Scott Herman eats FAST FOOD!?!?!

Scott Herman eats FAST FOOD!?!?!

It comes out like this, so we’re gonna We’re getting ready to to film today. We’re Gonna do the pornstar glutes and thigh workout, stretching workout Maybe the shoulders workout Might have time for some more exercises. They’re doing they’re cleaning the carpets tonight, so we can’t do too much We’ll get enough done. So you know just having some some pregame food before we Probably get go ahead with the filming We only like to eat the healthy food before you know because if we’re doing health videos chicken yeah chicken And it’s served by the some girl, so it has to be good This is Tommy hey, let’s go chicken wing chicken I’m cliff. I’m eating the baconator Baconator. Tell them what it is so uh Yeah, just getting uh getting Carbed and Calorie and protein up for the video shoot so you’ll have that soon Bye

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  1. Stop moaning about him wearing a T-Shirt or not, with a body like his, why do you think he doesn't wear a shirt much? He's worked hard on that.
    I find it funny when people freak out and think "Omg you're eating fastfood, you'll get fat!" No, if you constantly eat it yes, but occasional, it's fine, chicken nuggets give you good protein, you end up burning away the extra calories while working out anyway.

  2. I have a Wendy's and Burger King a street across my gym. I'm 60 pounds overweight, lifting and doing cardio 3x a week. And keeping my diet as clean as possible.

    Don't even think torture comes remotely close in describing the situation. IT'S A FUCKING NIGHTMARE ON ROIDS VILLE, every single time i leave the gym.

  3. I have question for you Scott Herman! I played rugby for many many years and just switched over from rugby to fitness and people are telling me I should start using protein shakes. When is the best time to start using protein shakes? What is the purpose of using these shakes and how do I use them? Thank you.

  4. @butthead2773 you could have asked anyone. the protein shakes help recover your muscles faster which helps you get stronger. you can drink it before or after the work out. but be careful some say fast absorbtion. and some say slow. you can mix them in water, milk or juice (as it says on the label).

  5. Everything you consume 20 min after your workout will go to recovering your muscles. You want fluids, carbs, and protein.

  6. im obviously not scott herman, but i can tell you that those ppl probably dont know what they are talking about……..basically, you just need to get an adequate amount of protein in your diet, especailly if you are working out. you can easily get enough protein through normal foods in your diet. however, if you are lacking in protein intake you can take a shake sometime throughout the day to get more…..and as for when to take it, whenever you want! post workout is recomended for convenience

  7. dont take them before you workout or during, ppl think that they will get extra protein while they are lifting, that is false. You will just be full going into a workout and not get any extra benefit…..anytime of day works just fine. once again, you dont necessarily need them and you can save yourself some money by getting enough protein in your diet…….track your protein intake and for that matter your entire diet to ensure you get the right macro/micro nutrient amounts and you are golden

  8. geez wen i saw the title fast food, i thought he was gonna eat subway!!

  9. cus they're skinny to the point of proportion, it's their job to look good and cut when they're in photoshoots, they will not look as expeosive as bodybuilders because it's two different sports, this mans sport is fitness modeling, not bodybuilding.

  10. I personally think it comes to the chest area and the loose..ness(is that even.. a word? idfk) of the shirt.
    I work out a lot, I'm not here to brag but, when I take off my shirt in front of girl friends and guy friends alike(at the beach or whatever) they're often surprised because they never expected I had that much muscle.
    It always seemed odd to me because when I keep my shirt on.. many people actually call me out for being "fat" or "chubby" lol.

  11. So the point of working out is for other people to notice how muscled you are with a shirt on?

    Wow. I pity you. 🙂

  12. when you have a really lean physique you tend to look a lot smaller with a shirt on since muscle is denser than fat and you have hardly any fat. besides that your proportions make you look bigger, but with a shirt on you can't really see this. in general most people associate size with strength, so especially if you aren't a huge guy to begin with people will see you as average…even if you are really cut and have a high strength:weight ratio.

  13. I really cant leave the fries alone… they are so damn delicious!
    Really can't understand all the hate I see at Scott his vids.
    Personally I think he is the one with the best workout vids on youtube and with the best instructions. The video's are helping me a big time and I think the people that hate on it, are damn nerds who never hit the gym 🙂 or rookies at the gym who are to selfish to take advice.
    Anyway, thank you Scott!

  14. lmao who cares if he eats fast food every once in a while. wtf is one meal of that stuff gunna do to you if most of the time your eating healthy and getting exercise. great vids scott

  15. It's called metabolism confusion, and there is nothing wrong with it. Everyone has heard of muscle confusion, they are a bit alike.

  16. metabolism confusion lmao! it's called "if it fits your macros". people who aren't doing IIFYM are making things way more difficult than they need to be.

  17. im pretty sure the reason he looks like he doesn't lift is because he is natty. bodybuilders who are on gear skew society's image of what people who lift should look like. society believes that if you lift, then you should automatically look like a bodybuilder on gear. #nattyproblems

  18. Wonderful film. Youtube is fantastic for this kind of info.My best friend was previously bullied. He stated he was planning to get bigger. I laughed at him. I didn't believe him…. Right up until he packed on 40 pounds of natural muscle mass. He used the Muscle Building Bible – look for it in Google. He doesn't get bullied any longer. 🙂

    I personally signed up the other day. Plus this guys emails are fascinating!

  19. Lol it's not all about calories for example I can a bag of cookies with the calories I need but it would still get me fat beacause of the sugar and the fat that's on it food high in protein siurpreses appetite and if ur a girl fats support ur hormones imbalance 🙂

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  25. How is becoming a terrorist going to help me get ripped? Ripped to shreds with explosives sure, but that's not what I want.

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