Rio 2016: North Korea wins Gold in men’s gymnastics

Rio 2016: North Korea wins Gold in men’s gymnastics

And finally, an athlete from one of the most
isolated places in the world, took home gold on Monday. North Korean gymnast Ri Se-gwang the two-time
World vault champion, claimed first place in the men’s vault event, with a score of
15-point-6-9-1 points. It’s Ri’s first Olympic gold medal and North
Korea’s second, in Rio. During the awarding ceremony, Chang Ung , who
is the only North Korean member of the International Olympic Committee, handed the gold to Ri. And with that, let’s take a look the schedule
for some of the upcoming events on Tuesday.

12 thoughts on “Rio 2016: North Korea wins Gold in men’s gymnastics

  1. No video footage of his performance?!
    We would at least like to see more than still pictures and a news speaker!

  2. i know from the harsh conditions in north korea compared to rio then this gymnast has noticed a significance difference between the two. You'd think the north korean gymnast would attempt to make a new escape for life somewhere while not in north korea for this period of time but i guess he's just too deeply brainwashed about the "leaders and history" of his country to want to move someplace else.

  3. North korea we can communicate to north korea for Olympics that is when you know an evil dictator loves Olympics I am suing the greeks because they created it

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