Sony 18-105 F4 Review – If You Could Only Have ONE Lens…

Sony 18-105 F4 Review – If You Could Only Have ONE Lens…

if you could only have one lens what
lens would it be what is up people Dunna here and today we are talking about my
go to all-around lens for the sony a6500 a6300, a6000 or any sony e-mount camera you guys seem to ask me this all the
time if I could only have one lens for my camera what lens would it be and I’m
a big believer of building out your kit that you should have tools for different
purposes but it definitely got me thinking if I was headed somewhere if I
was let’s say going traveling and all I could bring was one camera and one lens
what lens would I bring and that lens is the sony 18-105 f4 g OSS lens I’ve
had this lens for just over a year now and it probably stays on my camera more
than any other lens that I own so I figure it’s got to be worth talking
about now like all my reviews here’s what we’re gonna go through today some
of the good things about this lens some of the not-so-good things and what you
can do about them some of the uses for this lens I’m going to answer a whole
bunch of your questions that you asked me over on Instagram and of course
because it’s never enough to just talk about it I’m going to show you photos
and videos so that you can see just how this thing performs but before we head
out and take a look at what this thing is capable of I’d like to give a huge
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sponsoring this video I guess we better get back to the lens hey let’s go see
what this thing’s capable of Sony 18-105 F4 Review so first thing we need to talk about is the focal
length of this lens the 18 to 105 focal length gives you quite a broad range and
makes this a very versatile lens the full-frame equivalent to that is 27 to
about 152 so it’s got a pretty standard kind of wide end as well as a decent
telephoto in not super long but you know long enough for most cases at @Jawaher_al_housani I’m totally sorry if I’m saying that terrible over on Instagram asked
what kind of shots is it ideal to get and because of that focal range from 18
all the way up to 105 it could be used for a whole bunch of things on the wider
end you could do landscape and architecture photography in the
mid-range somewhere in that 50 to 85 you could take some awesome portraits and on
the long end if you’re doing events and that kind of thing this will give you
the ability to stand back from your subject and kind of be out of the way
whenever you’re talking about zoom lenses like this especially this one
that has such a wide range you’re gonna also get a wide range of ability as far
as what you can shoot with it another thing that I really love this lens for
is vlogging because of that 18 millimeter wide end when you’re holding
it at the end of a Joby Gorillapod or whatever you vlog with it’s gonna give
you a good surrounding of what’s going on as well as being able to get yourself
right in the middle of the and as far as that 105 long end if
you’re using clear image zoom so if you’re shooting JPEGs or video it’s also
really cool because you actually get a two times crop on that as well with very
little loss in quality turning this from an 18 to 105 into a 18 to 2/10 that’s a
pretty wide range now @locusdraheim dra-heem? something like that I’m
terrible with these names asked would you rather have a zoom lens that covers
the whole range or would you rather have a bunch of primes that do the same thing
if money was no object now this is the big question between zooms and primes
which one do you want what’s gonna be better for your situation and this is a
really hard question to answer technically primes usually give better
quality images but zooms are far more versatile you don’t have to carry as
many and you can cover a wide range without ever having to take it off the
body so if I really had to pick between one or the other I would probably go
with the zoom provided that it had the same kind of quality that I expect to
get out of my prime lenses does that zoom exist I don’t know now talking
about the build quality of this it’s made of mostly metal it’s got a separate
zoom ring and focus ring so you’ve got the two separate rings on there which is
kind of cool it doesn’t you crazy squirrel it feels good especially paired up with
the a6000 sixty three hundred and sixty-five hundred as far as the size of
it it’s almost perfectly the same size as a pop can or soda pop can or soda can
or whatever you call it it’s not a superlight lens but it’s definitely
heavier than something like the kit lens that comes with these cameras one of my
favorite things about the build of this lens is that the zooming is all done
internally so the lens doesn’t extend at all when you’re zooming this makes this
lens really great for gimbals and stabilizers because you won’t have to
keep rebalancing if you’re changing your focal length now one of the things
that’s really great about this lens is that unlike a lot of zoom lenses it has
a constant aperture now the aperture is only f/4 so you’re not going to get the
same low-light capabilities and you’re also not going to be able to do the same
kind of crazy shallow depth of field that you would on some of those other
lenses but it’s still pretty darn good f/4 let’s in quite a bit of light and
the fact that it’s constant throughout your zoom range means that it’s really
good for video work for example if you want to zoom during a shot you don’t
want it to be changing apertures as you zoom because it’s gonna change how much
light is coming into the lens and it’s also gonna be changing your depth of
field I found in most situations f/4 let in enough light especially with the new
sensor technology that allows you to bump up the ISO with very little noise
involved now @that_atomz asked on Instagram what the best settings are for
street photography at night with this lens again that comes back to that f/4
aperture it’s a little tough to get low-light shots and not introduce a
whole bunch of grain keep it on that aperture of f/4 to let in as much light
as possible bump up your iso only as far as you have to go and if you can
introduce some of your own light or just try and be smart about your light now
other than how much light and f/4 lens will let in the other thing is the depth
of field nowadays it seems like everybody wants that 1.8 1.4 super
shallow depth of field and this especially at the wide end is just not
going to give that to you now that being said if you zoom in if
you’re using it from let’s say 50 85 or even all the way in at 105 you’re gonna
get a nice creamy bokeh in the background this thing does a great job
the aperture blades give you a nice rounded bokeh balls in the background
and so it can still be really useful for those shallow depth-of-field shots now a
couple of you guys over on Instagram had to ask of course is it sharp and one
person said if it’s not is it noticeable I like this question because it’s not
the sharpest lens out there and this is again something that you trade off of
when you get a zoom lens versus a prime lens zoom lenses are harder to make
super sharp and super high quality that being said I have never had any problem
with the sharpness of this lens if you’re posting photos on Instagram
you’re not going to have any problem with this where most people are looking
at on a mobile that’s a super small screen
size the sharpness is just fine the quality and the colors that come out of
this thing are super nice definitely can’t complain about that like I said
it’s not a sharp as something like my Sigma 30 millimeter but it definitely
gets the job done and in a real world situation where someone’s not going to
be zooming in and pixel peeping you’re not even gonna notice the difference now @nicospanagel asked if this was a good upgrade from these 16 to 50 kit lens and
@nyc_pictures asked if them getting the 16-50 and the 55-210 was the right
choice or if they should have just went with this now as far as it being an
upgrade from the kit lens I do highly suggest it that’s what I did i had the
kit lens and i was using that for a while and then i upgraded to this i got
a lot more range and i got a higher quality image out of it
not to mention like i said before that constant f/4 aperture is awesome whereas
the kit lens is a 3.5 to 6.3 i think so if you’re using it for video as you zoom
in you’re gonna have that problem of the light going down now as far as getting
those 2 kit lenses the 16 to 50 and the 55 to 210 versus getting this there is
something there as far as having the 55 to 210 sometimes I do catch myself
missing the extra range of having all the way up to 200 there is an 18 to 200
out there but again it’s that 3.5 to 6.3 aperture that I wasn’t into I really
wanted something with a constant aperture considering how much video work
I do now that being said I don’t know if you made the right choice or the wrong
choice necessarily it’s good to have all of your ranges covered for any situation
that you might be in and those lenses are going to do a fine job of that this
is a bit more expensive than those and so maybe that was just something that
you can do to tide you over until you can afford something more like this and
speaking of expensive lenses this thing’s about 750 dollars Canadian which
is about 600 American I think it’s even on sale right now I’ll leave a link in
the description if you’re interested in buying it go click that link it helps me
out and doesn’t cost you any extra it’s not a super expensive lens but it’s
definitely not cheap either @julievwanner and a couple of you guys
actually asked if I thought that this lens was worth the price tag now when I
first bought this lens I thought that it was a really expensive lens too because
all the other lenses that I’ve been looking at were two or
three hundred dollars they were fairly inexpensive lenses now that I’ve been
kind of diving more into the world of lenses and I understand what’s truly out
there I realized that this is actually probably on the inexpensive side when it
comes to what’s available to you the 70 to 200 you’re looking at a couple of
grand for something like that whereas this guy again that kind of $750
Canadian $600 American it’s a you know reasonably inexpensive lens especially
considering the wide range of focal lengths that you’re covering now Julie
also asked if I thought that this was a must-have for aps-c sensors and I think
so this is the one like I said that I recommend if I could only have one lens
so I think everybody should definitely be at least considering having a good
zoom lens like this one in their arsenal now one of the cool things about this
lens as well is that it’s got optical steadyshot built into it so inside the
lens it’s going to be stabilizing your footage or if you’re someone who shoots
photos it’s going to allow you to slow down your shutter speed without getting
the hand jitters in there you’ll be able to get crispy or looking shots and not
blur out your photos because your hands are moving it also makes this a great
lens for vlogging like I mentioned before because you can hold it at the
end of a Joby Gorillapod and point it at yourself and while you’re walking and
those kinds of things especially for those people who are on the a6300, a6000, a5100, and a5000 the cameras that don’t have the in body built-in stabilization so then
the question comes what can you use this lens for it’s something that I always
end my lens reviews with now this lens in particular being a zoom lens and
being a zoom lens with such a wide range there are so many things that you can
use this for but what I highly suggest it for and what I use it for is less of
a specific photography or videography style and more of a situational thing
anytime that I’m going out and I need to shoot but I don’t know exactly what kind
of situation I’m getting into for example if my wife and I are going out
and I think I might want to get some shots but I’m not quite sure what the
situation is as far as like where I’ll be shooting or how long of a lens I’m
going to need I throw this on the camera and it covers me most of the time
or if I’m shooting an event or something where I need to be quick on my feet to
get the shot and sometimes I might need a wide lens and sometimes I might need a
telephoto lens this is great because I have both of them right at my fingertips
so that’s why I would say that if I had to pick any one lens to keep on my
camera and that was the only lens I was allowed to have I would say that the 18
to 105 would be my go-to again I really wish that it had better than an f4
aperture but again that’s gonna cost you an arm and a leg and it would probably
make the thing a whole lot bigger as well I forgot to talk about focus Autofocus=Great Manual Focus=Pretty good focus by wire isn’t everyone’s favorite but this one is pretty good back to the show but I really want to turn it over
to you guys if you could only have one lens and it had to stay on your camera
all the time what lens would it be would it be the 18 to 105 or do you have
another favorite let me know if you have any more questions that I didn’t answer
in this video about this lens I love chatting with you guys I love trying to
answer your questions make sure to hit me up on Instagram if you want to ask
questions for future videos that my handle is at dunna did it @dunnadidit if you want to
be friends click the little circle you can subscribe to this channel hit the
bell notifications so you don’t miss anything if you want to watch another
video there’s one right here I think you’ll really like it
thanks so much for watching and I’ll see you next time Sony 18-105 F4 Review

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