Alright, that’s enough Hey bro ! Hey broe..? Welcome on my channel Welcome among you, among me, among nobody else for now. On this channel I want to share my passion for self-development What do I mean by this? For me, it starts with everything Street Workout & Calisthenics You know, in order to… In addition, I’d like to talk about topics around Psychology and mindset So that you can kill it in your life In your job, in your social relationships In your training as well Because training also has a mental component In your head Not in your mouth Not in your jaw But rather here dude ! If you don’t have the right mindset in your life You’re gonna have a sh*tty life You don’t want a sh*tty life I don’t want a sh*tty life Bro ! We’re gonna work on that ! I wanted to do this 1st video as a small introduction for anyone that has heard about street workout, calisthenics, and don’t really know what it is You saw some guys banging out pull ups in parks & stuff It fired you up and you thought : “I’m starting Street Workout ! :D” Sorry to give the bad news but you cannot just start Street Workout like that Nope ! There’s a big list of things to have and do before Don’t worry about it, I’m here to guide you We’re gonna take it one after the other, you & me together You’re gonna have it all for life bro. For life. I did all of the work for you My pleasure, no need to thank me Let me introduce to you right now The Ultimate Street Workout & Calisthenics Starter Pack Here we go ! See I would have normally put my channel intro right now “Eric Flag” With a lot of dope explosions & sh*t But I didn’t take the time to do it, so… The first thing you need to worry about is not to look like sh*t the first time you go to the park There will be a lot of people, they’re all gonna judge you, So you better suit up correctly ! You need the ultimate workout clothes When they see you arrive you want them to think : Well, better not f*ck with him Take something adequately aerodynamic You need to have your biceps popping out of your shirt So something rather skin-tight You’re the alpha male other there, alright? You’re also gonna need nice shoes You won’t train barefoot You won’t train with those finger toes shoes Those are for people doing crossfit Last time I checked, you were doing Street Workout And it’s definitely not the same, ‘kay? So just buy the damn good shoes ! Alright, next ! You’re very soon gonna do a lot of pull ups, muscle ups and other hard stuff you see? Like one arm pull ups & stuff Your elbows will have to take it all ! So immediately buy compression sleeves When we see you arrive with those, we immediately know you’re not here to train your butt ! You’re also gonna want some wrist wraps Bam ! You instantly get a +12% strength bonus ! Don’t ask questions, just do it You’ll see, it’s magic. In this sport, it rubs, it tears, it twists, Your hands are quickly gonna look pretty ugly ! For this kind of stuff, it’s very important to cover yourself ! Immediately buy workout gloves and wear them when you train This way, your girlfriend or boyfriend won’t know that you spend most of your time rubbing bars ! You’ll see, you’re gonna want to train all the time ! You’re therefore gonna need some real equipment First, buy some parallel bars In English, it’s also called “parallettes” In order for you to tap into their max potential I advise you to have 3 different sizes Very small ones, you take them every where You can train whenever, wherever. Then, the middle sized ones heavier, but more stable. Finally, definitely take a higher pair Those are the ones you leave in your room and don’t ever use. Mine are right over here, see? You NEED to buy rings ! The cost an arm, You use them every 6 months Therefore you’ll quickly have hdd enough for your money If you only train with your own bodyweight, very soon, it won’t be enough anymore ! You’re gonna have to weight yourself buddy ! Gently start with 2kg little ankle weights, super easy. But 4kgs are barely gonna be enough for one week Maybe not even 3 days if you do it right ! You’re a very far-sighted dude, You’re planning further ahead than that! Just directly buy a weighted vest Don’t bother with anything under 15 kgs You’0ll eventually consider 20 or 30kgs later I mean, let’s be serious for a sec we’re not gonna buy useless stuff right away ! You’ll also need : Spray to warm up your muscles before training some cream to help your muscles recover after In addition to the cream, you’re gonna buy a roller You’ll roll on it every night It’ll allow to deeply massage your warrior injuries Honestly if nothing is constantly hurting, it means you’re training hard enough ! Then, the symbol of Street Workout : Chalk ! Bro, it’s gonna be your best bet to make new friends When you arrive, you can buy rounds for everyone “Eric! Damn bro this dude always has chalk with him, he’s so cool !” “He’s my bruh !” You’ll see, you will eat chalk And you’ll like it ! It exists in powder, but I’d recommend the liquid one so that you don’t put some every where Don’t bother buying only one bottle though, order it by the gallon ! You’re definitely gonna need a nice shaker as well Even if you’re never isolating your triceps in the gym, doesn’t mean you can’t drink protein If you wanna make exercises easier or harder, you’re gonna need some rubber bands. You’re a precise dude, you wanna cover all of your bases ! So you’re gonna get every resistance, every size and every color ! Buy a big one, this one you just don’t use because it makes it too easy. Definitely have a middle one, it’ll become your best friend. Don’t forget to buy some of the smaller sizes as well, you wanna be a complete athlete. Since you are very special, you’re kind of the Chosen One. You’re gonna bang out crazy moves very quickly So take your smartphone with you when you train, have a little tripod as well, film yourself, and, please, put it on Instagram ! Instagram is awesome, you can post anything you like ! Your best bathroom selfies, How you got the planche in two weeks, Screenshots of moves you can hold for half a second, your breakfast, lunch, dinner, everything inbetween, Don’t throw anything away ! Listen, I’m not gonna lie, you’re gonna have to give it 100% everytime you train You therefore need a good pre-workout. First set everything up on a table, take your creatine pack, take some monohydrate, rest is expensive and not better. You then help yourself as you please, I personnally recommend taking between 3 aaand 12 scoops ! That’s considered to be the optimal range. Put it in your shaker, Add some water. It isn’t called a “shaker” for nothing, you gonna shake it right ! With this, you’ll take caffein not with coffee, but with pills, it’s way more effective. Then, looking at your current energy levels, you decide how many pills you take. Once everything is ready, don’t quibble, you swallow your pills… … until the last one ! And you down it all with your shake. I’m warning you though, if you’re not used to caffeine, it’s gonna tingle a bit. You may want to smash your head against the walls. You’re gonna start to… You’ll see It ain’t called a pre-workout for nothing, so you’re gonna take it right before training, Like, not before visiting your grand parents. Once you have all your stuff packed, you drank your pre-workout, you can finally take off to train ! It’s cool to prepare and stuff, but we ain’t here to masturbate ourselves ! keep that for later. #nofap Alright that’s enough talking now, time to gooooooo “Terminator is here !” “The Crossfit Terminator !” Coming back to the video, the primary take-away was, and I hope it got clear, you don’t need a million different things before starting anything. You don’t need all this.. .. all this sh*t, before starting to train, before starting to change, before starting to work on yourself. You don’t need the last Canon … thing before starting to do some videos. You don’t need uhm.. all of those branded things I featured Don’t necessarily buy those ones… what am I saying.. You don’t have to wait for your dream body before starting to hit on guys and chicks. this is the mindset you want to avoid actually. The best way to start working on any of your projects is right now dude Now. you click on “Stop” You stop this video and you go work on your stuff. alright? Do this for me if not for you (lol) Be also careful about what others are gonna say, Very often, they’ll say things that’ll discourage you, that’ll demotivate you. Know that if they’re saying that it’s because they’re demotivated themselves, and that it shouldn’t impact you. I’ll probably do more videos on that subject, it’s a subject that honestly interests me a lot as well and I’d like to share about it. so.. Here it is. Take care of yourself, see you soon, and.. peace out. I hope you liked this first video If you did, you can drop me a like. you can subscribe, you can go on my Facebook, Instagram uhm… well no that’s it actually. If you wanna help me do an intro for my videos, because I might change it ! Don’t hesitate to write me an email or DM me on Instagram and we can talk about it Thanks so much for the time you gave for this video, I appreciate it, sincerely ! and I’ll see you soon in another video. bye ! *Outro with explosions as well…*


  1. Bon je voulais me refaire une vid矇o dr繫le pour me d矇tendre, je n'ai pas 矇t矇 d矇癟u!

    A part 癟a je me demandais… 癟a fait un moment que je n'ai plus de courbatures apr癡s mes entra簾nements, et pourtant je continue bosser dur et faire autant de reps que je peux sur la plupart des exercices. Est-ce normal ou est-ce que 癟a signifie que mon entra簾nement est devenu moins efficace?

  2. Super Vid矇o gros ! A quel moment conseils-tu de commencer se lester ? j'ai toujours fait sans mais en voyant mes s矇rie s'allonger en nombre de rep je me dit qu'il serait temps d'y rem矇dier … Par exemple mettons que j'arrive faire 6 x 15 dips avec 25s de repos entre chaque s矇rie , je peux commencer me lester ? Si oui de combien pour commencer ? Merci d'avance Eric !

  3. salut mec ! j'ai d矇couvert ta chaine youtube il y a plus d'une semaine et franchement tu fait du super boulot j'aimerais que tu fasse encore une vid矇o sur le mental et le d矇veloppement personnel franchement tu es super bonne continuation

  4. Salut j ai besoin de mat矇riel pour chez moi je vais achetez une barre de traction et des parall癡le laquel aura le plus d utilit矇 pour moi qui est d矇butant? Les moyennes ou les grandes?

  5. Bravo pour le message de r矇flexion, c'est tout ce que j'ai retenu de cette vid矇o et 癟a me motive encore plus ! Continue en tout cas tu te gave mec !

  6. Mec, je fais tout comme t'as dis. Je prend bien ma caf矇ine avant mes s矇ances, genre 1/4 du pot, j'ai la patate et tout mais arrive le soir et l c'est le drame, je dors plus du tout. Tu aurais pas une solution ?

  7. Mon R矇pertoire vid矇o gratuit sur les progressions et exercices de Street Workout et Musculation :
    Grosse News : Mes couteurs Bluetooth Top Performance sont enfin disponibles sur Amazon ∴

    (je te pr矇viens, on ne s'en s矇pare plus !)

  8. J adore ton second degr矇s tu explique tout tr癡s bien et tu fait d矇lirer tu te prends pas au srx et ca c est le top

  9. Putin mais mec t'es s矇rieux ? Dans ta 1ere vid矇o tu prank tout le monde XD Heureusement que tu explique la fin T'es vraiment unique !

  10. mec je kiff tes chaussur c'est quel nike j'arrive pas a recona簾tre et j'adore ta vid矇o et ta cha簾ne en g矇nerale exellent travail

  11. Nickel Bro, je viens de d矇couvrir ta cha簾ne, j'ai toujours kiff矇 le street mais je restais en salle, tu m'as motiv矇 !

  12. Tout les truc boire et manger (caf矇ine etc) si on est jeunes(ados) cest grave den prendre ??? ((ps: jcompte pas en prendre juste pour savoir^^))

  13. salut ric t
    je voulait te demand矇 si tu compter sortir une vid矇o sur le drapeau comment l'entra簾ner tes astuce a toi

  14. Pour une premi癡re vid矇o !! J'ai l'impression que tu en as fait depuis toujours, franchement bravo !! Tu es naturel c'est cool !

  15. Rare que je m'abonne d癡s la 1er vid矇o. Super boulot le montage, on ne s'en lasse pas. Je me suis dis il n est pas s矇rieux quand m礙me sur la quantit矇 des compl矇ments alimentaires . Good job

  16. Salut, j'ai regard矇 toutes les barres propos矇 en description puis j'en est recherch矇 d'autre pour essayer de voir quel est le meilleur achat possible,j'ai trouv矇 des barres de pompes chrom矇 deux fois moin cher que celles en description. J'aimerais savoir si la diff矇rence de description et de prix entra簾nait une r矇elle diff矇rence dans les possibilit矇s et facilit矇s d'utilisation,si tu vois de quoi je parle j'aimerais savoir lesquels sont les mieux ?
    Barres pompes chrom矇 (amazon)
    Ou les barres en description ?
    Sinon continue les vid矇os sont cool

  17. Eric super vid矇o comme d'hab et surtout la conclusion … Tr癡s touchante et remplie de tendresse. Je te souhaite vraiment de la r矇ussite dans tes entreprises Bizzzzz

  18. Jallais l璽cher un com 矇nerv矇 sur ce que tu fesait au d矇but mais quand jai vus la fin jetait plut繫t content je croyais vraiment que tu invitait les autres acheter des trucs comme 癟a ducoup jai eu peur je veux moi m礙me me mettre au street workout mais jai pas de park dans mon bled y me faut des barre parall癡les pour les dips mais jai d矇j les poignets

  19. Salut, j'ai commenc矇 regarder tes vid矇os depuis quelques jours et 癟a m'int矇resse beaucoup. Je me demandais si tous tes conseils s'appliquent aussi bien aux femmes qu'aux hommes ? Merci pour tous tes conseils

  20. Si j'avais pas vu d'autres vid矇os de toi avant celle l, j'aurais pas regard矇 jusqu'au bout, mais connaissant un minimum le c繫t矇 d矇veloppement personnel et philosophie de l'effort du bonhomme, j'ai vite compris que c'矇tait une parodie et appr矇ci矇 fond le message donn矇 ; ) Ptdr quand m礙me le moment o羅 tu d矇barques sur le spot de SW avec tout le matos XD

  21. Je suis prof de judo et j'ai envie de d矇buter le street workout, et pourquoi pas inclure cette discipline comme pr矇paration physique pour mes 矇l癡ves.
    Du coup j'ai d矇j tout bien pr矇par矇 en commandant 3 bo簾tes de g矇lules de caf矇ine par 矇l癡ve, mais je te cache pas que pour la cr矇atine va falloir n矇gocier au contr繫le anti-dopage.

  22. Je veut commencer le street mais je n'ai aucun 矇quipement et plus important aucun parc a proximit矇 de chez moi

  23. Merci pour cette vid矇o et toute les autres que je vais continuer regarder. Beaucoup de conseils et de motivation pour moi qui en ai besoin en ce moment. Continu en tout cas je pense pas 礙tre le seul que 癟a aide.
    J'arrive un peu tard mais mieux vaut tard que jamais
    Encore merci

  24. J'h矇site m'acheter le gilet lest矇 de chris heria a 180 $ sachant qu'il ne contient que 15kg, est t il utile de prendre plus lourd alors que je cherche l'utiliser uniquement pour r矇aliser des figures de calistenics et est ce un bon rapport qualit矇 prix.
    Si non quel gilet conseiller ? Budget max 200euro

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