Simple Plank Variation for a Nasty CORE Workout

Simple Plank Variation for a Nasty CORE Workout

in this video you’re gonna learn a
simple variation to the common plank exercise that will give you a nasty core
workout yo what’s up it’s Coach E here and today I’m gonna show you just a really
simple variation to the plank exercise that will increase its intensity make it
more difficult and further challenge your core to make it stronger and more
stable now the reason why this is very important for the plank and why I wanted
to share it with you is because it adheres to two of the core principles of
training one is specificity and the other is progressive overload now when
it comes to specificity if you’re doing the plank and your goal is to do like
500 minutes of plank or to hold the plank for 10 minutes plank challenge
whatever you know these things come out on YouTube and Instagram especially if
you’re doing something like that you’re not adhering to the principle of
specificity because the core at that level of intensity the intensity where
you’re holding a plank you’re never gonna hold that for like
five minutes for two minutes even a minute is a bit of a stretch that’s why
once we get to a minute once I train my clients by athletes to a
minute we move on to something else more difficult so that’s with respect to
specificity now progressive overload yeah if you’re doing a plank from 30
seconds to a minute and a minute to two minutes two minutes to 10 minutes that’s
progressive overload but because going from one minute to 10 minutes isn’t
useful from sports performance or a gym performance perspective then you’re
failing the specificity test okay so how do we overload while keeping specificity
well yeah we can do the plank for a minute that’s awesome
but now for tasks or activities say a football linebacker he’s banging up
against another 300 pound behemoth that plays gonna last for five to ten seconds
we’ve got to challenge the core for five to 10 seconds where the fatigue will set
in at about that point okay how are we gonna do that
well here’s the variation standard plank you should know this by now elbows right
under the shoulders spine is in neutral chin is tucked scapula in neutral legs
are straight hips they’re straight holding there breathing okay I don’t
know how long I can do this I don’t care I know I can do it for at least a minute
a simple variation here that I want to teach you is just moving the elbows the
forearms wider apart and/or in front of you so try it so you start in your
normal elbows right under your shoulders but then I could go to the edges of the
mat here okay and already I can feel greater intensity
greater difficulty on the core I can move it wise as wide as the mat and up
even more difficult okay maintaining breathing starting to shake now there’s
no way I can hold this for five minutes and I’m gonna rest here so that’s the
variation that’s all we need to do is we alter the width of the forums or how far
the floor arms are from your feet and any combination thereof how you can
apply that is by using the principle of progressive overload get to try out one
area and if you can only do that for say 10 seconds maybe you make that your goal
for 30 seconds and then you further increase how wide it is and once you’re
good pretty wide like let’s go see what that feels like out to here it’s a
little more challenging once you can do that for 30 seconds then
we can start to go in front and that’s a lot more challenging okay the reason why I like this so much
is because it’s easy to adjust the intensity just like doing a bicep curl
ten pounds and go to 15 and you’re over 20 pounds keeping within that 4 to
6 or 6 to 12 rep range that’s a great way to overload the biceps and make them
stronger and make them grow this is gonna help you do I kind of Ratchet it
up incrementally so that you’re still working within say 15 to 30 second holds
which is challenging and which is specific for strength and then and once
you get up to 30 seconds or even 60 seconds then you can increase the width
or how high your forearms are on the ground all right so that’s the simple
variation I think it’s pretty simple and it’s very applicable and it adheres to
the principles of specificity and progressive overload so that’s all I got
for you today hope you enjoyed that one and if you wanna learn more check out
what I’ve got for you at the end of this video peace

3 thoughts on “Simple Plank Variation for a Nasty CORE Workout

  1. I like what you say about specificity. I am a Pilates instructor and precision of movement and maintaining integrity are key principles. Quality over quantity is our catch phrase.

  2. Your videos are always so great but I'd like to also commend you on your continual pronunciation of "specificity" 🙂 Well done all around.

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