Robot Weightlifting 2012 (Kid Size) – RoboWorld Cup 2012

Robot Weightlifting 2012 (Kid Size) – RoboWorld Cup 2012

Let’s watch Robot Weightlifting The robot should first grab the weight then it has to reach the white line in the middle to lift the weight up 15 centimeters
then it has to cross the final line We have 6 teams participating to this category.
It requires strength, endurance and balance. Strength to lift up the weight of the discs,
endurance because the robots are not allowed to recharge during each round and balance
to be able to carry the discs without falling. And the more discs, the harder it is to balance!
Of course all these robots are autonomous. Nobody controls them and nobody can touch
them. The robots have cameras to guide themselves
through the field. They are given several tries and always start with just a few discs
to be sure to finish at least one time but then they have to increase the number of discs
they carry to win. The one finishing with the most discs wins. TKU is trying 60 discs also Now you can see that TKU and aiRobots are
leading with 60 discs aiRobots is attempting 70 discs. I promise
that’s quite a lot for a humanoid robot. aiRobots is leading the competition now Second and last round, for the
Robot Weightlifting World Cup, category Kid Size. There’s also an Adult Size category. As usual the teams start with a very low number
of discs to be sure to finish one of the trys. Then they will go for the record. TKU is trying 70 discs! TKU is leading this round. aiRobots is attempting 74 discs. aiRobots is leading again.
TKU is trying 80 discs now! But it failed aiRobots is trying 82 discs. But it failed also TKU, 76 discs TKU is now in the lead. aiRobots is attempting 80 discs aiRobots for Taiwan is the world champion
of Robot Weightlifting, category Kid Size

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