Slingshot Catch and Cook Up A Tree Day 29 of 30 Day Survival Challenge Canadian Rockies

Slingshot Catch and Cook Up A Tree Day 29 of 30 Day Survival Challenge Canadian Rockies

I’m Zachary Fowler and I’m Gregg
Allman’s and this is the 30 day survival
challenge Canadian Rocky there’s only one rule if you want to eat you got a
catch and cook it the 30 day survival challenge season two Canadian Rockies
has been brought to you in part by Doctor Squatch soap hidden woodsmen gear
go prepared survival outdoor vitals wazoo survival gear simple shot shooting
sports and grim workshop check out the link in the description below for the
gear video of the 30 days of bottle challenge day 29 just heard moose come
through just below us and making all kind of noise and it kind of like booked
it and took off like something scared him in that way hear something down over
the hill moving through the brush maybe it’s a big grizzly saw earlier meanwhile
at the very same time as I’m recording this in my hammock the trail cam that we
put just down the hill from our camp is recording this I don’t think it’s the
same grizzly from earlier on that we saw across the valley he just doesn’t look
quite as built up muscly wise but he’s a scrapper you could see from his ear
right here he’s got a little bit of a cut and he seems pretty interested in
this tree for some reason let’s see if I can give you some reference so just how
close this is if you remember from a couple days earlier when we were playing
chess we saw the moose just down over the hills we heard some noise and this
tree right here is that tree right there and the deer cameras attached to this
tree right here and when I’m standing right here this tree right here is this
tree right there about 50 feet right down over the hill from where I’m
hammock is that bear doing his thing maybe that big Griz we saw a couple days
back let’s go see if we could uh get you down camera see anything proceeded through the trees down there
but I like 30 feet down in the ravine and I heard all the noise mmm climb down see if we can get a
better angle there’s only one little gap that we can
see the valley floor down there it’s like 30 35 feet away I don’t hear
anything anymore well if it was the Big Bear maybe we got
on the deer camera put it down there for things that move through the valley down
below since that’s where we’ve heard the most amount of noise oh wow I don’t like
tonight left and heading out tomorrow morning doesn’t look like I’m gonna get
my Jeremiah Johnson moment I could get my face time with a grizzly bear no
there’s always coffee the hardest time it’s easy the time to
the darkness in my mind but I’ll be all right try and fly but I won’t even get so high
I will never give up my fire even if you burn so much stuff in the woods today
close by moose is right there can’t seem to focus through the trees to
find him it’s just just too far just enough out of my range of my lens and
and and just enough brush between it I don’t think I caught anything thought he
ran off I want to get down to the lake this morning and catch our final fishes
for the adventure on my boat and stuff so we can get back here and do some
other things before the end of the adventure that’s when I have a little
fire up in our shelters and cook our last fish up in the trees so that we can
oh just so we could say we did it just for the fun of it just because what else
you gonna do when you’re out in the woods but have fun think of fun things
to do so so I looking at a date
and today’s verses acts 9 13 through 16 and I was trying to look up July 31st
that’s the day that it is today and we didn’t we started a couple days but
after we meant to supposed to be all of July I’m like trying to look July wait a
minute no that’s not how the Bible works you got mad skills when it comes to
fishing I don’t know what it is even when I fish with the same lure that your
lure at that time it’s like you still it’s like you got the right speed and
rough speed it’s just it’s upward things try different techniques like sometimes
they’ll jig it a little faster I go to the bottom come up try different things
right they just always seem to have had a knack for fishing yeah that’s a good
knack to have here the you’re the only person that’s ever been on a loan that
caught more fish than me like at all warmer that’s all one fish one fish more
than me but in less time in less time so I mean if you had stayed there longer oh
yeah you would have had a lot more fish than me so I don’t mind losing out to
that ya know all the was kind of funny because they had this pamphlet when I
was the alternate there and and it was that’s what they called me the fisherman
the fisherman fisherman really yeah this little thing and a write-up of you know
your oh you’re like a bile oh yeah your bio welcome drywall there to the
fisherman the fisherman did you cut so many last time I guess
that’s funny yeah fishings fun it is fun some people find it boring I feel bad
because every time I take my girlfriend out but we never catch anything that’s
like well that’s not true the first couple of
times we went out I caught stuff and I’m like here fish the same way that I did
and she just doesn’t catch anything I felt the same way as like we you and I
when we hit that other Lake there it’s like you’re like here use my lower and
fish the same way I did and I didn’t catch another I got a couple bites and I
think I lost one but and it’s like it you can show people and show people and
show people and sometimes it just it doesn’t stern act it’s a knack it
doesn’t work out for them but doesn’t mean you can’t you can’t still catch
fish it’s just sometimes there’s a little harder to catch and if you have
the knack and the practice and the time then you can do a lot better I mean
there’s sometimes cause like like the woulda beardsman tonight we’re in Canada
for the wilderness living challenge Season four links in the description
below and in my playlist for all these different syriza’s that you want to go
back and watch through from the beginning they’re fun shows me catfish
he catches two catfish and all I could catch is like sticks and rocks at the
bottom I just every time I get a bite it would get like snagged and I’d I lost
like nine hooks he lost like zero hooks and caught two or three three fish or
something well I think another reason I’ve done so well here is like it seems
to me that as soon as you get that first hit you have to set the hook and that’s
what I’ve been doing I’ve lost two or three as well but I’ve been on the ball
as far as setting the hook instantly okay breakfast is on and that’s such a
big one even cut in half it’s as length of the rock I know it’s pretty good you
can even stick that bad really nice there’s my cheek that’s a big one
go ahead you eat your half and then I’ll eat my half after I’m still enjoying my
coffee lord thank you for this fish and all the
fish that you’ve given us out of here his name Amen hmm
Greg nailed the cook on it this morning there’s only I met a couple times we
haven’t nailed the cookware we overdid it and it wasn’t super juicy and flaky
and just look at that look at that look at that it’s just so Oh bit with dough
Bowl on it a little bit of juicy flaky hope it’s dry drip hmm feel like I’m forgetting something
well could I be forgetting hmm oh well if I forget it I guess I don’t need it there he is looking for worms my rafts
still here didn’t go anywhere dad I thought you would I think I’m gonna head
over and check on the Gopher situation that’s not as fun as situation go fresh
and go for it go for situation yeah whatever before I take the raft out
I’ll let Greg Greg fish from it I still got a gopher on the agenda my bucket
list here gonna go over my slingshot well it’d be good they just the duck
dodge dive weave dodge duck dip dive and dodge if you master the 5ds no amount of
balls on earth can hit you they’re so good at it and or I miss one
of the two and I just sneaky little buggers fish from the raft at least even
if I don’t take it for a voyage don’t see any swimming around it’s good cost collect up some more of
the Sherman of the woods that sticks in this stuff you want to make sure you
remove as much of that pinecones and stuff those are uncomfortable my stack
Twila paper one more day on more night and we’ll have toilets and toilet paper
fortunately when you’re eating this little and your body’s in such high gear
you don’t need to go to the bathroom all that often once every four days five
days I think I might even gone like six days once on this trip already well you
couldn’t ask for a more beautiful view from your bathroom window though huh out
mr. pine going on that one now let’s see about those Gophers leave
that that’s cool a big old scar talk about getting some we go chunks a pitch
if you needed it for something yeah thick the go tree like that must have
been some serious wind damage just snap it toward may be the Avalanche that came
down this hill or something hit it wild approaching the gopher area they’re just
on the other side of those trees there but the sentry gopher that was there
yesterday and let everybody know what’s coming it’s gone this is gotta be the hardest thing in
the world to film and do at the same time
please help them out here though to wit them down there right there and right
there and they ran away go house about 35 feet hmm I’m waiting
for that shot that builds the perfect shot perfect distance boom simple shot
slingshot is the new one I think that’s why I’ve been missing so much because
it’s a little bit different grip than I’m used to
so I kept going high kept going high I wasted a bunch of ammo this morning just
playing around man this is a big this is a heavy one see if I can’t get one for
Greg then I don’t have to catch a fish today go for each and and fish for
tomorrow morning if Greg can catch us a fish thank you lord
last thing on my adventure bucket list right there that was a good shot – yeah
poked his head up there was just a teeny as bit of space and got him right in the
right in the ear right in the head boom he was down and I went over and made
sure it was what made sure it was over but especially made sure that it wasn’t
just wounded and get duck back in the hole but he was he was done he’s done there we go
and I’m on my phone cuz the card iden in the camera that’s all I gave he ducked
down he came back up in another spot a couple inches over and I got him I got
him in a good head shot to go first with the slingshot now I don’t have to catch
a fish I’ll go catch a fish and let it go cuz I just because it’ll be wanting
to catch one more fish on the fly rod and we’ll be able to eat these Gophers
tonight and have fish for breakfast and then we’ll be going home Wow and those
are the biggest Gophers I’ve harvested the entire time I’ve been here what a
blessing on couple Gophers slingshot yeah these are like the fattest ones two
ones we’ve had like oh that’s good yeah cuz I’m not catching nothing yeah so
what that gives us a change from fish yeah yeah I’ll rig up I’ll get up the
boat and see if I can’t get something from somewhere else get some more
Sorrell okay something to do good anchor rock hey Debbie I might do the job yeah it seems like it floats lower in
the water today they did yesterday logs can’t be water logging that fast
maybe I don’t see any of the fish we normally see out here maybe they’re
afraid of this monstrosity floating around in there no Lake but then again
it’s a bunch of logs and there’s a bunch of other logs in here so Oh we’re
crossing the deep waters down and get to that Island we’ve never been able to get
to it’s only like three inches of water between the two but nobody wants to walk
across get their boots wet not seeing any sign of any fish Oh winds blow me out you see yeah maybe
you’ll have to meet you on the other side it’s just that in the wind stop you
really get it out there no there and it’s nice and calm we should see them
all right I’ve seen one jump oh they’re way out in the middle of Lake yes I
don’t really get excited until I start seeing them scenes I’m jumping behind me
somewhere only I can get to in the raft and it’s calm down so I might as well
hide over there all right I think I see some fish just
over in front of me but in casting distance I’m kind of in the middle of a
slightly shallower spot like 10 feet maybe and then it drops off again over
there I’m calling it dry dry no fish though man I tell you ah
the day the day I’ve finished it on the day I finished it nothing it’s just gone
just gone oh well we got the goal first let’s go back and cook those up yeah hey
buddy Oh huh well I got Killeen Gophers you cook well that’s good that’s all we
got that’s all we have no fish this time no Last Supper I can’t believe we got
skunked on the last day oh hell you know oh well that’s the
Seine we’ve had enough fish yeah yeah we don’t need it we’ll get out of here just
by a little on the messy side that’ll work it was a valiant effort I’m gonna need
more firewood than I can grab ah now I just got to go for down for one
more thing my go over stick get it gopher gopher down the whatever it was
almost too good of a joke here cooking his gopher yeah how’s it going it’s
going good and get mine on there we go I finally got him cooking
just right it’s all coals and really hot but no flames I’m so hungry Greg’s finished his gopher already he’s
down there going for another cup of coffee so we can don’t you he could go
for second so fatty and juicy a little fat dripping flame back up again I think it’s done
you want a wing or a leg it’s gonna be a hard shoe these guys always are unless
you stew him for a bit give him the bite test if I can bite him in he doesn’t
bite back it’s good hmm got to see grace Lord
mm-hmm I some yummy gopher thank you thank you for the Gophers the fish and
all that you bless us with and keeping us safe out here help us to finish this
last uh 24 hours successfully without biting each other’s heads off
and Jews Dame amen mm-hmm why these guys are chewy yeah it’s really good it’s not
fish it’s really good liver and stuff is all cooked I guess there’s nothing to
it’s finger food mm-hmm put that with no ball on it hmm wow this tastes like the
best thing I’ve had Oh know how long this little guys so fatty that feels
like the best thing I’ve had since the day we arrived up here at the lake and
caught a bigger fish we’re able to eat bigger fish then it all just became
repetitive after day after day of fish well I can’t imagine this is all that
entertaining watching me eat gopher so I’m gonna finish this gopher I’m gonna
head down I’m Greg and I are gonna have one last game at chess right now the
score is four to three so will we tie for the final score or
will I take a further lead I will I need some floss holy cow
tell you’re always better off with small creatures just do them wonder if that’s
safe to leave that up there hello oh he’s all set up for Jess well yeah alright so go ahead up okay so I moved
another pawn I’ll meet your pond okay well I don’t like that idea
what so you’re gonna give away a guy yep well cuz it’s part of my plan oh don’t
want to get boxed in Oh check that no no you took a pawn yep what is that you go
there okay rook yep oh jeez them ah yay Chuck Chuck I’m ambitious check good move my sis got interesting huh
see Oh what was that check sort of my turn it’s like yeah you got rid of your
queen but links right it doesn’t really leave me with much of anything
check check check check check check check
oh that’s a hurt check check check check check check again and see you down your
camera anymore no all right
day 29 is over that last game of chess was brutal he fought me every inch of
the way I have I I don’t know how but I only
beat him because I killed everything he had everything like he had a castle that
just like fought me for like 30-something moves it just would not I
couldn’t take it out I just couldn’t kill it it was yeah I finally got him
and mostly because he like kind of gave up the castle I think and it was like it
was ridiculous I I did have one pawn that was moving up and like two more
moves would have been a queen and then it would have been over anyways but that
was difficult so he beat me on the fish for sure but I got him on that last
chess game so I am going to bed tomorrow is day 30 victory day yeehaw
thanks for watching I’ll see you guys next time well they’re out

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