100 thoughts on “Sean Hannity challenges Joe Biden to a push-up contest

  1. The buffoon channel fox also known as we lie for criminal trump TV. Criminal trump is the greatest disgrace in American history and Hannity is a big mouth buffoon.

  2. "If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor." – Joe Biden, July 2019
    Please forgive me if I don't believe him.

  3. Hannity, where do you come into this.. you are not relevant! Joe is running for president and he challenged Trump!

  4. Joe Biden looks like Gary Oldman's version of Count Vlad… He coughed out a lung during the interview with Mika… Too old, too stupid, and too dishonest…

  5. Joe we already saw how you handle being bullied on the first debate. Not good. Biden can’t think on his feet,needs to go back to his people to find out what to say.

  6. Realizing that Sean lives in a distorted reality, you have to spell it out for him: in no reality are there people who would enjoy watching you do push-ups to defend your bromantic lover's honor.

  7. Nice try hannity but obama didn't have any mess, but your buddy bush had. Obama is the reason why trump have economic success. But we know who you stand with. White supremacy racism.

  8. Joe Biden thinks he's rocky balboa …….cut me Mick,cut me..Sean I think he would beat you because he would imagine a little girl was under him ….dirty f..cker ….has Biden been named for Epstein island saga ?

  9. The problem with Pasty and stale Joe Biden is He is cool. He's been spelling of Washington for too long why did they bring up at Chinese giving his son Hunter 1.2 billion dollars for a phony hedge fund business that's way cool Joe come on man the Chinese are good

  10. Donald Trump would knock him out with one punch he's a feeble mouthy old high School football player that runs its mouth never been in a fight in his life. Donald Trump is tough as nails he would crush him.

  11. Why don't they just go back to the old days when the PE coach took you downstairs, put on some boxing gloves, and just let 2 guys who had an issue with each other, just get it over with!!!!

  12. Joe Biden, old, white and weak and according to Dems he’s a racist. Nope, he’s not going anywhere especially onto a stage with Trump.

  13. Joe is an older Alec Baldwin. Smoke a cigar while doing push ups on a Manhattan sidewalk as the ladies look on.

  14. Just another moment of Hannity's ego on display. Sean constantly speaks over people (which tells us that he thinks what he has to say is more important than what others have to say), he constantly brags about his MMA fighting skills, and now, he challenges an old man (20 years older than him) to a push-up contest. I love ya Sean, but let some air out of that big ego of yours.

  15. Every principled agrees… If the ONLY citizen in the United States immune to censure is the President, then he is no longer a President, but a Dictator… Dissent is the bedrock of all free societies, and the foundation of our Democracy. I pledge my allegiance to The Republic (not to the President), and I support the Right of every American to question their government. Whether I agree with them or not. On the other hand, when a President makes clear, his belief, that any citizen who criticizes his Administration is unwelcome in America, it is an unconscionable violation of the public's trust. We are not here to serve the President's agenda. The President is here to serve the People's agenda. I stand with Nancy Pelosi in her condemnation of Donald Trump and his remarks. As I believe, so too should Every Patriotic American.

  16. Do it Hannity! You’ve trained for so long since early 2017 by sucking Trump’s orange GOPenis. Lots of cardio I see

  17. This is the best that the democraps have to offer? If he was to win he and the people that voted for him would be the joke of the entire world. Within 4 years of the armed forces being under the democraps control and socialist's offerings of the american dream, collusion between russia and china will be the good morning america show. We will have no one to blame but ourselves.

  18. Hannity….you are a complete idiot…..and with your slimey relationship with trump…you are disgusting!
    She’s right..

  19. Breaking News: 57 year old challenges 76 year old to push-ups. Yeah Hannity loves to protect his papa bear Trump.

  20. Sure will never be anything more than the half wit second banana For that slick talking Kenyan. Pathetic to see him being interviewed by weird morning Joes blond dingbat.

  21. Sean, what is funny to me is that the 4 squad is supposed to represent the city or state which they were elected.. and nothing is done in the town but destruction!!!!

  22. Why dont you challenge yourself to not misleading you veiwers and even better getting the president's nuts off your chin.

  23. There was an issue when the doctor did a rectal exam on Trump. He felt something up there and the report showed it was Sean Hannity.

  24. Why isnt this guy in jail. Forget all the politics . If he was a normal american guy who took 10 grand . He would be under the jail. These laws are a joke. Every one should go. Regardles eho they are

  25. Lol, as an independent voter this is pretty entertaining. I’m a 26 years old Korean with a 2nd degree blackbelt in Tae Kwon Do. I challenge both of them to a sparring match. Seriously though, as a country we should be talking about policy, not people’s athletic ability, this isn’t the 2020 NFL draft (Go Hawks!).

  26. Trump delusions and lies – that’s not a birth certificate. Mexico will pay for me the wall. I was exonerated. I am worth 10 billion dollars. My father was BORN in Germany. North Korea are stopping their nuclear programme. I didn’t pay hush money to stormy Daniels. I didn’t know about my sons meeting with the Russians. Created fake times covers. I have investigators in Hawaii something pick is going to break. The Mexico trade agreement has a secret clause that no one else is allowed to see. We are building the wall already, hundreds of miles have been built already. Why oh why do people believe his lies and the lies peddled by Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity

  27. Slight age advantage? Biden still would probably beat him.. Hannity: delusional much? Maybe Hannity should change his name to Walter Mitty.

  28. NYDailyNews – March 23, 2010. Health care reform isn't just a big deal, it's a "big f—ing deal."
    At least, that's what Vice President Joe Biden thinks. The 67-year-old former senator introduced President Obama prior to his signing of the historic health care reform bill into law on Tuesday, and let the colorful word slip while shaking the commander-in-chief's hand. "You did it," Biden told his boss. "It's a big f—ing deal."

  29. Hannity stop interrupting every guest
    Why ask them to speak if ur just gonna over talk them every time. U love the sound of ur own voice. Get some manners. Still love the show

  30. 57 year old Hannity challenges 76 year old Biden to a push-up contest.
    What a hero!
    From the looks of Hannity, he'd only be able to tetter-totter on his belly.

  31. Biden has managed to conveniently transform himself into a small, frail,
    Asian man, with dementia, in hopes he'll be spared further humiliation, and get taken in by an extremely naive family, with small children, and honoured as an elder, as opposed to receiving a one way ticket to a federal prison in the pervert ward.😝

  32. If Hunter or Joe Biden have done something illegal, what is it? We have the Republican led Justice Department, the FBI, CIA, etc. and I ain't seen any arrests yet. Why? Cause there is nothing illegal going on. Hannity is just butt hurt that Hunter can make 50K a month. Whaaaa!

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