Shoulder Stretches for Your Delts (ALL 3 HEADS!)

Shoulder Stretches for Your Delts (ALL 3 HEADS!)

What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, Three muscle markers today to try to help
you understand how to stretch out each head of your shoulders more effectively. You see, we talked about how to train them
in the past, but a lot of people forget to stretch them and they’re just like any other
muscle. We need to pay attention to them. Especially due to the fact that they tend
to get tight because they get over developed. So what we want to do is attack them one head
at a time. To do that, as I said, I broke out the muscle
marker. So what we’re looking at here is the front
delt, the middle delt, and the rear delt. They’re actually really easy to see if I go
to my undrawn side here, and I just raise my arm up. You can see here that the front delt, I could
actually grab it. It attaches here to my clavicle; to my collarbone. You can see that right here. Here’s the bone, and it comes in right off
of here, and it comes down in front, and then serves here. They’re all in the same spot here on our upper
arm. Then we’ve got our middle delt, which is the
chunk right behind the front delt, which is all here, and it comes down again. Feeds down into here. So again, we can see that displayed on the
other side. Finally, we’ve got the rear delt that’s in
the back here that comes off our scapular spine. That is, if you were to go grab onto your
shoulder blade here you can feel this ridge that you can grab onto with your fingers. At the very end of that ridge, which is right
here, is where the rear delt will start. You can see that I actually had it popped
up for a second there. Then it comes down and around, and then again
it inserts in here. So you can see that’s going on back there. So, obviously the muscles are positioned in
different places. So they need different angles of stretching
if we’re going to get at them. A lot of times people stretch them incorrectly. So to start off we’ll start on the front delt. To do the front delt, if we know that the
function is to raise your arm up in front of you, what you’d want to do to stretch it
is get it behind you. But not just that, remember I said that it
attaches to the clavicle? So if we could somehow get our clavicle to
come this way as the arm goes back this way, then we’d be doing a good thing here to stretch
out the front delt. So what we do is, we position our hands behind
our back. Just like this. Then we’re going to raise them up. At the same time we want to stick our chest
out. So as we watched it here from the front and
up close, my hands are behind my back. They’re coming up. You can see that it’s stretching out that
front delt, but then what I want to do is I want to get my clavicles forward. So I could do that by sticking my chest out. You can see that stretch that’s being placed
here on that front delt is big. Guys, these are things that you’re going to
be able to instantly feel when you do it. So again, hands behind your back. They’re sliding up. Once you get to that point you can’t go any
further, stick the chest out. Next, the middle delt. I see a lot of people try to stretch this
out by going like this, or they go like this. They sit there and they’re stretching that
middle delt out. It looks like they are getting a decent stretch,
but they’re missing a big component. If it attaches down here, and it starts here,
if I were to do this – yes, I’m pulling my arm across. I’m stretching this out as you can see, but
I don’t want to have my arm up here. What I want to do is, you’re going to instantly
be able to feel the difference. Take it, and then flatten it down that way
as I pull across. So now watch it on this side where you can
actually see the fibers. I’m up here, I can stretch it, but now when
I actually pull down against my chest you can see that the fibers of the middle delt
are now getting a really good stretch. Again, like I said, instantly feel that as
you can see here. It’s tight against my chest, not floating
up here. So still 90 degrees, but then down against
the chest. Finally, we have the rear delt, and this is
another one where people will do, and they’ll try to keep going up at an angle because they
say you’ve got to take the elbow further away here from the back to try to create more length
in that muscle. The problem here, especially people that sometimes
tend to stretch their shoulders because they feel they have to, because they have pain
and discomfort in the shoulder; if I drag this across and I keep going up, up, up, up,
up, while I am stretching the rear delt out I’m also creating more of an impingement feel
here. Potentially, in my already tight, or crowded
shoulder joint. So by doing this and raising it up I’m actually,
potentially, limiting my stretch because the pain starts to set in that prevents me from
wanting to go any further. So what you do instead is, you get behind
the elbow here, you bring it across, and you just scoop it. So I’m still trying to go for length, but
what I’m trying to do is I’m trying to scoop it up and under this way. Around here, I scoop it up and under. So I’m leaning a little bit forward – as
you can see here – and I’m trying to basically scoop it from here, underneath. Now I’m getting a little bit more of that
length, but I’m not getting that raising here that can create that tightness and impingement
in the shoulders. So again, up close, in here, scoop it, lean
forward a little bit, and stretch it out. So there you have it, guys. You can stretch your shoulders, all three
heads, as long as you understand the A) the anatomy of the shoulder; and B) how to reverse engineer that to allow you
to get as best a stretch as possible without having to rely on elaborate equipment, or
anything like that. These things you can do just as I did here
with nothing but my own bodyweight, and no; you don’t need the markers to do this. You feel it instantly. All right, guys. If you like the muscle marker videos though,
of course, leave your comments and thumbs up below and let me know. In the meantime, if you’re looking for a program
that puts the science back in strength so we have a better idea of, not just what we
do, but why we do it; head to and get our ATHLEANX training system. All right, guys. I’ll be back here again in just a few days. See ya!

100 thoughts on “Shoulder Stretches for Your Delts (ALL 3 HEADS!)

  1. I’m 12 years old and my shoulders crack too much and I can’t climb anymore because it hurts is this normal? Please reply

  2. When are you supposed to perform all these these stretches such as the ones in this video and the tricep, bicep, mid back etc? Are they supposed to be performed before or after a workout? Or both? Thanks

  3. Where my pain is where the black and red meet at the top. I feel that sharp pain every time I use the bench. The stretch for the middle (practicing while watching the video) hit that area. Amazing what one little adjustment can do.

  4. My shoulder's been bothering me for days (from bursitis) and these three stretches just brought instant relief!

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  6. Thanks.
    I am having injury on my right shoulder because of delt press five years back and now i saw this streching exercise and it is helping me a lot.

  7. So amazing!! I've been trying to stretch the front deltoid for months by doing wall stretches. I've had so much pain and have gone to massage therapy. In seconds of doing the front deltoid stretch the pain released. I'm ever so grateful!!! Thank you .

  8. What am I supposed to do if I'm female for mid and post delt. My boobs are too big for me to be able to perform those stretching

  9. So, I’ve been watching your channel for sometime now and have decided to see if Incould reach out to for some advice. I have been Suffering with intense pain for nearly 14 yrs now in my shoulder areas. I’ve thought it was due to torn rotator cuffs but after an MRI and with a dye test they couldn’t find a tare. Both shoulders hurt with identical pain but both where injured in different ways. The pain is mostly felt in the deltoid region and I feel it as well under my shoulder blades. Right shoulder was injured by an arm bar and the left in an ATV accident. Been to severa chiropractors and 3 orthopedics dr. Any opinions would be welcomed.

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  13. Thank you man, this works so perfectly.
    I've had problems with stopping the biting pain after an excercise, but this? Instantly worked, and absolutely stopped my shoulders from getting stiff.
    (the comment WASN'T brought by paid content advertisment :D)

  14. Another great one is to lay on the side you want to stretch out put your arm perpendicular to the floor and pushing it down with your other hand to the floor (toward your legs not your head)

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  19. I feel pain in my right shoulder when stretching the front delt (hands behind the back) it because my right delt is tighter or should I go see a doctor?

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