Squatting with a Bad Knee

Squatting with a Bad Knee

Robert writes in, he’s a 58 year old male
and he had a knee injury about 12 years ago. Torn meniscus right knee and then 12
more years of abuse. Robert this, we all know work what I’m about to say. We’re
sneaking into medical advice. The first thing I would do for you,
if I could, is convince you to go see a good doctor and maybe a good rehab
specialist to see if there’s small tiny steps you can take. It could be as simple
as a good knee wrap it could be, it could be something as complex as a total knee
replacement. Ideally somewhere between sliding on a knee wrap and a total
knee. “At 45 degree flexion cartilage is gone. Bone on bone contact. kettlebell
goblet squats have helped a lot but it is still unstable in some movements any
advice on squatting and deadlifting with the bad knee?”
Yeah don’t do it. Go see a doctor okay.

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  1. Dan, Thanks for answering my question. Have been to a sports orthopedic doctor several times for injections the ones derived from rooster comb. He wants to hold off on replacement until I am older. Weird thing is I squat with fairly light weight and same with deadlifts with no pain during the movement and very little after. Me not being very strong dictates the weight. Very little progress in the lifts but I can do them. Progression gets to over 250 lbs and things start to hurt. Walking is what kills it, especially up and down stairs. Anyway gotta forward this to my son . Dan John answered my question. Thanks again.

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