Sarah Fights Back | The Terminator [Deleted Scene]

Sarah Fights Back | The Terminator [Deleted Scene]

I know, Mom. This is the soonest I could… I know. Mom… Mom, I can’t talk long now. No, I am OK. I’m just not
supposed to be talking to anybody. OK, I want you to listen. I want you to grab a few things and I want
you to go to the cabin for a few days. Don’t tell anybody where you’re going.
No questions. I just want you to do it. OK, I can’t talk right now.
I’ll talk to you later if I can, OK? OK, I gotta go. Bye. All right, all right, all right. – Come on, we gotta get a car.
– No, put away the gun. I can get us a ride. I can. – Look what I found.
– What’s that? – Cyberdyne Systems. Isn’t that it?
– What about it? Listen to this. They develop
this revolutionary new thing, this m… – Molecular memory.
– Right. So they become hotshot computer guys and develop this thing
for the government, right? – Right. That’s the way it was told to me.
– So we can eighty-six the bastard. – We can blow it up. It’ll never happen.
– It’s tactically dangerous. We lay low. No, Reese. Think it through. We can prevent the war.
There’s nobody else. If we go to somebody official, we end up
in jail again and he’s got us again. – We’ve got to do it ourselves.
– That’s not my mission. Listen. Understand. I am not a military objective.
I’m a person, and you don’t own me. – Let’s go.
– Fuck you! Let me go! Sarah! Sarah! Sarah! – Let go!
– Sarah! That’s real brilliant.
Go ahead, shoot. That’s smart. Jesus Christ, Reese.
Don’t you see that I am scared? I don’t wanna spend my whole life
waiting for that thing to catch me. Always looking over my shoulder,
wondering if I left some tiny clue behind. Reese! Reese? I don’t belong here. I wasn’t meant to see this. It’s like a dream. This. And this. And you. It’s so beautiful… it hurts, Sarah. It hurts so bad. You can’t understand. It’s gone. All gone. All of it, it’s gone. Well, we can change it, Kyle. We have to at least try. There is no fate but what
we make for ourselves, right? Come on, kiddo. What do you say? OK.

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  1. This deleted scene is so touching idk why it wasn't in the movie this explains how sarah wanted to blow up cyberdyne already in the first place before T2

  2. They should have at least kept this scene. It would have been the perfect set up for Sarah’s arc that would meshed well into T2

  3. I'm glad that this scene got deleted, Sarah was not yet ready to decide to blow up Cyberdyne just shortly after the Police Station scene, it seems too rushed, besides Reese would have been the one to suggest it as an option at this stage of the film. We start to see Sarah naturally lead up when they are unknowingly at the Cyberdyne factory when Reese is badly injured and wants her to leave him and finally when she crushes the T-800. T2 was the perfect vehicle for her desire to destroy Cyberdyne as she had 10 years and ended up being committed in a psychiatric hospital, Sarah had made herself combat ready to help her son. The deleted scene that should have left in T1 was when they took away Reese and Sarah in the ambulance and the realisation that the factory they were in was in fact Cyberdyne Systems and the discovery of the crushed T-800 and smashed CPU.

  4. How would it be if we saw something like this in the DCEU with Cyborg fights against Grid, Kilgore and Gizmo even though he's not gonna get his own movie?

  5. This is weird. Just seemingly escalates out of nowhere and Reese isn't some gunhappy dipshit. He wouldn't threaten her with deadly force like that.

    Glad they cut this.

  6. It is sad that they deleted this scene but at least they did not burn the film of this scene and kept it. Thanks, James Cameron. You are the true terminator maker.

  7. So awesome should have left in the movie ; saw the original release in theater in 1884 and could have swore the phone call portion was in the movie

  8. As much as I like this scene, I can understand why it's cut. It leaves a plot thread (destroying Cyberdyne) hanging that never gets resolved in the movie so there's no need for this setup. Ultimately, The Terminator is a very sleek, stripped down movie and having a subplot of changing the future alongside the basic, primal story of just surviving would have been a bit much. I think it's better that this was all left for the bigger sequel.

  9. I first became aware of Terminator circa 1985. I have been watching this war go on ever since. Like genesis this is the first time I saw this scene.

  10. Hypothetically speaking, if they did blow up cyberline systems, the humans would just rebuild another one and Skynet would still take over.

  11. Who's watching this deleted 1984 Terminator scene in 2019. Or am I from the future. You really can go mad thinking about it. I want to go, Back to the Future.

  12. Yeah I can see why they cut this: not essential to the plot, drags the pacing down a bit, sets up something with no payoff.
    But still, very well made, creative and emotional. Prime "deleted scene" material.

  13. This scene made me cry. It should’ve been in the final cut. It would have shown that Kyle Reese is more human and more emotional than we thought. He’s crying and upset because in the future, the earth is bleak and hideous unlike the world before Judgement day and he honestly has probably never seen grass or trees before

    So deep

  14. I'm surprised many of you are saying this shouldn't have been cut from the finished product. Don't get me wrong there are good parts, like: Sarah looking up Cyberdyne in the phone book, then bringing it to Reese as an idea to destroy the place preemptively. That was cool, but then there is the badly acted temper tantrum by Linda leading down to the badly acted crying scene by Michael. Thats enough for me to see why it was cut. Besides, the finished product is as close to perfect as it gets imo.

  15. They were right to cut this part out. In the final version Reese was dedicated, focused and clearly on a mission. To add sadness and doubt to the character wouldn’t have done the movie any good. Just my two cents.

  16. I remember watching this when I was 9 and it seemed sorta old but now this movie seems like black and white film, time flies.

  17. Actually I agree that this scene should be cut. It seems so off from the tone of the rest of the movie and Michael Biehn's dialogue here is just too cringy, lol

  18. I’m glad they deleted this scene. This was out of character for Sarah and out of character for Kyle. Kyle is NOT suppose to cry.

  19. This was absolutely terrible to watch. I am so glad James Cameron made Terminator and cut this useless scene from the movie.

  20. The irony of Sarah's plan is that she finally did it in T-2. But if she had destroyed Cyberdyne in 1984 with Kyle by her side, the Terminator would've been erased from existence and Kyle too.

  21. WOW damn Linda Hamilton was gorgeous perfect natural beauty. Tired of fake eyebrows, fake lashes and fake everything. I want more women like her

  22. I know people will hate me but the scene did not have the best performances or scripts… though i do love the T2 foreshadowing….

    The decision to cut the scene was likely decided before the director can get a good take, probably only did a couple of takes.

  23. This is probably the most important scene in T1.
    Here Sarah decited to change the future for the first time. If Kyle was accepted to destory Cyberdyne Systems, the time loop would be broken and there will be no war in the future. We saw the very same scene In Terminator 2 where Sarah decited to kill Miles Dycon and as a result it leads them once again to destory Cyberdyne…

  24. The most toughest soldiers have feelings,the most hardend soldiers still want to see peace

    In this sadly deleted scene you see that kyle must protect her under john's order but is scared of the time he is in now,not nowing what love is or what seeing the world means or seeing how beautyfull the world is,he is a combat soldier to fight and protect in his time not in the past,and you see thay very clearly in this scene

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