Start Now Before Everyone Catches Up

– People are looking for the hack, because people don’t
wanna put in the work. (rumbling) – We come from a father son company. Our dad started a B2B medical
distributor 20 years ago so now we’re kinda taking that over. We still do a lot of direct mail, a couple thousand pieces a month. We started LinkedIn this year. – What are you seeing?
– What’s that? – What’s happening on LinkedIn? – Good so we’ve got about 4,000 followers. We get about 5,000 views on our videos. – How often are you posting? – Once a week, so we need to do– – Nine a day. – My question is about targeting, because we’re all B2B so–
– I’m very aware. As you know you can run LinkedIn ads against people’s job descriptions. Have you done that yet? – That was my question. Is that something we can
understand ourselves and learn? – Yeah, I got a great way
for you to learn this. If you wanna learn this as
well I’ll give you the website. It’s
(audience laughs) Why I’m really excited about this is you guys clearly are
capable, this is crazy. You can literally go to Google and say, “How do I target specific professionals “on LinkedIn ads”, enter”
and have unlimited ways to figure out how to do it. It’s not the tactics,
it’s the knowledge of. The knowledge of knowing
that you can target people on LinkedIn. LinkedIn makes direct mail
look like child’s play when you understand it. Then when you really understand it and you realize that you
have to do different content for different doctors
in different sectors, in geographic, gender, race,
mindset, it gets real gnarly. You understand? – [Man] And you can target
specific companies too, right? – And the way you do that is you target a specific company, all the employees, and the ad, the piece of content starts, “Does your head buyer know? “Does your accountant know?” You see where I’m going? So what you’re trying to
do is get the employees to forward it to the CFO or the CIO, or the head medical device buyer. I don’t know what that
terminology would be, you see where I’m going? You can literally write
the words that say, if you’re selling FAST
to financial services, you can literally write,
along with the video, or the PDF, or whatever you
gonna try different stuff, “Does your CFO know that she can?”, because you even know that the CFO in that company is a woman. You can do such smart stuff, people don’t. All of this is just like
health and wellness. Would you like to be
healthier in better shape? Let me help you, eat well and exercise. (audience laughing) Everyday, meanwhile people are like, ass implants, steroids,
apple cider celery juice. People are looking for the hack ’cause people don’t wanna put in the work.

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