest benchpress is in the world may understand a thing or two have it right
yeah yeah about moving things and not being injured yeah
because being injured you can’t lift heavy objects if you know the the best
bench press in the world will understand a thing about shoulder safety when
performing a movement like that yeah so sorry I’ll just completely sidetracked
well that’s what it was actually so what are they teaching today in the education
system I kind of I teach a lot of
physiotherapists the the highest level academic that I’ve ever touched taught
is a neuroscientist and and I take a lot of pride I take a teach a lot of doctors
I teach a lot of people that should have a better understanding of human movement
than just a bull fed power lifter yeah because that’s what’s not taught in
formal education because people don’t have the experience under bars for many
many years at the highest level yeah and they’re teaching to bench press with a
flat back there’s so much more to it than just not cheating because that’s
how it’s perceived that you that all you’re doing with that arch is just
hurting your back and reducing the range of motion it’s far from that
yeah you know I love that you’ve just said that as well that’s because I think
we we get that sometimes as the same way that you do I mean people that are in
when I say we’re I mean people that are in the fitness industry that have been
doing this for a very long time you’ll you’ll post a video and you get
all the keyboard experts that come out and try and tell you the literature you
know says that you should be doing it differently than this and why you doing
it that way you know well that’s really good man I’m
glad that you read that in a book but there’s yeah that’s exactly right and
who wrote it versus who you know who’s produced results in the real world
because producing results in the real world in my opinion and I’m pretty sure
in your opinion holds a lot more weight to it than having a textbook knowledge
about that and I think I think a lot of people out there need to understand that
that before you want to get up and go head-to-head with someone on what the
best technique is or the best way to do things maybe have a look at how much
time you’ve spent doing this stuff versus the person that’s been doing it
for 15 or 20 or 30 years and is producing some of the best results in
the world yeah I always always find that the literature that they’re saying that
they’ve read is not really any literature yeah any good literature
against what we’re talking about yeah and it’s yeah it’s not even just
the literature it’s just it’s really you know I love something that you always
said to me you know when we talk about what you can do or what you’ve done or
this and I say look man I just I just let the numbers speak for themselves you
know I don’t I don’t I don’t boast about what I can do I’ll just let my numbers
speak and and I think that’s a really good attitude because it’s you know at
the end of the day who really gives a shit what you can argue in an argument
like show us what you can do and and show us what results you’ve produced or
what you’ve been been able to produce in other people that’s the big one show us
the results you’ve been able to produce in other people because people you know
people’s an Anatomy and their circumstances are different with tipped
on that new day and you have to be as a good coach you have to be able to work
around all of those nuances and those things you know that I think that’s
where people run a little bit they get you they go a little bit straight they
produce a result in themselves and think that that is the fucking way they are
the N equals one they’re there and anomaly they’re not the the mean you
know average and you’ve got you got to work off a little bit more than just
yourself yeah I’ve seen a lot of them at four I’ve got I’ve got the strongest
guys on the planet that I am rubbing shoulders with and it’s a very fortunate
position and I know some of these guys can do things that other bodies can’t do
and if you watch them try and teach you how to do it it’s kind of a little bit
comical because if I can I can do it so you can do it yeah that’s
not how it goes you know you’re a frickin are not afraid but yeah the
ability to teach and the ability to be an athlete are two different skills but
sorry I’m just gonna little bit back to one of your first points about
subjective versus objective let the numbers do the talking and this is one
of the the reasons behind our system and it’s not just my system which appeals to
big bull heads but also you know that my other business or my wife’s business
which is a female only a very pretty version of what I own they’ve got the
same methodology which is let the numbers do the talking and yes they do
have mirrors just like every gym has mirrors and people do like to look at
their mirrors but most of the great work is done in the absence of a mirror where
you don’t have the opportunity to be subjective and we the iron doesn’t lie
we let the numbers do the talking and it comes to the progress and understanding
load selection so we’re you know answering Mitch’s question about our
peers and percentages and whatever let’s just forget being technical now and just
some matter down to be conservative with your load selection give yourself room
to grow and let the numbers do the talking so if you come in every week and
you’re grinding away and you choose weights that are too heavy or you’re
maxing out every time where do you progress to next week probably not very
far if you progress at all now is that enjoyable training hell no that sucks so
it’s a huge part about training morale as well and in enjoying what you do is
actually progressing which is why we love strength training so much you can’t
see the fat loss every day you can’t see the abs pop out daily as a remarkable
change right before your very eyes so whatever you can’t see is subjective but
what you can see is a kilogram of weight on the bar every week or whatever the
increment that you have oh that’s exactly right and that’s that’s
something where I think both of our training methods as what we teach here
the foundation movement system and your strength system have so much in common
is that we’re tapping into that intrinsic motivation to want to be
better so we’re teaching people how to do I mean strength is a part of what we
do but we also have a big part of mobility and gymnastics and calisthenics
skill and when you you know if all you’re focusing on is what you look like
the mirror and/or what the scales are saying your motivation can drop so badly
from just one weekend where you eat a little bit too much carbs and you just
retain a little bit more water in your fat cells and yeah everything just
starts to look and feel SH it’s not just that you’re on an evolutionary decline
irrespective of what you do about it because effectively we’re all dying
slowly I don’t like bodies not getting younger guarantee yeah but what you for
what you said about the the motivation of you know getting that one kilo extra
on the bar which you can relate to so many other movement skills you know
getting that little bit deeper in your squad or getting that little bit you
know closer to a you know to touching your toes if you’re not flexible becomes
a really rewarding journey and then when you and then when you add those little
wins up over the years of training when you go from not being able to do
anything to being very good at something oh man for me that’s just so much more
rewarding than the way you’re looking at me and the skill is forever as well so
something that I find with you know ex martial artists or even whatever the
sport they play they can always come back to the skill and it’s something
that they know still there yeah whereas you know you slap 10 kilos on you slap
10 kilos on ya you’re back to okay we’ve got time for one more question
we’ll go for jagan Blair summons here hey guys in terms of strength for
powerlifting is there a body fat percentage that is too low to perform
optimally in a meet see I think that I think the percent body fat percentage is
also subjective for example I’ll go and get a DEXA scan at one person’s device
and then I’ll go the very same day to someone else’s and they used a different
coefficient a different algorithm they’ll give me a two different
percentages you know what your actual percentages is not really true so to
spit out a number is incorrect so for example you hear a lot of people say
body be able to step up on stage at two percent two percent dead yeah
so that doesn’t exist right so these percentages that you’re talking about
it’s it’s a little bit of a it’s not entirely accurate just to get that out
there yeah but you know let’s just say to have your ABS showing it’s not bad
you know to have you whatever that percentage is people say that that’s
roughly you know 10 percent to have all six of your ABS I’ve heard people say
you know you’ve got the four ABS that’s probably about twelve percent up yeah
Israel this is the thing and the other thing is the more muscle mass you’ve got
the more body fat you can carry and still be ejected at below sub ten like
sub percent you know I’ve seen some guys that I’ve looked at and gone I wouldn’t
guess that they’re ten percent but by dexstar they’re nine percent because
they’re fucking humans realize they look so much muscle mass you know yeah but at
the end of the day muscle mass is what moves the weight yeah and if you look at
the the laws you know the body weight classes in in any strength sport whether
it’s weight lifting or power lifting the best guys on the planet definitely have
all of those abs visible you get your anomalies you get your freaks that can’t
they are allowed to carry body fat because you’re not judged based on your
appearance you’re judged on your performance yep but but actually if you
look at the best of the best guys usually they’re pretty damn lean but
there is a lot of Merit to having some body fat for for your health your
hormonal health your brain function your joint health so feel completely like
bodybuilder level lean your risk of injury is a lot higher yeah so you don’t
need to be you’re not judged on your appearance you judged on your
performance but muscle is what’s going to be moving that weight and if you
think that the fat guy image is is what the the best performance is not entirely
accurate yep awesome man look we we could talk all day and quite frankly
there’s so much more I’d like to talk about there was a whole nother topic
about round back and straight back lifting that I was gonna try and dig him
and let me do that if you’re keen sure we happen to know I watched you guys you
know speak about that with Tom and I love that episode I love Tom yep he’s a
funny guy and yeah obviously knows his stuff and I loved hearing a little bit
about what they do with their chiropractic as well yeah and him
explain that but yeah yeah with that round back yeah just a little bit of a
fact that I’ll throw out there there’s never been a world record deadlift set
with neutral spine yeah so that’s what food for thought for
everybody yeah and they didn’t necessarily get injured as a result of
that either yeah so it’s it’s not a bad thing but at the same time
I just want to clarify something I don’t teach people how to round back either
yeah really you know you can’t teach someone how to do it has to find the
individual when you’re teaching a novice so novices out there don’t look at
someone who’s round backing and thinking they’re getting away with it therefore I
should yeah you gotta earn your stripes this is
exactly what stuart mcgill says and my god i want to talk to you about this
because because yeah you know i work very closely with a very very
intelligent he used to be physiotherapist he’s a bio mechanist
he’s a he’s a 140 kilogram power lifter his name’s dr. andrew lock and we run
him in ours together yeah and he teaches a lot on the topic about evolution and
the way that the spine is made up yep not just ligaments and this but also the
bones in the vertebra and the veins that run through the bones yeah and the
length tension of the muscles and what the strongest point is but as a huge
topic to be covered on round back there lifting is it dangerous in the wrong
hands it is yeah is stuart mcgill incorrect absolutely not
yeah you know if you’re gonna teach away so up-and-coming deadlift is out there
learn how to Delhi for the neutral spine learn how to lift your spine in neutral
but is round back dead lifting not in the right hands yeah yes it’s it’s
absolutely absolutely all right look we’ll save that for
another one what last thing I want to finish up is that I’ve noticed recently
and I don’t know I don’t know if I’m correct here you’ve launched your online
program I have and it looks fucking amazing I’ve jumped online actually just
had it up here before and I had the website up so a quick little plug when
we go onto the widescreen you know look at this but let’s talk about this very
quickly give yourself a shameful plug because thank you I will hard work yeah
lots of hard work and it’s probably the most affordable style of coaching of its
kind on the planet I’d say the the results speak for themselves I’ve
coached the best strongest athletes on the planet and this is current and my
methodology involves the highest priority of lifting technique remains as
the highest priority and I’ve provided exercise video tutorials for each and
every lift that I provided me in the program so people always ask is you know
X Y Zed program are good program and my answer is if you’re
performing it incorrectly the program sucks if you have to understand what the
correct lifting technique is if you understand that the next second highest
priority that I have is load selection and that’s something that I also provide
is a load calculator based on my experience with beginners all the way
through to the strongest on the planet and I’ve got a very intelligent guy that
I work with who’s created this the algorithms for my load calculations and
we’ve calculated it based on all levels beginner intermediate advanced and we
type in all of the numbers to see what works and we’ve been able to create the
numbers that you should be lifting from the very first week from every single
session on all the main lives so we’ve covered all the exercise video tutorials
for the technique we’ve covered all of the load selection and I’m personally
online every single day on my Facebook forum where I’m speaking to all of my
online athletes giving them critique and feedback on their exercises and getting
them stronger so so far we’re up to I believe it’s week 20 of our program and
that’s going to be ongoing that’s currently $15 a week and whereas it’s
worth 15 bucks a week just for the light calculator every part of it I’ll look at
it going damn and everyone’s coming – you know
there’s a lot of people that run online online coaching and a lot of people are
getting pissed off with me because it’s like why are you charging that amount
that’s bringing down the value of our industry you know I disagree because I
believe there’s so much free information available as well so you could say that
that’s bringing down the value but I don’t look at it that way like I said I
like healthy helping people you know you see these people you know the education
system now teaching how to arch and a benchpress
who’s that thanks – yeah I’ll tell you right now I’ll walk around Australia and
see people arch back benching and I’ll ask him where they learnt that from and
they’ll tell me that they learnt it from me yeah absolutely because there’s no
way not only did as I said it’s not just because I’m the one that invented it
because I’m the one that’s putting it out there yeah you know and not everyone
a lot of people have the mentality that their work shouldn’t be given away for
free because they’ve you know they’ve done their time and they deserve to be
paid for what they do I don’t know I love helping people are always going to
pay your top dollar to walk them through it that and that’s that’s the beauty I
absolutely agree because it’s not just about arching a bench president it’s a
two second tutorial there is so much to you
and I have both been learning every day for 15 years there’s a lot more to learn
than just watching someone arch on a bench there’s so much more to us so if I
can give away you know five minutes here that’s yeah that’s nothing that’s I
won’t even call it the tip of the iceberg there’s nothing yeah yeah so
where can we find I’ve got the I’ve got the page up now it’s Australian strength
coach calm that’s it and it’s if you ever looking the strength system is
basis program it’s honestly probably will arguably one of the most
comprehensive programs I’ve had a little flick through I haven’t actually done it
or anything but I’ve seen best trained to answer quickly Alex Allen’s question
before the reason why Bass has such a good understanding of auxilary work and
all of the bits and pieces that go there is because he’s not only done a shitload
of Education himself and courses and training and aligned himself with the
best people in the world he’s put everything to practice for the last 15
years on a day to day basis you and your brother have probably the like one of
the most diligent work ethics I’ve ever seen and I mean that in all sincerity
you know not coming from you guys who probably have even a better worker stop
since I’ve known you either I used to when I used to train with your brother
he’d come to to the gym with the flu and I’d say ah he got man I’m fucking sick
today and I’d say yeah what are you gonna do go I mean it’s fucked out I’m
coming to train no no he’s still the same yeah
same like don’t get him out of his routine yeah he won’t like you yeah I
mean and look at the results I mean I’ve I bump into friends all the time who we
started out with and they generally don’t look as good a shape as most of us
do so we’ve tapped into something whether it’s this intrinsic motivator
whether we’re doing the right things whether we’re the smartest dudes I don’t
know I don’t think Moses the most obsessed and maybe the most arranged I
don’t know but we are doing something right so if it’s working we’re almost 40
now and we look better than we did when we were 30 so hope we can kids run it
for another 10 20 years absolutely best it’s been an absolute pleasure having
you on the show brother thank you very much
thank you so much thank you so much and I look forward to doing it again
congratulations from being the strongest dude in the country at 199 yeah
absolutely all right guys what a show this was this
was a big one we won’t do our usual study review today because I don’t want
to bore you guys you’ve got enough information out of that interview we
will be returning next week on Tuesday we’ve got an awesome I think I think
we’ve got a really good nutritionist coming on board
she’s unreal I mean friends with her for many many years and I want to talk about
pre and post natal nutrition because I’ve had a lot of girls asking me this
and I’m a big believer that you know men and women should have themselves in the
best shape of their lives going into raising a family not just because of the
chances of having a healthy baby but I think keeping yourself sane and it’s
probably something we could talk to with you and your wife as well man anyway
guys I’ll leave Ali Brad to give his finishing comments yeah and of course
thanks to bass but also another one will be looking forward to having on the show
is going to be bass basses wife Felicia and her sister Diana who are the faces
of the brains and everything else behind the sensation base body babes
and they’re gonna they’ll be on in the coming weeks coming up to talk all
things women’s fitness and women’s strength training and you know training
to be strong rather than training to look good so and looking good as just as
a nice side effect becomes it very much is and if you if you want to go and
check our base body babes you’ll see that they are they know what they’re
doing they create great results and I said thanks again bass we’ll see you
soon brother thanks you guys so nice man

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  1. Awesome interview, incredible insight into top level strenght coaching. You guys are inspiring. Thanks for sharing this

  2. Seb world of knowledge too bad he’s a gear abuser steroid cheat bullshit artist.
    If you don’t believe I can name who is on it how much and who supplied !
    Full of Shit
    His bro cam is on it shall I continue

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