Schwarzenegger – Gov’t Sucks At Everything

Schwarzenegger – Gov’t Sucks At Everything

arnold schwarzenegger he let me ask and
i with wolf blitzer uh… now first first answer to the question here drives
me crazy or come back and tell you why does have to watch but but notice also have a second answer completely contradicts his first answer was figured out clip number four disappoint public shit health insurance company to compete with
the private insurance companies i would stay away from that as far as i
can because uh… government cannot run anything and uh…
be unseated in california that government is running the health should
insurance in the health care of our uh… prisoners and uh… federal judge
at the step in and take over their health care of our prisons in california
because it was the sasser’s so if they cannot even run a hundred and seventy
thousand inmates through the locked up can go nowhere else ticket or even on
that how can they ever going to run the health care aur aaj runs program of any
sort of of four millions and millions of people in
united states i would just say where’s far sick and from that government is not
successful in anything to do so therefore don’t do it you get support
the president’s economic stimulus package about eight hundred billion dollars a has it
succeeded in creating jobs in california so far one oh there’s always been criticism
about this uh… economic stimulus package uh… which i understand because
everyone is concerned about spending in order things but the fact of the matter
is in california it has had a great impact you’ve gotten billions of dollars
for education if not billions of dollars to infrastructure in the building of
roads and bridges and everything in vietnam um… verge of getting billions
of dollars la jolla high-speed rail and there’s all kinds of money via and high
technology for battery development enormous instrument i would say that has
been a huge success for california and in fact has created jobs i think this is
really being uh… drug terrific success and i hope they’re going to continue
this to ask you just said the government
can’t then you said yeah day and a good idea
of remembering rock it’s been a great success for california and furthermore i love the way through the process like
all government camera name is still going to happen in california you all of the government in california
in europe in governor anti-government how they hi how do you say that with a
straight face is like day care one the president’s more on with the governor of california
we need a with day why don’t you then run it right that you know and michael moore’s movie
tablets of they actually have a in one particular area of the country they have
over the prisons to uh… the juvenile prison
to a private corporation you know what happened they paid off the judges to rest more
kids and send the gel herself they didn’t do so they can make more money you what the private f-secure running prisons and he thought about health care within
the prisons but i want to money any part of the
presence it is just because you stock at governing arnold doesn’t mean that government sucks it means you suck these you won’t know what you’re doing and that side group ironic argument the
republic’s been using for a long time we’re going to urge everyone should the
government he screwed up like crazy the government must not be able to work
now returned over the years government did
fairly well birthday and f_d_r_ and the list goes on a not
right it just would you guys get in office you don’t know what the hell you’re
doing and agassi amid all the cto all
government installed but the liberal the government of
cardboard yaar so all will by the government fallout into handed no serious for all these guys chuck grassley said
this other day on this it during the senate finance committee hearings is
that all the original anyway wiping away the viola government so much
believe your in the government and if you think that you know what i
can do this anymore okay go you’re free to go get the hell
out okay let people who think the government can accomplish some things
like police fire protect their citizens et cetera let
them do the job this is obvious you can’t do it

100 thoughts on “Schwarzenegger – Gov’t Sucks At Everything

  1. Arnie doesn't suck. Who cares if he contradicted himself? He will terminate you!!

    I think "TRT" sucks, all you guys do is critisize other peoples mistakes. What did you ever do that was so great? NOTHING!! You havent even attempted to do something great, you just take the piss out of people trying to get on and do stuff.

    TRT are a bunch of assholes!

  2. i think its amazing, but im not from california :p i'd still find it amusing even if i was.

    and i meant TYT, but it can now mean the retarded turks

  3. Cenk made almost the exact same comment I did before. If these guys think government can't do anything right then why do they bother to run for public office in the first place.

  4. Schwarzenegger needs to fucking learn how to speak proper English, hasn't he been out of Austria long enough???

  5. Well he may be a Republican but he is no Conservative….and are you saying the Government doesn't usually make things whorse??? Have you ever dealt with the Gov??

  6. BIll Cilinton…you must be joking. The bills he passed then and Bush continued is why our country is bankrut. READ THE BILLS and see who passed them. NAFTA, WTO, trade with China? Who passed that? Bush…nope he just continued it. People before Bush share just as much as the blame.

  7. Government cannot run anything…including Arnold himself since he's the governor and he's in government. He really contradicted himself big time when he continued on to say government is doing a good job with the financial stimulus package. So what else is new with this politicians?

  8. Ohh mann Schwarzenegger sounds like a TOTAL IDIOT!!!!

    Is he really a part of the government???? I don't think that he thinks that he is…..LOL….LOL..

  9. Why does a person with the opinion "government can't run anything" run for office? I think the steroids shrunk his brain.

  10. My favorite part of his speech: "How can they ever gonna run a healthcare, or a uh assurance program of any sort"

  11. Notice how now, after his failed administration, conservatives aren't screaming out to change the laws so Arnold can be President? Funny, he's done pretty much everything he criticized Gray Davis for.

  12. he speaks english well enough to get his point across, that is more than 2/3rds of all youtube users can claim. i have never heard anything about STEROID (steroyds????) him using steroids, and if he is brainless what does that say about the majority of people who voted for him. I don't live in Cali i dunno anything about him but to me your attacks seem rather unfair.

  13. Cenk's gone off the deep end again. When Arnie or any conservatives talk about government failing at everything they are not talking about things like police, etc. Government has a role to play but certain things it is poor at. Government interference will eventually degrade the cost and quality of that it provides because it forever subsidises it's programs hence removing the incentive to be efficient.

  14. He won a lawsuit against his former steroid delivering doctor. Check out his wiki page. It might take five seconds.

  15. I guess the governor never heard about Medicaid and Medicare, VA, TVA, FDIC..Its amazing how everytime private industry falls on its ass, the goveremnt is there to pick up the pieces…

  16. Yes but here is a republican governor talking about how much goverment sucks.If I was to say the laker fucking blow and i hate them.would you make me the manager of the lakers.This is part of the problem people who hate government that run goverment into the ground then blame somone else for the problems they created

  17. He has actually admitted to using steroids when he was bodybuilding back in the 70's. I believe there is some video interview footage that you can find online.

  18. Could it possibly be that the government he runs sucks at everything.Would you say the same if somone said boby gendal's gov sucks at everything

  19. They threw the book at the judges that accepted the bribes and put kids in camps, but nothing happend to the private prison and they still have the contract, sure hope the next judges are better at turning down money

  20. The Govenor of California's father was an NAZI SS OFFicer. This guy will say and do anything to get rich and powerful. just like his father.

  21. Perhaps i was a bit harsh. Im more or less suggesting how the government is run by a bunch of pricks. Run by the rich, who force 3rd world countries to by overpriced and unnecessary goods while exploiting huge portions of their natural resources. How the Government controls the media and feeds us all this garbage while keeping real facts and stories out of the daily news.

  22. to be fair at least he is honest they are plenty of republicans who take massive state funding into the 100millions to secure new car plants etc… yet claim the money has not helped some also don't admit stimulus working even though it is keeping there state alive.

    He is silly, but honest. that makes him in the 1% of republicans.

  23. Come now, leave that talk to the republicans we actually have facts to say. Rather than trying to frame people as belonging to 70years dead political parties. Even when in their case you can actually make the absurd case backed with facts as you did…. but seriously they are doing a million stupid things that there is no need to mention those sorts of things.

  24. What do you expect? He ran as a conservative Republican, and so far hes almost exclusively governed as a far, far, left looney.

  25. CmdrTobs, with all due respect, the problem with our country, in my opinion, is that 70 year old political party called the NAZI party is alive and growing. They killed our president back in 63, and got away with it. they control the CIA and NSA, and the republican party. Obama is terrified of them, as he should be.
    and the fact that you say they are dead just shows how powerful they are.

  26. This kind of reminds me of back in July when President Obama accused the doctors of abusing the system by taking kid's tonsils out in order to make more money. Then he lines them up in the white house garden and calls them the experts of the health care system.

  27. government sucks!!!!! its time for a revolution..know ur constitution!!!!do not give up your rights for staged events

  28. 'it's his duty to put policies in place to make it better."

    No, it's the Legislatures job to do that, it's his job to enforce it.

  29. FDR is a great success? right. Being responsible for the great depression going for so long is a wonderful thing to put on a resume.

    As for saying people should get out of the government if they don't want to run stuff. You obviously don't understand the goal of eliminating government to the functions it should be responsible for. Of course, most republicans are not very different from democrats anyways. EG: Bush.

  30. Anybody who stay in California knows damn well that the stimulas bill didn't do shit for Cali. Arnold love you as an actor,but you ,seriously, as governor your fucking up dude. But, truth be told we could be worse off and eventually we will wither the storm.

  31. @john51880 Biapartisanship is a myth that the Republicans started to get Democrats to concede to their Corporatism agenda. They scream socialism while creating a corporate facist society and anyone who votes for them and isn't fabulously rich is delusional.

  32. @john51880 Are you really that ignorant. Bush spent the money which we need to repair using financial alternatives to being in another great depression and you want to blame Obama? He inherited the worst mess in the country and I bet you can't even quote how much is being spent. Hollow words. Go Back To Teabagging your boyfriend.

  33. @rinka777778 Oh ,yeah, that's important. Remember how much you love that movie when you are eating at a soup kitchen.

  34. @john51880 After beginning with a Clinton-era surplus of $128 billion in fiscal year 2001, the Bush administration racked up deficits of $158 billion in 2002, $378 billion in 2003, $413 billion in 2004, $318 billion in 2005, $248 billion in 2006, $162 billion in 2007, and $410 billion in 2008. Bush increased the national debt that Clinton started taking care from 5 billion to 10 billion, increasing our interest rate by three times and that is where a lot of the money is going NOW.

  35. CNN is a terrible news station. They had a fat zinger right in front of them ready to smack a politician in the mouth and they just left it on the table. That was the easiest jab they will ever be offered and they dropped it ffs

  36. @antoniomasteller WTF are you talking about. watch the clip, and digest it, so you'd know what this is all about! whites are now crying against racism? About time, you idiot!

  37. Funny – Im from New Zealand, our government does a great job of running the public health care system, as a matter of fact, our center right pry-minister is going to expand it, Arnold is an idiot

  38. @jamie123ginge If you've been here long enough, which Arnold has, and a US citizen, which Arnold is, then you can run for governor. The only office locked out to Arnold is the Presidency, for which you have to be born here.

  39. Schwarzenegger is right, he needs to stay as far away from the US govt as possible, preferably by returning to Austria.

    Seriously his accent is terrible. I'm English, I speak German, and my German accent is better than his American accent.

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