100 thoughts on “Soundgarden – Spoonman (Official Music Video)

  1. Strawman, come together with your hay
    Save me, In politic discussions, man
    Save me

  2. Chris himself (RIP buddy) told me in a posted comment that he preferred this song rather than "Black Hole Sun" on Superunknown…I never forgot his generosity in helping me post karaoke videos on Tube or his support!

  3. Yo, thèse headshots… They show thèse beautiful aryan faces… Then every 5 seconds they show that indian lizard's mug… Just seems so outta place/ sticks out like sore thumb! Im not even White, im spanish… Am i racist, or just color coordinated?? Oh Btw, GO TRUMP! lol.

  4. I do not condone or use drugs, but somehow it makes a lot more sense to me that this amazing track is, in fact, about heroin. For the literalists in the audience, you might familiarize yourself with ironic contrasts, subversion, and / or symbolism in art. Or do you really think some derelict playing spoons on the sidewalk of Seattle inspired this track and a video by Soundgarden? If so, you should definitely vote Democrat, sleep well, and rest assured the government will always take care of you.

  5. Gosh for all these years I thought the guy was saying "stone man." I would yell that out in imitation of this whenever I listened to the music from Mega Man 5.

  6. Whola lotta love in 70´s….Spoonman in the 90´s….show me how you live 2000….in 2019?—i am still waiting…

  7. These super-genius artists keep you listening long after they've died, and yes, I know, and I'm sorry he's gone. But I'm listening now again, for the zillionth time, just listening to the percussion. I mean, that is the point, maybe, to a musician. Sure, maybe all the drug uses etc apply and add depth, but first I'll look shallow, just to the drums. They're going fast, but I never focused until now, thankful for these stimulating discussions!

  8. ….and God said unto me
    "If you are to walk my earth again, and you are to front a rock band, it will be so." And I said unto God :
    "But I must have the voice of Chris Cornell. It must be Chris Cornell."

  9. So that's why Mordecai and Rigby were hamboning in that one Regular Show episode 😂 niiiice, this is the original Spoonman!!

  10. it sounds like some lost Zeppelin song he definitely gets the Robert Plant award and I mean that as the highest compliment ever

  11. Um dos vídeo clipe mais legais e tecnológicos da década de 90. Passava o dia todo na MTV. Sem contar o som 10. Do Soundgarden baita banda da época

  12. i dedicate this song to my boy Crit, who lost his fucking mind literally. he smoked a lot, i mean a lot of crack. so of course we called him spoonman.

  13. When this video came out Chris had us out here thinking we all could beat spoons on our hands n legs trying to make a beat lmao

  14. In ‘95 an ex-girlfriend and I decided we would spend a Saturday at the Pike St Market, then take a ferry ride to Bremerton. While at the market, Artis was performing and he took a liking to my gal. He flirted with her big time!
    While showing off, Artis cut his face and drew blood playing the spoons. But he kept playing. I think he did it for her because he kept looking at her as blood dripped from his face.
    Very cool experience. She was sofaking hot!!!

  15. Since i first heard SG 20 years ago i started listening to them exclusively , i listened all albums,b sides,etc..They had a profund impact on how i listen to rock bands and why i keep doing it..I still struggle to come to terms about Chris departure, he was one of my if not my favorite singer in rock since i was 14!!

  16. Even though the song was stated to have been inspired by a spoon-player, it's obviously worded so that it can be about heroin if you want it to. I mean come on, "all my friends are brown and red"? Can't get much plainer than that. If you've seen interviews with Cornell, he, like most of the grunge dudes, had that reflex to go against whatever ideas people had about him and his work, even if they were accurate.

  17. All these years I thought I heard the word strong man in there. Sad to hear that he's been lost. What a beautiful talent he had.

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