Sledgehammer workout – Burn Fat & Build Muscle

Sledgehammer workout – Burn Fat & Build Muscle

Hello everyone! I’m Mario Gabud and I’m about to show you another specific workout – hammering tires. I will walk you through it later. We’ll start in 10 seconds… Watch out!!! So, we are doing intervals of 1 minute with 10 seconds break in between, in order to switch to other exercises. This exercise is great for forearms! It’s a simulation of ground and pound for MMA. It is designed to work some specific muscle groups. All of this takes 4 minutes of workout and after that we’ll go lift some weights… I will upload the video of a complete workout to my channel in a about 2 weeks.

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  1. Great video man, liked and subscribed 👌.

    If you could check out my channel I'd really appreciate it 🙂.

  2. Wow there's English sub titles that's great! You earned a subscriber. Would love it if you check out my channel

  3. Druze-Sta bi mi predlozio, imam 110kg na190cm..Kreno sam sa Cekicom da treniram, imam jedan od 4.5kg i drugi 5kg..Sad Razmisljam da uzmem drugi al koji ?? Razmsiljam 10kg il 12kg il odma 15kg ! Hvala unaprijed..Veliki Pozdrav !!

  4. Best motivation music for this, check Sledgehammer Nosejob, cheers-

  5. Dobro treniraš pravo muški svaka ti čast jesi zmaj jesi nema tu, ti ćeš predviđam to vrlo uskoro potpuno ovladat tim tu krajem jer velika većina ljudi ama baš ništa ne trenira.

  6. This is what im about to start doin soon to lose some weight and hit on a speed bag for good cardio

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