1. Me: neigh neigh neigh
    Horse outta nowhere: kicks me and yeets outta the bathroom window naked after a shower

  2. Thank You @jacobsvocalAcademy
    I have perfect exercises for my voice 😍😍😍👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

  3. Whats the difference between the nasal resonance and singing by nose? Because I can't understand that I have nasal resonance or I'm singing by nose… please explain

  4. Me:And Nae Nae
    Sister :Yay mom I finally have a horse
    Mom:What do you mean
    Mom:*goes in room*
    Mom:I have raised a wild animal in my house
    Sister:yah this by the way

  5. Me at my practice
    Phone: Ng Ng Ng Ng
    Me:Nung Num Nong Nooolllll
    (Phone screen cracks and house widows break)

  6. Me: "Nae nae nae nae nae nae."
    My mom: "Yes what?!"
    Me: "I'm doing vocal warm ups??"
    Because in Korean "Nae" Means "Yes" xD

  7. Trying to practice nja sound and my 15 month old jumps in doing the same sound and trying to battle with me by sounding louder then me 😆😆😆😆

  8. As for the comments, If you can't say anything positive, Don't say anything, The guy is only trying to help people

  9. Protip:For people that are embarassed of their own voice: sing while wearing headphones, that way you can get used to hearing yourself gradually.

    And remember: it get's better 🙂 after a while you'll get used to listening to yourself, and your singing will improve as well.

  10. Thank u so much I love u I am trying to work my voice out so I can sing in church thank u I am gettin* better and its awesome cause their free lessons

  11. I'm looking in the mirror while doing the Nya exercise and it looks like my jaws about to detach

  12. The nja sound is the sound I used to make when I was a little girl expressing my unsatisfactory with the foods mom made and I didn’t like.

  13. Me: Nja nja nja nja nja
    My cat: * sleeping *
    Me nja nja nja nja nja nja * louder *
    My car : i hate youuuu

  14. The hardest challenge for a singer is FINDING A PLACE TO PRACTICE where you wont be ridiculed or arrested (well, fined or scolded). Unless you are rich, or live in a remote area, its very difficult for the average apartment dweller in the city. I went to a large cemetary to practice. Took ten minutes for security to ask me to leave.

  15. Pro tip: for those of you struggling to get higher notes, try head voice exercises and work on slowly releasing your breath.
    But *do not* try to force it.

  16. Plot twist .. this isn't actually a vocal lesson . It's to see how many people can sound cray cray going nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya 😂😂😂😂

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