Review of 6 Weeks of The Work, a New At Home Workout Program!  6 Weeks of THE WORK Preview!

Review of 6 Weeks of The Work, a New At Home Workout Program! 6 Weeks of THE WORK Preview!

all right so there’s a new program that
just launched on Monday called the work it’s a six-week program that is about to
blow all of our minds at Beachbody the trainer I’m going to show you a clip in
a second the trainer does not mess around there’s an explicit version and a
clean version if you have your kids around or if you do not like cussing
which I’m not really a kisser and then you push yourself to the limit like
nothing we’ve ever seen before this trainer as you’ll see betweens
professional athletes and he takes it the functional training to the next
level so I’m personally gonna be doing this after I do my three week ultimate
reset in November I’m gonna be doing it through Christmas so it’s gonna be a
hardcore calorie burn thank you Jesus cuz I’ll probably eat it
cuz at Christmas no matter how hard I try I always end up eating the fudge
probably the one you usually were doing no little things that I wouldn’t
normally do because I’m at so many social events so it’s gonna be so fun
for me to challenge myself to this next level okay check this out and this is
six weeks it’ll work baby my unapologetic intense but highly
functional training program which is my signature baby to help celebrities pro
athletes and inspiring killers like yourself get some real results and
literally six weeks but this is not gonna be easy
this is gonna be on another level we’re focusing on functional fitness strength
I purchased the power agility mobility but to achieve these types of changes
that I deliver imma need you to take it to the next level okay you’re gonna have
to bring your mental toughness if you’re stepping into my gym I
so well mentally no kiss you what you don’t need it for the next round that’s
why my workouts are not for everybody my style of training is targeted at a
level of intensity and commitment that cater school client doesn’t pretend
who’s ready to do the work even though it’s gonna be challenging they’re still
here to go get it and I hope that’s you hey this I got clients and professional
athletes won’t even let in my gym they don’t bring the right attitude don’t
quit this is for the output this is for the leaders people who are hungry for
results and those are not people no words no words we’re all gonna get
destroyed so you want to do this program with me you can do it now you can do it
in December with me you can do it next year in January
whenever drop your email email me fill out the form below I will hook you up
and it is a VIP unlock and again I’ll send you the free sample workout if they
like okay I just want to try I just want to see what he’s like and what the moves
to what some of the moves are like I will shoot that over to you ASAP I have to say my favorite part of doing
the sample workout was the fact that I got to use my loops and my slides love
those little crazy torture tools that these trainers use and you know he did a
lot of balance work and a lot of really cool resistance training and I think
that this is going to be an amazing program I cannot wait for you to do with
me if you are the type of girl that needs to just push yourself to the new
limit I love a challenge like this and so I can’t wait to do it

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