Rock Bottom Meaning, recovery quotes, motivation to Sober up

Rock Bottom Meaning, recovery quotes, motivation to Sober up

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harder for people who haven’t hit rock bottom
myself included to answer that question I also agree I have a friend right now
who’s not ready to give up drinking heroin and xanax he’s not ready to quit
running because he hasn’t hit rock bottom the unfortunate part about this
disease condition problematic situation whatever you want to call it is that we
won’t stop unless a serious problem occurs I had serious problems and I
still didn’t stop until I was faced with the bottom of Skid Row Skid Row in
prison I don’t want to go to Skid Row or prison or the graves
those are my you either sober up you get covered up with dirt or you get locked
up you either get locked up covered up with
dirt or sober up those are your options

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  1. Hi James! Will catch this one tomorrow morning as in 4 hours its going to be pretty much 20 to 2 in the morning here! I'm not awake until 6 ish!😊👍

  2. Just a little short to keep us thinking about sobriety.
    Show support, get your name the credits!

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  3. Im so glad I found you. Now its up to me…thank you for being here. I need to get on with it and having a hard time doing so. I pray for strength and commitment. i am feeling hopeless much of the time.

  4. I prefer moment of Clarity to Rock Bottom
    No two Rock Bottoms are the same but a moment of Clarity is closer to a universal connection between us
    Describing your moment of Clarity offers real hope to the newcomer in my opinion than anything else

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